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Series 3, Vol. 5, No. 9
September 1, 2004

Griffon by Jan Tallevast

Heyla, Misty fans!

Is everyone getting ready for school to start again?

For those of you who are old enough to feel old at this information <g>, August 19th was the 30th anniversary of the publication of the rules for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). (I don’t know about Moonstar, but that’s very scary for Danya. That means I’ve been playing D&D since two years after it was published . . . ::shudder::.)

Publication News:

Look for the paperback of Exile’s Valor and the hardcover version of Phoenix and Ashes in early October 2004.

The paperback edition of The Fairy Godmother will be released in November 2004.

Stoned Souls (with Josepha Sherman) has a release date of Jan. 1, 2005, but you can preorder your copy at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/bkfanml.htm. A portion of all proceeds from orders placed through the Dragonlords’ Bookstore goes to support Queen’s Own. This is how we keep memberships free, so we really appreciate your support!

Editors and Chapter Presidents: Please check your information at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qochap.htm and in the QO newsletter to make sure that it’s up-to-date and accurate. If you have any changes, please send them to Danya at Legend@malcor.com. Also, we’d love to hear from all of you! If you get a chance, please drop us a line about what is going on with your chapter/publication.

We have a special treat this time: another review, this one of The Book of Earth: Volume One of The Dragon Quartet from Adept Starfeather K’Valdemar. Enjoy!


Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn and Healer Adept Moonstar

The Book of Earth: Volume One of The Dragon Quartet
Marjorie B. Kellog
Daw Books
334 pgs
ISBN#: 0-88677-574-4
Price (US and Canada): US $4.99 CDN $5.99

Reviewed by Adept Starfeather K’Valdemar

I picked up The Book of Earth after listening to the cover artist, Jody Lee, speak at Conquest 35 in Kansas City this year. I really liked Ms. Lee’s discussion of the cover painting in her slide show, and thought the book sounded interesting.

Ms. Kellog tells the story of Erde, a young girl in alternate Germany. When her father, the Baron, succumbs to a monk telling stories of God’s wrath and a chance encounter places Erde at risk, her father locks her away. With the help of a family friend, Erde slips away into the mountains where she meets a Dragon.

The story starts before Erde finds earth and tells the tale of both of them finding themselves and coming to learn their place in the mixed-up world. Because it is part of a series of four books, there definitely is an unfinished feel to this volume. But, as the story of a young girl growing up, it is a fascinating read. The supporting characters are just as rich as the main character.

I found this to be an enjoyable read, especially for fans of dragon stories.

Ren Faires:

Here are the Faires we know about for September. Faires are indexed alphabetically by state. Have any information about any other Renaissance Faires in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


THE INTERNATIONAL JOUSTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Site Address: 220 Southgate Dr.Sonora, California, 95370-5054. Dates: 9/11/04-9/12/04.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: Michael@norcalrenfaire.org, information@norcalrenfaire.org. Website: http://www.norcalrenfaire.org. Site Address: Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA. Dates: 9/18/04-10/24/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

OJAI RENAISSANCE AND PIRATE FAIRE. E-mail: goldcoastprod@msn.com. Website: http://www.goldcoastfestivals.com. Address: Condit Wixon, Gold Coast Productions, 2219 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. Site Address: Lake Casitas, Ojai, CA. Dates: 9/25/04 – 9/26/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

SAN DIEGO RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Veterans War Memorial Grounds 2115 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA,92101. Dates: 9/18-9/19.

TRUCKEE RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Truckee River Regional ParkBrockway RoadTruckee, California. Dates: 9/25/04-9/26/04.


GRAND VALLEY RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Intermountain Veterans Memorial Park 2785 Hwy 50 South Grand Junction, Colorado, 81503. Dates: 9/10/04-9/12/04.

LONG PEAKS SCOTTISH/IRISH FESTIVAL. E-mail: staff@scotfest.com. Website: http://www.scotfest.com. Address: Dr. James Durward, P.O. Box 1820, Estes Park, CO, 80517. Site: Stanley Park Fairgrounds, Estes Park, CO. Dates: 9/8/04-9/12/04. Open/Close: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.


CONNECTICUT RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: brian@ctfaire.com. Website: http://www.ctfaire.com. Address: Brian Harvard, 390 Woodstock Ave, Putnam, CT, 06260. Site Address: Woodstock Fairgrounds, Route 169, Woodstock, CT. Dates: 9/25/04 – 10/17/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

PROSPECT RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Prospect, Connecticut. Dates: 9/11/04 - 9/12/04.


