Queen's Own

Persona List

(Revised 10/28/12)

These are the approved personae for Queen's Own. If you have an approved persona who is not listed here, please contact me.

If a name is not linked and does not have an asterisk (*), then we do not know how to reach that person. If you know him/her, please have him/her contact us with a current address!

*=e-mail withheld by request or unavailable.
†=In memoriam; the member is deceased.

Each person may only have one persona on this list at a time. Only the first-approved persona will be recognized in the newsletter. (These rules exist simply for our record-keeping sanity. You are perfectly free to develop as many personae as you please.)

Dates following the names indicate the date of publication of the newsletter in which the persona was recognized. Herald-Mages have multiple dates, indicating their date of acceptance as a Herald and the date they earned each of their Herald-Mage ranks.

If you have any of the newsletters that we are missing, please let us know!


Note: Some of the Gift details do not match the current handout because the handout has developed over the course of time. The Gifts that are listed are those that appeared in the newsletter when the persona was approved.

  1.  Herald Aasynia Mentires (Colene) (November/December 1993) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  2.  Herald Acira Noran (Ynola) (May 1997) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  3.  Herald Adalla Rourke (Mattea) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  4.  Herald Adania (Kaviri) (February 1994) (Farsight, Fetching)
  5.  Herald Aerin Lethwind (Tritan) (June 1990) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  6.  Herald Aidianna shena Tale'sedrin (Rocyn) (October/November 1992) (Farsight, Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  7.  Herald Aidra an Caradoc (Barre) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  8.  Herald Aimsheri "Sheri" Audrin (Tanaryn) (September 1992)(very strong Mindspeech)
  9.  Herald Aini Halfstock (Bainin) (March 2005) (Mindspeech and Farsight)
  10.  Herald Aislinne Darling (Zedrelle) (November 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  11.  Herald Aiyana Drokulstroghart (Yjahir) (September 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  12.  Herald Aja Kinthis (Zorin) (April 1990) (Mindspeech, Healing, Empathy)
  13.  Herald Alanna Meris (Cara) (July 1990) (Empathy, Animal Mindspeech)
  14.  Herald Alaurial Cor'Bynn (Gwynnan) (June 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Mindhealing)
  15.  Herald Alaynia (Nakosha) (July 1995) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  16.  Herald Alderen Lark (***) (July/August 1994) (Mindspeech)
  17.  Herald Aleenya T. (Mevlis) (January 1994) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  18.  Herald Aleta (Skeesha) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  19.  Herald Alexandria (Selby) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  20.  Herald Alia Melyngar (David) (July 1998?) (Mindspeech)
  21.  Herald Alia Nightraven (Nerak) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Fetching)
  22.  Herald Aliahna Wolvenhawk d'Kantaysa (Avery) (October 1994) (Animal Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  23.  Herald Alianne (Leshan) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  24.  Herald Allissa "Issa" Tucker (Ledira) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  25.  Herald Allyna Sable (Brianna) (October 1991) (strong Mindspeech, Empathy)
  26.  *Herald Alora Vadel (Sharaya) (October 1993) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  27.  Herald Alura Diane Valdone (Xanthia) (May 1992) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  28.  Herald Allyn Tamryn (Lyte) (August 2008) (Mindspeech, strong Mindhealing, Farsight)
  29.  Herald Amber Nightseer (Darach) (March 2003) (Mindspeech, strong Farsight)
  30.  Herald Amberyl Krysta deLords (Anderi) (June 1993) (Mindspeech, strong Fetching)
  31.  Herald Anaen Rosemoon Ka'Sherra (Liseth) (July 1991) (strong Mindspeech, weak Empathy)
  32.  Herald Andron Nevarrene (Zephyr) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  33.  Herald Aneleris (Sterrik) (January 1995) (Fetching, Farsigh, Mindspeech)
  34.  Herald Annai Gillian (Laya) (October/November 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Empathy)
  35.  Herald Annaleigh Greywarder (Torvin) (April 1996) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  36.  Herald Annellan Sunrider (Teira) (May 1991) (Empathy, strong Thought Sensing)
  37.  Herald Annilessa Finnthangann (Mieras) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, strong Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  38.  Herald An'talyah Brighthawk (Sylvi) (May 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  39.  Herald Antirra (Starlya) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  40.  Herald Anya Abaidh (Bemba) (November 1991) (Mindspeech)
  41.  Herald Anya Wovendream (Keiran) (September 1995) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Fetching)
  42.  Herald Anye (Calorinn) (April 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching Foresight)
  43.  Herald Apolonia Ko'Danae (S'rano) (June 1996) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  44.  Herald Aquen Essyan (Ralar) (May 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  45.  Herald Aran Brighthope (Valandriel) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  46.  Herald Areolyn T-rel (Kyler) (December 1990) (Wild Empathy, Bardic Gift: Creativity, Mindspeech)
  47.  Herald Arêtê Manixus (Mense) (December 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching, very slight Foresight)
  48.  Herald Ariadne (Eodain) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  49.  Herald Ariana (Balon) (May 1994) (Mindspeech)
  50.  Herald Arionne Radis (Karise) (August 1996) (Mindspeech)
  51.  Herald Ariya Nightsun (Aramanth) (April 1997) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  52.  Herald Armanique Direayan (Nique?) (December 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight, a little Fetching)
  53.  Herald Arren Colburn (Redgan) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Farsight, weak Animal Mindspeech)
  54.  Herald Artavash Keletal (Chanadrath) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Firestarting)
  55.  Herald Ash Contonee (Niddia) (July 1993) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  56.  Herald Ashaya Thielle (Nere) (March 1994) (strong Mindspeech)
  57.  Herald Ashe (Kyree) (April 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Firestarting)
  58.  Herald Atiena Tore (Klythra) (September 1997) (Double Strength Mindspeech, Foresight)
  59.  Herald Atinya Ebon (Raskayle) (June 1995) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  60.  Herald Auralynn "NyteShadow" Trevana'sedrin (Sabyll) (December 2000) (Fetching, Mindhealing, Animal Mindspeech)
  61.  Herald Aurian Stormfeather (Kaylin) (October 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech
  62.  Herald Auric (Elvar) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  63.  Herald Auryn Bancroft (Kiyrah) (November/December 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  64.  Herald Averren (Andar) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  65.  Herald Aydryana Kallamarn (Akira) (March 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  66.  Herald Bastian Brennan (Sednafi) (April 2005) (Double-Strength Mindspeech)
  67.  Herald Belprin (Aris) (June 2000) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  68.  Herald Bettina (***) (November/December 1993) (***)
  69.  Herald Brag (Shyler) (January 1992) (strong Mindspeech)
  70.  Herald Brandt Kristogerson (Tarissa) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Foresight, Empathy)
