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Series 3, Vol. 5, No. 3
March 1, 2004

Thinking by Devin Harris

Heyla, Misty fans!

Greetings to all of you this fine spring! It’s hard to believe that St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Where does the time fly?

Danya will be attending Creation's 12th Annual Grand Slam: The Sci-Fi Summit. (See details below.) She’ll be wearing her QO button. Message her at Legend@malcor.com if you are going to attend as well. She’d love to set up a time to meet with you!

Danya is also scheduled to chair a session at the California Folklore Society meeting at Cal State Northridge on Saturday, April 3rd at 11 a.m. The panel is tentatively entitled “Religion and Belief”. If you plan to attend, message Danya at Legend@malcor.com to let her know to look for you.

For those of you who like to plan ahead , Danya will be in Germany to lecture at Ruhr-Universität Bochum on April 30th. Perhaps the German chapter would like to arrange a group trip? We aren’t sure if we have any active members in Italy, but Danya hopes to pop down to Campania for a couple of days before flying back to Southern California. She’d like to say "Heyla!" if any of you will be in the area as well. Message her at Legend@malcor.com to coordinate schedules.

Chapter Presidents: We’d love to hear from you about what your organizations are doing. Drop Danya a line at Legend@malcor.com so she can share your news with the club!

Publication News: Joust is scheduled to be released in paperback this month. The sequel, Alta, will be released in hardcover at the same time.

The Wizard of Karres, from BAEN, is set for release in hardcover this coming August.

Stoned Souls, with Josepha Sherman, is still on track for release in January 2005.

Congrats to QO member Adept Starfeather k'Valdemar on the publication of her novel! Mary writes: "Wings Press has released my novel, Tangled Lives. This is a contemporary romantic suspense with a new age flair set in Des Moines, IA. The url for my publisher and to buy is --


"Simply click on the link on that page, or if you want to go directly to my page go to:

http://www.wings-press.com/Author Pages/Author - Mary Winter.htm

"This book is out in print! The print ISBN # is 1-59088-764-6, and if you give this number to your friendly neighborhood bookstore, they should be able to order it for you."

Lost Plots CoverWe Recommend: For those of you who have caught up on all of your Misty reading (Is that possible?) we suggest that you take a look at the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. The first book in the series, The Eyre Affair, is available in paperback. People from the real world can jump into books, and characters from books can visit the real world. That’s all good and fine, but it’s Thursday’s job to see that no one messes with the stories—such as when someone starts to change the plot of Jane Eyre. The second installment, Lost in a Good Book, just came out in paperback. In this rollicking romp through assorted masterpieces of literature, Miss Havisham (from Great Expectations) recruits Thursday to practice her detective skills in the book world. There’s also the not so little problem that someone has tried to erase Thursday’s real world husband from everyone’s memory . . . Danya just finished reading the hardcover version of the third Thursday Next novel, The Well of Lost Plots. This series just keeps getting better! Thursday takes up residence in an unpublished novel to try to catch her breath and figure out how to get her husband back, but the dangers surrounding an attempt to introduce a new, technological way of reading books keeps her hopping from one novel after another while she’s trying to pass her exams to become a full detective in the book world. You can find links to learn more about these amazing books through the Dragonlords’ Bookstore at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/bksfjf.htm.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn and Healer Adept Moonstar

Ren Faires:

Here are the Faires we know about for March. Faires are indexed alphabetically by state. Have any information about any other Renaissance Faires in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


ARIZONA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. Fax: 520-463-2026. E-mail: arizonarenfest@royalfaires.com. Website: http://www.renfestinfo.com. Address: 12601 East Highway 60, Apache Junction, AZ, 85219. Dates: 2/07/04 - 3/28/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM.


ESCONDIDO RENAISSANCE FAIRE & SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK. FAX: 805-496-6036. E-mail goldcoastprod@msn.com. Website: http://www.goldcoastfestivals.com. Address: 2509 Thousand Oaks Blvd., #351, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91362. Site Address: Felicita County Park, 742 Clarence Lane, Escondido, CA, 92025. Dates: 4/03/04 - 4/04/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.


CAMELOT DAYS. FAX: 305-670-1968. E-mail: info@camelotdays.com. Website: http://www.camelotdays.com. Address: 6971 SW 64th St., Miami, FL, 33143. Site Address: TY Park, 3300 N. Park Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33023. Dates: 3/06/04 - 3/07/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

FLORIDA RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL (NORTH). FAX: 954-771-7045. E-mail: info@ren-fest.com. Website: http://www.ren-fest.com. Address: NW 57th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33309. Site Address: Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, 9564 32 Path, Live Oak, FL, 32060. Dates: 3/20/04 - 4/04/04. Open/Close: 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM.