ILLINOIS RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: illinrenfaire@yahoo.com. Website: http://www.prairieplayerstheatreacademy.org or http://www.illinoisrenaissancefaire.com. Address: Illinois Renaissance Faire, P.O. Box 11084, Champaign, IL, 61826-1084. Site Address: Champaign County Fairgrounds, 902 North Coler, Urbana, IL. Dates: 9/4/04 – 9/5/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


INTERNATIONAL HORSE ARCHERY FESTIVAL. Website: http://www.intlhorsearchery.org. Address: Meg Beshy, 1127 Avenue B, Fort Dodge, IA, 50501. Site Address: Webster County Fairgrounds. Dates: 9/9/04-9/12/04.

IOWA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL & HARVEST FAIRE. E-mail: gregfest@netins.net. Website: http://www.festint.com. Address: Greg Schmidt, Festivals Intl., 508 4th Ave. N., Clear Lake, IA, 50428. Site Address: Middle Amana Park, Amana Colonies, near Iowa City, off I-80. Dates: 9/4/04 – 9/6/04. Open/Close: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


GREAT PLAINS RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. E-mail: davidrguy@usa.com. Website: http://www.greatplainsrenfest.com. Address: David Guy, P.O. Box 16326, Wichita, KS, 67216. Site Address: Kansas Coliseum. Dates: 9/25/04-9/26/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

KANSAS CITY RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. E-mail: renfest@kcrenfest.com. Website: http://www.kcrenfest.com. Address: Carrie Shoptaw, 207 Westport Rd., Ste 206, Kansas City, MO, 64111. Site Address: 628 N. 126th St., Bonner Springs, KS. Dates: 9/4/04 – 10/17/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – ­ 7:00 PM.


KING RICHARD'S FAIRE. E-mail: info@kingrichardsfaire.net. Website: http://www.kingrichardsfaire.net. Address: Bonnie Shapiro, 140 Gideon's Point Rd., Tonka Bay, MN, 55331. Site Address: Rt. 58, S. Carver, MA. Dates: 9/4/04 – 10/24/04. Open/Close: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM.


MICHIGAN RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. E-mail: Katparker47@aol.com. Website: < a href="http://www.michrenfest.com">http://www.michrenfest.com. Address: Michigan Renaissance Festival, 12600 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI, 48442. Site Address: Exit 106 (Grand Blanc) on I-75 and head S. on Dixie Hwy; located bet. Pontiac and Flint, MI. Dates: 8/14/04 – 9/26/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.


MINNESOTA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. E-mail: info@renaissancefest.com. Website: http://www.renaissancefest.com. Address: Mid-America Festivals, Stacy Bruesewitz, 1920 1244 Canterbury Rd. S., Ste 306, Shakopee, MN, 55379. Site Address: Shakopee, MN. Dates: 8/14/04 – 9/26/04. Open/Close: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM.


NEBRASKA RENAISSANCE FAIRE & MED PAGEANT. E-mail: gregfest@netins.net. Website: http://www.festint.com. Address: Greg Schmidt, Festivals Intl., 508 4th Ave N, Clear Lake IA, 50428. Site Address: CJ Holling Camp, Ashland, NE, just off I-80 between Omaha and Lincoln. Dates: 9/25/04 – 9/26/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Sun. 5 PM).

New Jersey

LAKEWOOD LIONS CHARITY RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: dbroker@aol.com. Website: http://community.nj.com/cc/lakewoodlions. Address: Don Alemany, PO Box 1446 Lakewood, NJ, 08701. Site Address: Pine Park, Country Club Road, Lakewood, NJ. Dates: 9/18/04 – 9/19/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

New Hampshire

NEW HAMPSHIRE RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Hanson Pines ParkRochester, New Hampshire, 03867. Dates: 9/26/04 - 9/27/04.

New Jersey

LAKEWOOD LIONS CHARITY RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Pine ParkLakewood, New Jersey, 08701. Dates: 9/18/04 - 9/19/04.

New York

LORD BRANDON'S BAWDY BETROTHAL FEAST. Site Address: The Huntington Townhouse124 E. Jerich Tpk., Huntington Station, New York, 11756. Dates: 9/11/04, 9/18/04, 10/02/04, 10/09/04, 10/30/04, 11/06/04.

NEW YORK RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: joeg@recfair.com. Website: http://www.renfair.com. Address: Joe Gargiulo, REC, 600 Rte. 17A, Tuxedo, NY, 10987. Site Address: Sterling Forest, Rt. 17A, Tuxedo, NY. Dates: 8/7/04 – 9/26/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM.