  71.  Herald Bren (Vantion) (June 1994) (Triple Mindspeech)
  72.  Herald Brenna (Sasha) (May 1992) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Animal Mindspeech)
  73.  Herald Brenna Krystar (Oriana) (September 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  74.  Herald Briana Kestyl (Torin) (February 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  75.  Herald Brianna Lillia Jacobs (Jenna) (August 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Healing)
  76.  Herald Brynn Tearsong (Tori) (March 1995) (Double-strength Empathy, Mindhealing)
  77.  Herald Caitlin Ahearne (Cynric) (March 1995) (***)
  78.  Herald Calandra "Cala" (Dorian) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Animal Mindspeech)
  79.  Herald Calla Amamar (Aurelia) (December 1992) (very strong Mindspeech, Foresight)
  80.  Herald Calliste (Madri) (February 1994) (Mindspeech)
  81.  Herald Cameron Tarn (Starmer) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  82.  Herald Cara (Moonwhisper) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Foresight)
  83.  Herald Carianna Ravensong (Bria) (September 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  84.  Herald Carida Merryweather (Pinija) (September 1997) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  85.  Herald Carissa Serijiay (Dalthe) (June 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, touch of Healing)
  86.  Herald Cassana (Elath) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, and Animal Mindspeech)
  87.  Herald Cateryna Cyray (Lainne) (May 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  88.  Herald Catharyn Leybrannon (Tymara) (January 1996) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  89.  Herald Cathira Aylara TalonsBlade (Tegan) (January 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  90.  Herald Catnin (Farris) (June 2002) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  91.  Herald Catryl Denree (Kya) (October 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  92.  Herald Cava Dreyfall (Garil) (July 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  93.  Herald Cevanya Joella Raylend (Tierne) (July/August 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  94.  Herald Ceydra Degron (Malen) (August 1997) (Empathy, Healing)
  95.  Herald Charil (Maris) (June 1995) (Fetching)
  96.  Herald Charna (Yzabet) (June 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, a shimmer of Farsight)
  97.  Herald Chemarin (Kfalis) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Thought Sensing)
  98.  Herald Cheshire Marenn McRae (Anschad) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  99.  Herald Chirala Mallorn (Torrent) (May 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  100.  Herald Chonni Brightwolf (Phereze) (November/December 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  101.  Herald Cibrian Rilik (Omorose) (November 2003) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Empathy)
  102.  Herald Cidra (Panthor) (June 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  103.  Herald Constantine Rief (Rela) (May 1992) (Foresight, strong Mindspeech)
  104.  Herald Coranna (Armara) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech) (Also a White Winds Sorceress)
  105.  Herald Corre Eilenach (Rhiainn) (September 1991) (Empathy, Firestarting, extremely limited Mindspeech)
  106.  Herald Correy (Faleen) (May 1995) (Mindspeech)
  107.  Herald Corum Albreth (Torasan) (July 1991) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  108.  Herald Cressia (Taurus) (October 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  109.  Herald Crystona Devanth Shekrevalas (Chevaale) (1990?) (Mindspeech)
  110.  Herald Curion Hawken (Alesda) (March 1994) (Healing, Mindspeech, Fetching)
  111.  Herald Cyric Silmaton (Gedda) (December 1991) (Empathy, Mindspeech, weak Fetching)
  112.  Herald Daenah Weaver (Sharlynn) (November/Devember 1995) (Mindspeech)
  113.  Herald Damian Kareth Ravenlocke (Donahue) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  114.  Herald Dance Kelan (Lyric) (September 1994) (Farsight, Mindspeech)
  115.  Herald Dantamyne Stromslayer (Lystarri) (July 1993) (Triple Mindspeech)
  116.  Herald Darii (Neptine) (July 1990) (Mindspeech)
  117.  Herald Darla Eleina Moonstar (Aleisha) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  118.  Herald Darvith (Calistrae) (May 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Mindhealing)
  119.  Herald Davad Levon (Haldan) (March 2002) (strong Mindspeech)
  120.  Herald Davida Rose Raven (Beynor) (June 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  121.  Herald-Scholar Davion d'Loyola (Winterwind) (October/November 1992) (strong Mindspeech)
  122.  Herald Daynn Acleczander (Skethen) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  123.  Herald Deborah of Aardanel (Yasmin) (March 1991?) (Mindspeech)
  124.  Herald Deborah of Aardanel (Yasmin) (March 1991) (Mindspeech)
  125.  Herald Debra Valcoeur (Kandar) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Mindhealing)
  126.  Herald Dela (Atreyu) (December 1998) (Mindspeech)
  127.  Herald Derai Jekanah shena Vyusher'edras (Riyla) (February 1991) (Mindspeech) (Also a Shin'a'in)
  128.  Herald Deriya L'Shawnea (Knisper) (September 1995) (Mindspeech, strong Empathy)
  129.  Herald Desari Silverrain (Rayya) (October 2002) (Strong Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  130.  Herald Destre (Morgan) (May 1991) (strong Mindspeech)
  131.  Herald Dealina (Kandar) (July 1990) (Mindspeech)
  132.  Herald Dela (Atreyu) (December 1998) (Mindspeech)
  133.  Herald Diedre Nightsong (Lloriana) (September 1992) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  134.  Herald Dugal Andersonn (Nita) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  135.  Herald Eanaree shena Pretora (Neiya) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Firestarting) (Also a Shin'a'in)
  136.  Herald Eirlyn Llewdor (Ayrgent) (March 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Healing)
  137.  Herald Elestia Kytras (Xionen) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech)
  138.  Herald Elisha "Brightlion" Azcune (Seren) (May 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  139.  Herald Elizabeth Flame (Kala) (September 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  140.  Herald Elsyril ShadoWolf (Vyala) (March 1996) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  141.  Herald Ember Brarrick (Creshawn) (October 1994) (strong Mindspeech, little Fetching)
  142.  Herald Emil Tokaan (Adar) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  143.  Herald Emmee Adrieon Lowen (Yasmeen) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, very strong Foresight)
  144.  Herald Enyo Terron (Loteki) (September 2000) (Mindspeech)
  145.  Herald Erica Skinfaxi (Calluna) (June 1996) (Farsight)
  146.  Herald Ewyn (Ishe) (February 2010) (Empathy, Mindspeech, and strong Animal Mindspeech)
  147.  Herald Eydryth Aravell (Saris) (July/August 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  148.  Herald Fela (Evkiel) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  149.  Herald Felix Trelawney (Kelso) (January 1997) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  150.  Herald Fjedka Oberli (Thialf) (February 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  151.  Herald Fiona L'Aren (Reini) (November/December 1993) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  152.  Herald Franne (Grendale) (August 1996) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  153.  Herald Garath Ketrevon (Laya) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  154.  Herald Gibi Blackstar (Jalal) (March 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  155.  Herald Gwanwyn Smithdaughter (Wyndler) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, some Empathy)