REDLAND RENAISSANCE FAIRE. FAX: 305-670-5080. E-mail: ines@redlandrenaissancefaire.com. Website: http://www.redlandrenaissancefaire.com. Office Address: 6971 SW 64th Street, Miami, FL, 33143. Site Address: Homestead Air Reserve Park, Homestead, FL. Dates: 3/13/04 - 3/14/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.


FOUR WINDS RENAISSANCE FAIRE. FAX: 903-561-4590. E-mail: fourwindsfaire1@yahoo.com. Website: http://www.fourwindsfaire.com. Address: P.O. Box 1467, Whitehouse, TX. 75791-1467. Site Address: 21778 County Rd. 2138, Troup, TX, 75789-5709. Dates: 3/13/04 - 4/18/04. Open/Close: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

For additional Ren Faire information, visit the Renaissance Faire Homepage at http://www.renfaire.com and the Renaissance Magazine site at http://www.renaissancemagazine.com.


These are the upcoming cons we know about. Have any information about conventions in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


BRIMFROST III. Website: http://home.gci.net/~stevepr. E-mail: brimfrost_convention@hotmail.com. Address: Anchorage Montessori 5000 Northwood Drive, Anchorage, Alaska. Dates: 3/13/04 - 3/14/04.


CREATION'S 12TH ANNUAL GRAND SLAM: THE SCI-FI SUMMIT. Website: http://www.creationent.com/. E-mail: tickets@creationent.com. Address: Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, California. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04. Note: Herald-Mage Danya Winterborn will attend.


CONNCON 2004. Website: http://www.conncon.com/ConnCon.htm. E-mail: Willi@ConnCon.com. Address: Holiday Inn Select, Stamford, Connecticut. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS. Website: http://www.iafa.org/. E-mail: mbartter@truman.edu. Address: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hilton, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Dates: 3/25/04 - 3/28/04.

MEGACON. Website: http://www.megaconvention.com/. E-mail: info@megaconvention.com. Address: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida. Dates: 3/5/04 - 3/7/04.


ANIME OASIS 3. Website: http://www.animeoasis.org/. E-mail: creamyjeremy@animeoasis.org. Address: Boise Airport Holiday Inn, Boise, Idaho. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.


CHICAGO COMICFEST. Website: http://motorcityconventions.com/chicago_comic_fest/index.html. E-mail: info@motorcityconventions.com. Address: Ramada Plaza Hotel O'Hare, Rosemont, Illinois. Dates: 3/13/04 - 3/14/04.

CULT TV EXPO. Website: http://dg-promotions.5u.com/galactica.htm. E-mail: dgpromotions@intouchmi.com. Address: Ramada Plaza O'Hare, Chicago, Illinois. Dates: 3/20/04 - 3/21/04.

EGYPTIAN CAMPAIGN 2004. Website: Website: http://www.marscon.org. E-mail: info@marscon.org. Address: Airport Hilton, Bloomington, Minnesota. Dates: 3/5/04 - 3/7/04.


CLOVERCON. Website: http://www.clovercon.com. E-mail: Cooter@slugs.us. Address: Comfort Inn - Westport Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.

New York

I-CON 23. Website: http://www.iconsf.org/. E-mail: Info@iconsf.org. Address: Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04.

SIMCON. Website: http://www.simcon.org. E-mail: falerin@bluebottle.com. Address: University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. Dates: 3/25/04 - 3/28/04.

North Carolina

STELLARCON 28. Website: http://www.stellarcon.org. E-mail: info@stellarcon.org. Address: The Radisson Hotel, High Point, North Carolina. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.


CAMP DOVER PEACE CONFERENCE 2004. Website: http://www.tasigh.org/dover/. E-mail: klaad@adelphia.net. Address: Holiday Inn Hotel, New Philadelphia, Ohio. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04.

CLEVELAND COLOSSAL CONVENTION 3. Website: http://colossalcon.com. E-mail: nostalgiaconventio@prodigy.net. Address: Holiday Inn, Independence, Ohio. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04.


GAME STORM 2004. Website: http://www.gamestorm.org. E-mail: chair@pdxgames.com. Address: DoubleTree Columbia River, Portland, Oregon. Dates: 3/5/04 - 3/7/04.


COLD WARS 2004. Website: http://www.coldwars.org. E-mail: jdrye@spa-inc.net. Address: Lancaster Host Resort Hotel, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Dates: 3/12/04 - 3/14/04.