BAYCRAFTERS RENAISSANCE FAYRE. E-mail: info@baycrafters.com. Website: http://www.baycrafters.com. Address: Sally Irwin Price, 28795 Lake Rd., Bay Village, OH, 44140. Site Address: Huntington Reservation of Cleveland Metro Parks, 13 mi west of Cleveland, OH on Lake Erie. Dates: 9/4/04 – 9/6/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

SOUTHEASTERN OHIO RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Cambridge City ParkN. 8th Street & Edgeworth AvenueCambridge, Ohio, 43725. Dates: 9/18/04 - 9/19/04.


STRATFORD MEDIEVAL FAIRE. E-mail: katyjones@direcway.com. Website: http://www.stratfordmedieval.us. Address: Kathy or Mike Jones, Rt 2, Box 22b, Stratford, OK, 74872. Site Address: Stratford, OK City Park. Dates: 9/10/04 – 9/11/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM –6:00 PM.


SHREWSBURY RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: shrew@shrewfaire.com. Website: http://www.shrewfaire.com. Address: The Shrew, PO Box 604, Philomath, OR, 97370. Site Address: Kings Valley, OR. Dates: 9/11/04 – 9/12/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


GREATER PITTSBURGH RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. Site Address: 112 Renaissance Lane West Newton, Pennsylvania, 15089. Dates: 8/21/04 - 9/26/04.

VILLAGE RENAISSANCE FAIRE. E-mail: villagefaire@att.net. Website: http://www.villagefaire.org. Address: Village Library of Wrightstown, 727 Penns Park Rd, Wrightstown, PA, 18940. Site Address: Middletown Grange Fairgrounds, Penns Park Rd., Wrightstown, PA. Dates: 9/18/04 – 9/19/04. Open/Close: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. Site Address: Knoxville, Tennessee. Dates: 9/9/04 - 9/11/04.


TABLEROCK FANTASY FAIRE. E-mail: Pangea@vvm.com. Address: TFF c/o D.R. Hood, P.O. Box 283, Salado, TX, 76571. Site Address: Tablerock Theater, Salado, TX, Exit 284 on IH-35. Dates: 9/18/04 – 9/19/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


GREENSPIRE MEDIEVAL ARTS FESTIVAL. Website: http://www.greenspire.org. Address: Blessed Sacrament Church, 5041 9th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA. Site Address: Blessed Sacrament Church, 5041 9th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA. Dates: 9/11/04 – 9/12/04. Open/Close: 10:30 AM – 5:00 PM.


BRISTOL RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Site Address: Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dates: 7/10/04 - 9/6/04.


ONTARIO RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. FAX: 905-878-6043. E-mail: orf@globalserve.net. Website: http://www.rennfest.com/orf/index.html. Address: P.O. Box 486, Milton, ON, L9T-4Z1. Site Address: 6252 8th Line, Hornby, ON, LOP 1EO. Dates: 7/31/04 - 9/06/04. Open/Close: 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM.

ROYAL MEDIEVAL FAIRE. E-mail: info@royalmedievalfaire.org. Website: http://www.royalmedievalfaire.org. Address: City of Waterloo, 100 Regina St. S., Waterloo, ON, N2J 4A8. Site Address: Waterloo Park W., Waterloo, Ontario. Date: 9/18/04. Open/Close: 11 AM – 6:00 PM.

For additional Ren Faire information, visit the Renaissance Faire Homepage at http://www.renfaire.com and the Renaissance Magazine site at http://www.renaissancemagazine.com.


These are the upcoming cons we know about. Have any information about conventions in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


COPPERCON 24. Website: http://www.coppercon.org. E-mail: cucon@casfs.org. Address: Embassy Suites Phoenix North Hotel, 2577 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85023. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/5/04.


GATEWAY 2004. Website: http://www.strategicon.net. E-mail: ravengeist@aol.com. Address: Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel, Los Angeles, California. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/6/04.


NAN DESU KAN. Website: http://www.ndk.cc. E-mail: Genkidenki@hotmail.com. Address: Holiday Inn DIA, Denver, Colorado. Dates: 9/17/04 - 9/19/04.


ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA. Website: http://www.awa-con.com/. E-mail: awaweb@awa-con.com. Address: Sheraton Gateway Hotel & Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta, Georgia. Dates: 9/24/04 - 9/26/04.

DRAGONCON. Website: http://www.dragoncon.org/. E-mail: dragoncon@dragoncon.org. Address: Atlanta Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, Georgia. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/6/04.