  156.  Herald Gwendolen Lapidus Lightdancer (Slanaitheor) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Healing)
  157.  Herald Gwendolyn Katran (Kandaron) (October 1990; November 1991) (Fetching, Farsight, Mindspeech)
  158.  Herald Gwen'farr Ranaluin (Criss) (March 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  159.  Herald Gwenivere Daymon-Gallowayne (Jeryn) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  160.  Herald Gyles Wrenfern (Kurst) (September 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  161.  Herald Hanna Raskeya (Kishaver) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  162.  Herald Hannah (Dakarai) (October 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  163.  *Herald Hedrian (Flaman) (November 2003) (Strong Mindspeech, Empathy)
  164.  Herald-Priestess Helwyn Tre-Uther (Kasar) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  165.  Herald Heynna Kowa'kipe'sni Jerdyn N'Toka'he (Lyshmai) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  166.  Herald Holleen (Synbar) (January 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  167.  Herald Ian Hawkwood (Yurith) (June 1996)
  168.  Herald Iannissa Foylen (Zathys) (January 1996)
  169.  *Herald Ilahna Maile Storseth (Sarel) (May 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  170.  Herald Jacquelle (Lancer) (March 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  171.  Herald Jada Lanterson (Mellona) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  172.  Herald Jaelle Sunfire (Lilith) (October 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  173.  Herald Jahnna Dylair (Ronan) (October 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  174.  *Herald Jaila Stormseek (Ysable) (August 1997) (Foresight, Mindspeech)
  175.  Herald Janasa Drevlan (Galen) (April 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  176.  *Herald Jancivan Moonshiner Merinco (Jayla) (November/December 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  177.  Herald JanDerral (Galen) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Animal Mindspeech)
  178.  Herald Janel (Lyris) (June 1990) (No Gifts listed.)
  179.  Herald Janice Devrick (Tomeran) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  180.  Herald Ja'nyan Batriel (Andreika) (October 1994) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  181.  Herald Jarik Kolin (Nyssa) (September 1990) (Mindspeech)
  182.  Herald Jassinta Arlinsdale (Jeruel) (April 1997) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  183.  Herald Jaxom Windrider (Taren) (October 1993) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Healing)
  184.  Herald Jehiaden "Henden" Zari (Kaivel) (May 1991) (strong Animal Mindspeech, Mindspeech)
  185.  Herald Jena Haeven Altara (Cypress) (March 1995) (Double-strength Empathy)
  186.  Herald Jera the Dark (Fragarach) (January 1996) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Foresight)
  187.  Herald Jessa Darr Shanlay (Keysa) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  188.  Herald Jessica Craven (Solane) (August 2008) (Strong Mindspeech)
  189.  Herald Jhenna Leisater (Aelyssa) (May 2001) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  190.  Herald Jocelynn Vammerio (Cyra) (February 1992) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Farsight)
  191.  Herald Jodey Cysgod (Gwiroydd) (February 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  192.  Herald Jolee Alsierra (Roppi) (November 1991) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  193.  Herald Jonas (Tashlin) (January 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  194.  *Herald Josan Dragonshadow (Astii) (August 1997) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  195.  Herald Jreea Vanos (Jerevan) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Mindhealing)
  196.  Herald Kaeril Alinstair (Rekis) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, slight Foresight)
  197.  Herald Kaireigh (Cara) (February 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  198.  Herald Kaitlyn Windrift (Felshe) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech, Empathy, touch of Bardic)
  199.  Herald Kaitren McClenahana (Riqui) (February 1993) (strong Mindspeech, little Empathy)
  200.  Herald Kaki (Zanoch) (September 1990) (Farsight, Foresight, Animal Mindspeech)
  201.  Herald Kalena Vrenial (Eduward) (February 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  202.  Herald Kalendel (Kira) (January 1995) (Fetching)
  203.  Herald Kalene (Cytan) (May 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  204.  Herald Kali Starseeker (Jhorn) (January 1997) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  205.  *Herald Kalyr Moryn (Shyla) (October 1991) (Foresight, Mindspeech, Empathy)
  206.  Herald Kana (Khetch) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  207.  Herald Kandellessa Revwyn Sevron (Casryn) (August 1996) (Fetching, Mindhealing, Animal Mindspeech)
  208.  Herald Karai Zwya shena Vuysher'edra (Keziah) (October 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  209.  Herald Karenza Meldrick (Channa) (September 2002) (Farsight and Double-strength Mindspeech)
  210.  Herald Karilynn Ravensea (Kilfry) (September 1997) (Mindspeech and Mindhealing)
  211.  Herald Kashena Ambercrom (Tallon) (November/December 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  212.  Herald Kata Skyhawk (Xanthe) (May 1997) (Mindspeech)
  213.  Herald Katerynne Lionsmane (Alyshondra) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  214.  Herald Katha Destryn (Cedric) (March/April 1993) (Mindspeech)
  215.  Herald Kathyrine (Sync) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  216.  Herald Katia (Alassir) (May 1993) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  217.  Herald Katia Lawless (Ciardyn) (February 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  218.  Herald Katira shena Vuysher'edras (Miram) (December 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)(Also a Shin'a'in)
  219.  Herald Katri (Astanzi) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  220.  Herald Katrionn Ravenswood (Kelvahn) (July/August 1994) (Firestarting, Fetching, Farsight)
  221.  Herald Katryn (Triana) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  222.  Herald Kaya Shadowstar (Calico) (February 1994) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  223.  Herald Kayathara Andreson (Lana) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Animal Mindspeech)
  224.  Herald Kaylanni Ivystone (Tessa) (September 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  225.  Herald Kaylis Shalar (Vantrias) (November/December 1994) (Empathy, Double-strength Mindspeech)
  226.  Herald Kazea Zarvak (Arianna) (January 1996) (Fetching, Mindhealing)
  227.  Herald Kealia Grayen (Vedris) (May 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  228.  Herald Keira (Kalan) (July 1991) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  229.  Herald Keliaemysqa 'Phelia (Elysia) (May 1993) (Farsight, Foresight)
  230.  Herald Kella (Aleth) (September 1992) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Empathy)
  231.  Herald Kelles (Solari) (July 2003) (Strong Mindspeech, Strong Foresight, Strong Firestarting)
  232.  Herald Kelsin Peregrin (Lancer) (January 1996) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Fetching)
  233.  Herald Kemah Leigh (Blaize) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Wild Talent)
  234.  Herald Kendryl Shadowwolf (Staten) (September 1994) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Empathy)
  235.  Herald Kera (Arly) (June 1990) (No Gifts listed.)
  236.  Herald Keri Starfire/Mountainheart (Shara) (June 1996) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing, Firestarting)
  237.  Herald Keris (Tarveer) (October 1991) (Animal Mindspeech)
  238.  Herald Kesha Trishaya Layven (Celtis) (September 1996) (Farsight, Fetching)
  239.  Herald Kessiri (Charis) (June 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  240.  Herald Kestral Liann T'Rael (Kierlai) (October 1991) (Mindspeech, strong Fetching)
  241.  †Herald Kevyn Micahsdaughter (Epona) (December 2002) (Mindspeech, Bardic)
  242.  Herald Khala Summersong (Chalan) (November/December 1994) (Fetching, Double-strength Mindspeech)
  243.  Herald Khanh Synpryn (Astral) (January 1992) (strong Mindspeech, weak Animal Mindspeech)
  244.  Herald Khateela Alashar (Shanandaya) (June 1990) (Empathy, Mindhealing)
  245.  Herald Khrystal Thee'Ledan (Kaial) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  246.  Herald Khye (Arlaan) (March 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Healing)
  247.  Herald Kiana Wynter (Ambree) (July 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  248.  Herald Kiara Labyrina (Alannaya) (January 1997) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Healing)
  249.  Herald Kiara Roisdaughter (Amberlyn) (May 2000) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  250.  Herald Kiashan (Galliel) (September 1990) (Firestarting, Healing)
  251.  Herald Kiera (Kalan) (1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  252.  Herald Kierlan (Boreal) (January 1995) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Farsight)
  253.  Herald Kiethanallis "Kieth" Windgaar (Tristam) (September 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  254.  Herald KinDarra (Vladimir) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Healing)
  255.  Herald Kiotar (Ciel) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  256.  Herald Kiren Sendar (R'ddannon) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, strong Foresight)
  257.  *Herald Kiriane ch'Mey (Resaya) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  258.  Herald Kiriell Crestenheart (Johar) (August 1997) (Farsight, Mindspeech)
  259.  Herald Kirith Jariel Eldesharr (Alaran) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, Foresight, Empathy)
  260.  Herald Kirstin Talour (Leran) (May 1994) (Fetching, Double-Strength Mindspeech)
  261.  Herald Kitain Brightwood (Talin) (February 2006) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  262.  Herald Kori shena Nohara'ten (Hanashi) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech) (Also a Shin'a'in)
  263.  Herald Kristia Mahaliah Kolnmen (Chandra) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  264.  Herald Kylin Risa Cesara (Malore) (June 1992) (Mindspeech)
  265.  Herald Kym (Marcus) (September 1991) (Mindspeech)
  266.  Herald Kymbrie Tavalynth (Trene) (December 1991) (Fetching, Farsight)
  267.  Herald Kymry (Pynduran) (June 1990) (Farsight, Mindhealing, Animal Mindspeech)
  268.  Herald Kyria (Evantior (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  269.  Herald Kyriah Vallainevvas Mstorven shena Liha'irden (Taerlan) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Foresight) (Also a Shin'a'in)
  270.  Herald Lael (Eelin) (October 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  271.  Herald Laliea Shathgran (Sylva) (August 2001) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  272.  Herald Landa Rose Aralyn (Zlia) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  273.  Herald Lantana Te'Dreiyen (Devin) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  274.  Herald Laressaja (Juillet) (April 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  275.  Herald Lark Morningstar (Lerasia) (February 1992) (Firestarting, Fetching, Mindspeech)
  276.  Herald Latansana Faelac Vaekorah (Quaisitora) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  277.  Herald Layla (Del-Aray) (July 1991) (Farsight, Mindspeech, Fetching)`
  278.  Herald Laurin Kelter (Mildar) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  279.  Herald Tanya Leagallow (Danen) (September 2003) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Bardic)
  280.  Herald Leana D'Ard (Tara) (April 1992) (Farsight, Fetching)
  281.  Herald Leena Hunter (Marley) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  282.  Herald Lesthos Cabrera (Laela) (March 1995) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  283.  Herald Leya Vaughn (Talis) (May 1995) (Firestarting, Mindspeech)
  284.  Herald Liana Firelan (Triane) (January 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  285.  Herald Riding Instructor Lily (Promise) (March 2004) (Mindspeech, strong Firestarting)
  286.  Herald Liry Sirdas (Solthara) (March 1996) (Mindspeech)
  287.  Herald Lisanne (Tobe) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  288.  Herald Lisbeth Maye (Dirrenia) (June 2000) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  289.  Herald Liselle Aravon (Rhyan) (February 1994) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Fetching)
  290.  Herald Lissa Leona Althersaan (Kiri) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  291.  Herald Listar Lockheart (Lyla) (October 1997) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  292.  *Herald Lolita Padring (Quis) (July/August 1994) (***)
  293.  Herald Lorelayne (Myan) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  294.  Herald Lorraine Ryder (Vision) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  295.  Herald Lyngala Yaldea Adrin (Dache Salchow) (May 1997) (Animal Mindspeech, Foresight, Mindspeech)
  296.  Herald Lynnore Reece Bainbridge (Arrius) (January 1996) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  297.  Herald Lyria Trevaile (Ylsauna) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  298.  Herald Lyric Castel (Gambit) (October 1994) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Fetching)
  299.  Herald Lyssa Windsong (Fidelis) (July/August 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  300.  Herald Maelara Gwynen (Dernan) (January 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  301.  Herald Maelyn Stride (Ty'fern) (September 1996)
  302.  Herald Mahalia "Hallie" Rae Kerythn (Tavis) (September 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  303.  Herald Maia Cinhil Morgan (Delan) (January 1993) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Healing)
  304.  Herald Maigryn Kythe (Weireth) (July 1991) (strong Empathy, weak Farsight)
  305.  Herald Mallea Andraya D'Lar (Rameena) (October 1994) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Empathy)
  306.  Herald Marc Wolf (Rhynna) (March 1996) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  307.  Herald Marcus Silverwing (Vandir) (November/December 1993) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Fetching)
  308.  Herald Mareesa Kirya Halfling (Korrenhya) (March 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  309.  Herald Marithe (Valrina) (January 1991) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  310.  Herald Marlys Tatena'sa N'Toka'he (Kadin) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  311.  Herald Mashiara Cresse (Jeslyn) (March 1994) (Fetching, Healing)
  312.  Herald Maryssa Brightlaural (Kylie) (May 1998) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  313.  Herald Megraine Johannastyn (Barbyr) (March 1990) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Foresight)
  314.  Herald Meira (Sharlond) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  315.  Herald Meldric (Stormsong) (February 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Foresight)
  316.  Herald Meriel (Kadori) (July 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  317.  Herald Meris (Elithania) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  318.  Herald Meshel Willowlark (Gwynn'th) (February 1995) (Mindspeech; Healing)