ARCHON. WEBSITE: http://www.archonstl.org/. E-mail: archon_hotline@archonstl.org. Address: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, Illinois. Dates: 9/30/04 - 10/3/04.

THE CHICAGOLAND ENTERTAINMENT COLLECTORS EXPO. Website: http://www.nonsportcardexpo.com. E-mail: nonsportcardexpo@aol.com. Address: Ramada O'Hare, Rosemont, Illinois. Dates: 9/10/04 - 9/12/04.

CHICAGOLAND TOY & GAME FAIR. Website: http://www.chitag.com. E-mail: info@chitag.com. Address: Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/5/04.

I-CON 2004. Website: http://www.mecca-anime.com/I-Con/i-con.html. E-mail: Paul@mecca-anime.com. Address: Crowne Plaza, Springfield, Illinois. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/5/04.


ANIMEIOWA. Website: http://www.animeiowa.com. E-mail: info@animeiowa.com. Address: Hotel Fort Des Moines, Des Moines, Iowa. Dates: 9/17/04 - 9/19/04.


NOREASCON 4. Website: http://www.mcfi.org. E-mail: info@mcfi.org. Address: Sheraton Boston Hotel & Towers, Copley Marriott, & Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Dates: 9/2/04 - 9/6/04.


ADVANCE THE COLORS. Website: http://www.hmgsgreatlakes.org. E-mail: atc@hmgsgl.com. Address: Holiday Inn, Springfield, Ohio. Dates: 9/17/04 - 9/19/04.


MEPHIT FURMEET. Website: http://mephitfurmeet.org/. E-mail: furmeet@mindspring.com. Address: Holiday Inn - Memphis East, Memphis, Tennessee. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/6/04.


ANIMEFEST! Website: http://www.animefest.org. E-mail: info@animefest.org. Address: Dallas, Texas. Dates: 9/3/04 - 9/6/04.

FENCON. Website: http://www.fencon.org. E-mail: fenconinfo@fencon.org. Address: Dallas-Fort Worth Area, Dallas, Texas. Dates: 9/24/04 - 9/26/04.


GAMEFEST-RICHMOND. Website: http://www.gamefestseries.com. E-mail: linzee@gamefestseries.com. Address: Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, Virginia. Dates: 9/17/04 - 9/19/04.


VANCOUVER COMICON. Website: http://users.uniserve.com/~lswong/Comicon.html. E-mail: lswong@uniserve.com. Address: Heritage Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Dates: 9/12/04.

United Kingdom

THE OTHER PARTIZAN 2004. Website: http://www.innotts.co.uk/irregulars/. E-mail: laurence@innotts.co.uk. Address: Kelham Hall, Newark, Notts, UK. Dates: 9/12/04.

For additional Convention information, visit Convention Outpost by Jenga at http://www.geocities.com/jengacons/.

Horse Lying Down by Jan Tallevast

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Lisa and Tiger by Jan Tallevast

From Healer Adept Moonstar:

Here is fall already and many of us are heading back to school. I am in the midst of my second class for my MBA at University of Phoenix and my son is chomping at the bit to start kindergarten. Through it all I know we will find time to escape into Valdemar.

I know whenever the homework gets to be too much or events at work become too much that little escape with Misty and Vanyel is always a welcome respite. I enjoy reading your works of fiction in our various fanzines. The only chapter who seems print a zine or newsletter any more is "Herald's/Feezil's Companion." If this is in correct please let us know. I know there are various chapters operating under our Queen's Own umbrella. Please check your advertisements and be sure everything is up to date.

We are still editing the next three issues of Children of Velgarth. I hope to get them out by the end of the year. I am hoping we have more submissions so I can get to work on issue 7; we are still about 5 personas shy to get it together.

I know many of our pending members want to have the "unique" background. Can I just say I am getting really bored reading the characters that are beaten up by the neighborhood bullies and/or parents/stepparents? I much prefer reading about normal kids who were studying for one or more professions, perhaps they hadn't made of their mind yet. That have parents that love them and are disappointed and happy their child is Chosen. They have a few friends, and who they look forward to seeing during holidays. Believe or not these are the characters that are much more likely to be approved the first or second time we read them. Those with complicated pasts are likely to be sent back several times! I know you all have read Danya's thoughts on this situation, and I thought I would add my two cents.

I look forward to reading your stories and personas, and yes even regular letters. I haven't had a chance to answer my E-mail as regularly as I would like so please do not be offended if it takes awhile to get back to you.




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Herald-Mage Master Danya Winterborn and

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