  319.  Herald Messbonakre "Mea" Seryntrithia Trellenora (Rheena) (December 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  320.  Herald Michal Alderan Skysong (Tyr) (July 1995) (Mindspeech)
  321.  Herald Micheline Temberen (Vayla) (November 1991) (Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  322.  Herald Min Shadowwolf (Keovin) (September 1995) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Foresight)
  323.  Herald Minuit (Rynell) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  324.  Herald Miracle Bandur (Rudin) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  325.  Herald Miracle Oceanfire (Katya) (March 1996) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  326.  Herald Morgana Tareese (Xanis) (July 1996) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  327.  Herald Morwenna (Kiersta) (November/December 1993) (strong Mindspeech, Double-strength Empathy)
  328.  Herald Mykal (Quixor) (May 1991) (Fetching)
  329.  Herald Mylitta (Sieken) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  330.  Herald Naire (Chisel) (January 1992) (strong Farsight, "a gnat's sneeze worth of Foresight")
  331.  Herald Nalana (Nacion) (February 1997) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  332.  Herald Naneen al'Kyr (Asmara) (Mindspeech)
  333.  Herald Narina Moonsong (Elian) (March 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  334.  Herald Natalia Sarainah Kestrelandin (Audry) (January 1996) (Healing, Firestarting, Mindspeech)
  335.  Herald Natassia Avon Fontin (Eshha) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  336.  Herald Natally Paras (Daleena) (June 1995) (Mindspeech)
  337.  Herald Nayli Reyskeline (Kalor)v(October 2012) (Strong Mindspeech, Healing)
  338.  Herald Nieve Wulfe (***) (November 1991) (Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  339.  Herald Odille Timonen (Hamar) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  340.  Herald Paf (Gathedrial) (September 1990) (Healing, Mindspeech)
  341.  Herald Palin (Neevya) (January 1992) (Fetching, touch of Healing)
  342.  Herald Phantom (Eclipse) (January 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  343.  Herald Pyra Krilasna-Lilthian (Phoenyx) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  344.  *Herald Rae (Delwyn) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  345.  Herald Rahel Mikaia Kopelli (Rondac) (July 1993) (strong Mindspeech, Farsight)
  346.  Herald Rahne Dylan (Fachtna) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  347.  Herald Raina Kelbrunn (Dabry) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  348.  Herald Rainee Lyndrella (Sylvrynn) (October/November 1992) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  349.  Herald Raksha Nagiano (Audre) (February 1993) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Fetching)
  350.  Herald Rannon Kyrie (Tayna) (September 1991) (Firestarting, Mindspeech)
  351.  Herald Raven (Kattana) (March/April 1993) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Empathy)
  352.  Herald Raven Aspenwind (Kaysare) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  353.  Herald Raven Blackwing (Coridavith) (November/December 1993) (strong Mindspeech)
  354.  Herald Raven Skiesho (Firedrake) (October 1991) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  355.  Herald Raya Kent D'Hallarao (Auvera) (January 1993) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Mindhealing)
  356.  Herald Rayven Vederies (Dariel) (November/December 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  357.  Herald Rea Tuvara (Stonen) (March 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Foresight)
  358.  Herald Rebea (Rowbain) (May 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  359.  Herald Reyalla Kendalson (Trinn) (March 1990) (Empathy)
  360.  Herald Rayeann Tomalson (Darian) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Mindhealing)
  361.  Herald Reyan d'Tantiri (Gawen) (October 1990) (Fetching, Empathy)
  362.  Herald Rhea Windsong (Jisal) (November/December 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Healing)
  363.  Herald Rhiann (Minati) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Animal Mindspeech)
  364.  Herald Rhiannon Surfsong (Amberle) (June 1993) (Fetching, Double-strength Mindspeech)
  365.  Herald Rian Waridel (Cirah) (October/November 1992) (Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  366.  Herald Riana Lendarion (Bree) (November/December 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  367.  Herald Riana Malkor (Raeven) (May 2003) (Mindspeech, low-strength Farsight, Foresight)
  368.  Herald Rikendra "Riki" shena Vuyusher'edra (Kodi) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  369.  Herald Riki (Dyann) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  370.  Herald Robihane (Ethoan) (February 1997) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  371.  Herald Rohanna (Randal) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  372.  Herald Rojer (Barna) (January 1993) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  373.  Herald Rondynella Ginned (Cyrus) (November/December 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  374.  Herald Rowena (Resella) (September 1990) (No Gifts listed.)
  375.  Herald Rydia (Spirit) (February 1995) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  376.  Herald Rykkalrothorna "Thorne" Tiron (Faevern) (October/November 1992) (Double-strength Fetching)
  377.  Herald Rysyn Shavar'is Kerythn (Arenis) (September 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  378.  Herald Rythkana Trystandorien (Skaile) (November/December 1994) (Mindspeech, Foresight, Farsight)
  379.  Herald Salva White Star (Arlow) (May 1993) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  380.  Herald Samira (Ganrith) (September 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  381.  Herald Saraiya Winterbrook (Tarlan) (September 1995) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Farsight)
  382.  Herald Sarina Piater (Ceenay) (May 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  383.  Herald Sasha Jen'traue (Rhiel) (November/December 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  384.  Herald Scyarith Joy Sibanyon (Doni) (November/December 1994) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  385.  Herald Sean-Christian Tanttelet (Promus) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Foresight)
  386.  Herald Sekhmet (Saret) (July 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  387.  Herald Selenna Clasty Barsc (Whitlyn) (May 1991) (Healing, Fetching, Mindspeech)
  388.  Herald Serrah Windon (Emiliah) (November/December 1994) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Fetching)
  389.  Herald Setornin Shaylander (Jennara) (March 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  390.  Herald Sevlow Wolfwalker (Sarena) (April 1996) (Mindspeech, Foresight, Animal Mindspeech)
  391.  Herald Shanan (Cala) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  392.  Herald Shanayah Dawn (Melantha) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  393.  Herald Shara (Marlin) (November/December 1993) (Fetching, some Mindspeech)
  394.  Herald Shayla (Cyrra) (November/December 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  395.  Herald Shaylah Allandra Kishara (Airion) (January 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  396.  Herald Shea De'Sharra (Kalan) (June 1995) (Fetching, Double-strength Mindspeech)
  397.  Herald Shenefel Wrendesk (Chyrria) (May 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  398.  Herald Sheryl Xiante (Jacen) (September 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  399.  Herald Shirel (Laravis) (February 1992) (Farsight, Fetching, Mindspeech)
  400.  Herald Shona shena Tale'sedrin (Moondancer) (November 1991) (Empathy, Healing, Animal Mindspeech)
  401.  Herald Silver Brightstar (Firewind) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Healing)
  402.  Herald Sioban Silverhair K'Lander (Eilish) (September 1993) (Animal Mindspeech)
  403.  Herald Siri (Felellen) (April 1992) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  404.  Herald Sitara Mayim (Delwyn) (September 2003) (Strong Empathy, Mindspeech, low Farsight)
  405.  *Herald Skyler Wishingstar (Torey) (July 1995) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  406.  Herald Snohdyn Whiteclaw (Cross) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Animal Mindspeech)
  407.  Herald Sondri (Gialla) (October 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  408.  Herald Songbird Til'e'an (Justyn) (July 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  409.  Herald Sonia Kenarch (Thowra) (July 1990) (Mindspeech, Healing, Fetching, Farsight)
  410.  Herald Sonyjia Corina (Chantawry) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Mindhealing)
  411.  Herald Starsha (Dreamstar) (September 1992) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  412.  Herald Stefanna (Molly) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  413.  Herald Storm (Athlone) (December 1990) (Fetching, Mindspeech, uncontrollable Farsight)
  414.  Herald Storm Wyndbourne (Camryn) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  415.  Herald Sundi Kathalin (Lamika) (January 1994) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  416.  Herald Taeryn (Chiefta) (October 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  417.  Herald Taesha (Evelaer) (June 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  418.  †Herald Talah shena Vyusher'edras (Isha) (July 1995) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech)
  419.  Herald Talavis de Elevim (Ardatha) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Firestarting, Fetching)
  420.  Herald Talina Searial (Chez) (April 1992) (strong Mindspeech, Fetching)
  421.  Herald Talira (Shilo) (November 1998) (Animal Mindspeech, Foresight)
  422.  Herald Talis Larkspur (Sheena) (May 1993) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  423.  Herald Talore Kieanth (Karatin) (March 1991) (Mindspeech, Foresight)
  424.  Herald Tamino (Slayna) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Foresight, touch of Healing)
  425.  Herald Tamyris Stormsong (Noisiu) (May 1994) (Empathy, Fetching, Mindspeech)
  426.  Herald Tanthus "Tanner" Kennan (Colluth) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, strong Fetching, Animal Mindspeech)
  427.  Herald Tarallee Joharra'Rose (Arylic) (October 1995) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing)
  428.  Herald Taras Taltos (Camwyn) (January 1995) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  429.  Herald Tarre (Zanya) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Fetching)
  430.  Herald Tasha Dragonsbane (Saya) (January 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  431.  Herald Tasha Sevanseer (Albion) (July 1995) (Fetching)
  432.  Herald Tasha (Silverwind) (November 1991) (Fetching, Healing, Mindhealing)
  433.  Herald Tasya Kraeln (Shaivanara) (April 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  434.  Herald Taven shena Tale'sedrin (Shall'a) (November 1991) (Mindspeech, Mindhealing, Empathy)
  435.  Herald Tayna Isabel (Cidra) (July 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Empathy)
  436.  Herald Tekka (Reena) (April 1996) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Fetching)
  437.  Herald Tekella Darkmoon (Krystan) (January 1995) (Mindspeech, Firestarting)
  438.  Herald Ten-ou Elanor (Genevieffa) (September 1997) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting)
  439.  Herald TerraBet Vaduer (Brice) (October/November 1992) (strong Empathy, Mindspeech)
  440.  Herald Terri Lezara (Solene) (December 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  441.  Herald Tevis (Digino) (February 1990) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  442.  Herald Thea Northwell (Akieria) (September 1996)
  443.  Herald Thryssera shena Vyusher'edras (Andyberon) (February 1993) (***)
  444.  Herald Thyria Lyrrithernnas shena Pretera'sedrin (Dahnri) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting) (Also a Shin'a'in)
  445.  Herald Tiak Sunbinder (Akanis) (December 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  446.  Herald Tiana (Lelyra) (August 2008) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Animal Mindspeech)
  447.  Herald Tirazyxus Viron (Sartris) (August 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Farsight)
  448.  Herald Tobias Mider (Suzon) (February 1993) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  449.  Herald Toren Volmar (Devren) (March 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  450.  Herald Toris Mikel D'Haven (***) (October 1990) (No Gifts listed.)
  451.  *Herald Torque Neonderthol (Slipknot)(September 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  452.  Herald Treena Alanna Treval'a (Rowana) (March/April 1993) (Mindspeech)
  453.  Herald Treeyn (Whaet) (February 1992) (very strong Fetching)
  454.  Herald Treya Gemina Atawashte (Reena) (September 1991) (very strong Fetching)
  455.  Herald Treyell (Kerem) (July 1991) (***)
  456.  Herald Treyll'clar (Anyr) (July/August 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Healing)
  457.  Herald Trice Shadowrose (Gelayne) (October 1995) (Mindspeech)
  458.  Herald Trieenia Featherfire (Remy) (July/August 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Farsight)
  459.  Herald Trinion Selveur (Shevriel) (November 1996) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  460.  Herald Trintkil (Morraina) (March/April 1993) (Mindspeech, extremely strong Fetching)
  461.  Herald Twendolyn Windchyle (Rhysen) (January 1992) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight)
  462.  *Herald Tymalan Talon (Alisa) (August 1997) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  463.  Herald Valeris Liosan (Ylessa) (February 1994) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  464.  Herald Valiah Kestroval (Tandris) (October 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  465.  Herald Valtria Sern (Nkara) (December 1996) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  466.  Herald Valyen Tyrosslen (Desneya) (November/December 1993) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Fetching)
  467.  Herald Vannie (Rumal) (October/November 1992) (Triple Mindspeech)
  468.  Herald Vanyella Maurita Gitana Tamour (Algol) (July 1991) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Fetching)
  469.  Herald Vira al'Tren (Dawnstalker) (June 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)
  470.  Herald Vorrazandra (Peldane) (May 1991) (strong Mindspeech, Foresight, Empathy)
  471.  †Herald Warlyn T-rel (Xavier) (December 1990) (Firestarting, Fetching, Mindspeech)
  472.  Herald Wes (Tal) (November/December 1994) (Double-strength Mindspeech)
  473.  Herald Wynn Silverflame (Dovnni) (December 2002) (Mindspeech, Healing)
  474.  Herald Wynndi Ylsashke (Reonn) (September 2004) (Mindspeech, Empathy)
  475.  *Herald Xenasharia Alphaan D'alstheo (Edcerian) (February 1992) (Firestarting, Mindspeech, Fetching)
  476.  Herald Y'Larna Rhiannon Finnareth (Jayven) (June 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching)
  477.  Herald Yoru (Lafiel) (July 2002) (Double-strength Farsight)
  478.  Herald Zandar "Blink" Litsa (Dawnika) (June 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy)
  479.  Herald Zinah Starbreaker (Aramaya) (June 1994) (Triple Mindspeech)
  480.  Herald Zora Evansdotter (Ilsya) (October 1994) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Fetching)
  481.  Herald *** (***) (March 1990) (***)

Herald Mages

Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon have met the requirements for Herald-Mage Adept, even though they do not maintain personae in Queen's Own.

  1.  Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn (Terrill) (March 1996; July 1996; November 1998; June 2000; April 2002) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Empathy, Mage Gift)
  2.  Herald-Mage Hedge Wizard Jensen Redstart (Shetan) (June 1995; June 2000) (Mindspeech, Double-strength Fetching, Mage Gift)
  3.  Herald-Mage Apprentice Kadia Linder (Damis) (November/December 1995) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting, Mage Gift)
  4.  Herald-Mage Journeyman Kayla Riordan (Narafis) (December 1990; February 1993; September 1993) (Mindspeech, Farsight, Mage Gift)
  5.  Herald-Mage Hedge Wizard Lyssia Ravenshore (Zephyr) (June 1992; September 1993) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Mage Gift)
  6.  Herald-Mage Hedge Wizard Raven Firestar (Stellar) (November 1991; March/April 1993) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Foresight, Mage Gift)
  7.  *Herald-Mage Hedge Wizard Rhiannon Ardrin of Shadowspire (Kyros) (October/November 1992; 1992) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech, Foresight, Mage Gift) (Persona deceased.)
  8.  Herald-Mage Apprentice Ryhannon Gaia Degent (Govannon) (July 2000; May 2001) (Double-strength Mindspeech, Farsight, Mage Gift)
  9.  Herald Valana Dorrandale (Orly) (February 2003; September 2003) (Mindspeech, Empathy, Farsight, Mage Gift)


  1.  Bard Elarose (September 2003) (Bardic Gift, Creativity, Talent)
  2.  Bard Bram Gader (September 1994) (Talent, Creativity)
  3.  Bard Brihanna Rhella Mystmoore (November 1996) (Bardic Gift, Creativity)
  4.  Bard Cal'andra (February 1997)
  5.  Bard Chiarro (October 1993) (Talent, Creativity)
  6.  Bard Ciaran Hawk-eyed (September 1991) (Talent, Creativity, touch of Bardic Gift)
  7.  Bard Elita (June 2003) (Bardic, Creativity)
  8.  Bard Evanashta Kylar (June 1993) (Talent, Creativity)
  9.  Bard (Minstrel) Fenys Bimorsul (May 2005) (Talent, Creativity)
  10.  Bard Hemlock Wolveston (June 1992)
  11.  Bard Ivy Lyndaren (July/August 1994)
  12.  Bard Jilayna (May 1991) (Undeveloped Mindspeech)
  13.  *Bard Kylus Naythan Knight (September 1997) (Empathy, Creativity)
  14.  Free Bard Magpie (April 1992)
  15.  Court Musician Bard Marsaya (December 2004) (Talent, Creativity, Bardic Gift)
  16.  Bard Morning Star (May 1993) (Creativity)
  17.  Free Bard Oriole (October/November 1992)
  18.  *Bard Raina Cael (February 2002) (Bardic Gift, Talent)
  19.  Bard Revelin Tionne (February 2003) (Bardic Gift, Talent)
  20.  Bard Rook (February 1995) (Creativity)
  21.  Bard Shiana Dragonsong (February 1995) (Bardic Gift, Talent)
  22.  Bard Stefnilyn Raelca (February 2003) (Bardic Gift, Creativity, Talent)
  23.  Free Bard Tanager (March 1994) (Talent, Creativity)
  24.  Bard Tanya Devorah (January 1992) (small amounts Bardic Gift, Healing, Creative gifts, strong Performing)
  25.  Bard Tishara Mishel D'Haven (October 1990) (No Gifts listed)
  26.  Bard Valiena (August 1996) (Bardic Gift, Talent)
  27.  Bard Vashtia Keryon (February 1994) (Talent, Creativity)
  28.  Bard Zenith (June 1994)
  29.  Bard Zhelhala Kharhal (November 1991) (Creativity, Talent)
  30.  Bard *** (September 1990) (Bardic Gift, Creativity)


  1.  Devyn Aeryn (March 2001)


  1.  Guardsman Adoni Kitanomanjaro (December 1992)
  2.  Guardsman Faolan Ixran (March 2002)
  3.  Guardsman Vena LaRue (October 2002)

Guild Members


  1.  Healer Althaia (August 1996) (Very Strong Physical Healing)
  2.  Healer Andriel (May 2004) (Automatic Membership; Details Pending)
  3.  Healer Brandyn Pendar (May 1997) (Physical Healing)
  4.  Apprentice Healer Celeigh Garion (February 2002) (Healing, Empathy)
  5.  Healer Christeele Hn'non (October 1993) (strong Physical Healing)
  6.  Healer Croisann Plampf (October 1994) (Very Strong Physical Healing)
  7.  Healer Darnellon Gaither (November/December 1993) (Very Strong Empathy)
  8.  Midwife Emily Rhodamanth (May 1994) (Very Strong Physical Healing)
  9.  Healer Eyrin Devanne (August 1997) (Empathy)
  10.  Healer Indigo (January 1997) (Empathy, Mindhealing)
  11.  Healer Jezy (September 1991) (***)
  12.  Healer Joslin Badger (March 1994) (Physical Healing)
  13.  Healer Jysanne (November/December 1994) (Very Strong Empathy)
  14.  Healer Kerensa (June 1990) (No Gift Listed)
  15.  Healer Kyllia Ricardine (September 1992) (Very Strong Empathy)
  16.  Healer Relansha "Rel" Kaileh (May 1997) (Strong Empathy)
  17.  Healer Skye Achara (July 1991) (Healing)
  18.  Healer Storm Dreamwalker (July/August 1994) (***)
  19.  Healer Suzan (September 1997) (Very Strong Empathy)
  20.  Healer Tam Windsorm (March 1991) (Empathy, Mindhealing, Speedhealing)
  21.  Healer Tamesin na Coille (May 1992) (Empathy, rudimentary Animal Mindspeech)
  22.  Healer Veraina Cellaya (December 1991) (Trauma Healing)


  1.  Mercenary Ma'ren'kar shena Vuysher'edras (January 1996)
  2.  Mercenary Owen Penandron (January 1996)
  3.  Shin'a'in Scout/Captain Stephania shena Pretera'sedrin (Clan of the Shadow Cats) (September 1990; November 1991) (also Shin'a'in)

Northern Barbarians



Note: Some details do not match the current handout because the characters were developed and approved prior to the creation of the handout.

  1.  Shin'a'in Aarayen shena Tek'lyren (September 1997) (Chief of Wolf Clan; Battlesteed: Skyfire)
  2.  Shin'a'in Herald Derai Jekanah shena Vyusher'edras (Riyla) (February 1991) (Mindspeech) (Also a Herald)
  3.  Shin'a'in Herald Eanaree shena Pretora (Neiya) (September 1991) (Mindspeech, Firestarting) (Also a Herald)
  4.  Shin'a'in Herald Katira shena Vuysher'edras (Miram) (December 1992) (Fetching, Mindspeech)(Also a Herald)
  5.  Shin'a'in Kendric shena Petera'sedrin (December 1990)
  6.  Shin'a'in Herald Kori shena Nohara'ten (Hanashi) (September 1990) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech) (Also a Herald)
  7.  Shin'a'in Herald Kyriah Vallainevvas Mstorven shena Liha'irden (Taerlan) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Farsight)
  8.  Shin'a'in Jelenda (Jel'enedra) (August 2008) (Shaman of the Cat Clan)
  9.  Shin'a'in Leshya'edrin shena Pretera'sedrin (February 2002) (Chief of Grasscat Clan)
  10.  Shin'a'in Warrior Raven shena Rotale'sedrin (November 1991)
  11.  Shin'a'in Scout/Captain Stephania shena Pretera'sedrin (Clan of the Shadow Cats) (September 1990; November 1991) (also Mercenary) Foresight) (Also a Herald)
  12.  Shin'a'in Herald Thyria Lyrrithernnas shena Pretera'sedrin (Dahnri) (February 1991) (Mindspeech, Fetching, Firestarting) (Also a Herald)



  1.  White Winds Sorceress Cime Shadow Weaver (June 1996) (Earth Magic, Sensual Power)
  2.  White Winds Sorceress Herald Coranna (Companion: Armara) (May 1991) (Mindspeech, Animal Mindspeech) (Also a Herald)
  3.  White Winds Sorceress Rea Wildfire (January 1997) (Thoughtsensing, Elemental Magic, Healing Magic)
  4.  White Winds Sorceress Taylu (Gryphon: Brennon) (October 1990)


Note: Some of these names and details don't quite match the patterns on the Tayledras Handout because the personae were approved before the Handout developed into its current form.

  1.  Healer Adept Amberfire k'Treva (October 2002) (Bondbird: Hai'zael; Snow Eagle)
  2.  Aurora Windflower Thundering k'Treva (December 1996) (Bondbird: Camori)
  3.  Mage Autumnwynd k'Vaia (October 1997) (Bondbird: K'tari)
  4.  Mage Azurefrost shena k'Chona (April 1996)
  5.  Blackwolf k'Vala (July/August 1994) (Bondbird: Kirith)
  6.  Scout Brightshadow k'Vala (February 2001) (Bondbird: Ahnshee, Saker Falcon) (Mindspeech with Bondbird and Non-Human Races)
  7.  Healer Adept Cadianna Dreamwind k'Vaia (September 1995)
  8.  Healer Adept Crystalwren k'Sheyna (September 2000) (Bondbird: Pardue; Grey Goshawk)
  9.  Scout Dolvendusk k'Vaia (February 2004) (Bondbird: White-fronted Falconet; Kerr) (Mindspeech with humans, bondbird and other races)
  10.  Adept Dreamwalker k'Chona (April 1997)
  11.  Adept Fireblade k'Treva (June 2001) (Bondbird: Kyr'na) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  12.  Adept Mage Firefall k'Shira (October 2004) (Bondbird: Laria; Burrowing Owl) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  13.  Fireshadow k'Relnya (March 1994)
  14.  *Mage Flameheart k'Chona (February 2002) (Bondbird: Choni) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  15.  Adept Moonfalcon k'Vala (July 1995)
  16.  Healer Adept Moonstar k'Vala k'Sheyna (March 1996) (Bondbird: Kearie; Marsh Hawk/Harrier) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  17.  Mage Moonwolf (March 1996)
  18.  Adept Oceanlaughter k'Shira (January 1995; originally accepted as k'Lria) (Bondbird: Jacopo) (Mindspeech with Bonbirds and Humans)
  19.  Healer Adept Sierra k'Treva (June 1998) (Bondbird: Cassidy "Cass"; Golden Eagle)
  20.  Adept Shadefire k'Chona k'Vestava (June 1995)
  21.  Mage Shadowlyte k'Vala (July 1996)
  22.  Mage Silentheart k'Chona (October 2000) (Bondbird: Ty'lire; Northern Hawk Owl) (Mindspeech with Bondbird)
  23.  Healer Adept Skydance k'Chona (April 1997) (Mindspeech with Bondbird and Humans)
  24.  Master Skydance k'Shira (March 2003) (Bondbirds: Kai and Kree; gyrfalcons) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  25.  Scout Skyfire k'Chona (November 2000) (Mindspeech with Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)
  26.  Healer Adept Snowfawn k'Vala (May 1997)
  27.  Adept Starfeather k'Valdemar (May 2003) (Bondbird: Brayn; brown hawk) (Mindspeech with humans, bondbird and other races)
  28.  Scout Starsong k'Sheyna (January 1996) (Bondbird: Skkye)
  29.  Healer-Mage Starstorm k'Valdemar (October 2002) (Bondbird: Kou; eagle-owl) (Mindspeech with bondbirds and all non-human races)
  30.  Mage Stormfire (November/December 1994) (Bondbird: Tylen)
  31.  Healer Mage Swanstar k’Vaia (November 2009) (Bondbird: Avala) (Mindspeech wtih all non-human races)
  32.  Healer Adept ThunderEagle k'Chona (May 1995)
  33.  Journeyman Mage Windreed k'Verei (November 2009) (Bondbird: Ja’rek; hawk eagle) (Mindspeech with bondbird, humans and non-human races)
  34.  Healer Adept Winterfire k'Tayle (November/December 1995) (Bondbird: Leshy'a; Boobook Owl)
  35.  Healer Adept Winterstar (March 1995)
  36.  Healer Adept Willowstar k'Vala (March 2002) (Bondbird: Ameri; Sooty Owl) (Mindspeech with his Bondbird, Humans and Other Races)


This list is for strange ranks that were approved in the past that we don't have handouts for.

  1.  Gwyneth Myrna Firefeather (February 1993) (Nomadic Trader/Merchant)
  2.  *Shadow Herald Gabrin (Pilane) (April 1990) (No Gifts Listed)

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