PAGE GAMEATHON. Website: http://www.philagamers.org. E-mail: gloria.webber@dechert.com. Address: North Penn VFW Hall Post 676, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dates: 3/20/04.


CHAOS CON 6. Website: http://chaoscon.org. E-mail: chaoscon666@yahoo.com. Address: Austin Peay State University Music/'Mass Comm Building, Clarksville, Tennessee. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.

DEEPSOUTHCON 42. Website: http://www.midsouthcon.org/. E-mail: info@midsouthcon.org. Address: Holiday Inn Select, Memphis, Tennessee. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04.

GALACTICON 2004. Website: http://www.galacticoninc.com/. E-mail: galacticon@vei.net. Address: Ramada Inn South, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.

MIDSOUTHCON 22. Website: http://www.midsouthcon.org. E-mail: info@midsouthcon.org. Address: Holiday Inn Select, Memphis, Tennessee. Dates: 3/26/04 - 3/28/04.


AGGIECON 35. Website: http://aggiecon.tamu.edu. E-mail: YaruGL@tamu.edu. Address: Memorial Student Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. Dates: 3/25/04 - 3/28/04.

OVERLOAD-A-CON 2004. Website: http://www.overload-a-con.com. E-mail: convention@overloadinteractive.com. Address: Crowne Plaza Austin Hotel and Executive Meeting Center, 500 North IH 3,5Austin, Texas. Dates: 3/5/04 - 3/7/04.


LIFE, THE UNIVERSE & EVERYTHING XXII. Website: http://humanities.byu.edu/ltue/. E-mail: ltue@earthling.net. Address: Brigham Young University, Wilkinson Student Center, Provo, Utah. Dates: 3/11/04 - 3/13/04.


TECHNICON 21. Website: http://www.technicon.org/. E-mail: info@technicon.org. Address: Best Western Red Lion Inn, Blacksburg, Virginia. Dates: 3/19/04 - 3/21/04.


CONGENIAL. Website: http://www.congenial.org/. E-mail: info@congenial.org. Address: Racine Marriott, Racine, Wisconsin. Dates: 3/5/04 - 3/7/04.

NO BRAND CON. Website: http://www.nobrandcon.com. E-mail: bislereson@yahoo.com. Address: Davies Center at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dates: 3/12/04 - 3/14/04.


TORONTO ANIMECON. Website: http://www.canadiannationalexpo.com. E-mail: info@hobbystar.com. Address: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario. Dates: 3/20/04 - 3/21/04.

VANCOUVER COMICON. Website: http://users.uniserve.com/~lswong/Comicon.html. E-mail: lswong@uniserve.com. Address: Heritage Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia. Dates: 3/28/04.


DEEPCON 5. Website: http://www.deepcon.it/. E-mail: mmartini@italway.it. Address: Hotel Ambasciatori, Fiuggi Terme, Italy. Dates: 3/11/04 - 3/14/04.

United Kingdom

CONCEPTION 2004. Website: http://www.wessexgaming.org. E-mail: morgoth@valinor.freeserve.co.uk. Address: Naish Holiday Village, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Dorset. Dates: 3/3/04 - 3/7/04.

EARTH-IV LTD ( AURORA ). Website: http://www.earth-iv.co.uk. E-mail: enquires@earth-iv.co.uk. Address: Radisson Edwardian Hotel Heathrow, London. Dates: 3/12/04 - 3/14/04.

INVASION 4. Website: http://www.tenthplanet.co.uk/store/invasion3/invasion3index.htm. E-mail: tenth.planet@virgin.net. Address: Barking Library, Barking, Essex. Dates: 3/14/04.

KUMARA CONVENTIONS (MOUNT OLYMPUS). Website: http://kumara.org.uk. E-mail: kumara@dapc.freeuk.com. Address: Ramada Plaza Hotel, Bristol, Somerset. Dates: 3/12/04 - 3/14/04.

LEGIONARY MMIV. Website: http://www.legionary.info. E-mail: steven@plansofmice.co.uk. Address: Lower Exhibition Hall, Exeter University, Exeter. Dates: 3/13/04.

STAR WARS DAY VIII. Website: http://www.exewing.btinternet.co.uk. E-mail: exewing@btinternet.co.uk. Address: Honiton Sports Centre, Honiton, Devon. Dates: 3/7/04.

For additional Convention information, visit Convention Outpost by Jenga at http://www.geocities.com/jengacons/.

Sea Treasure Face by Devin Harris

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We have individual handouts for aspiring Heralds, Healers, Bards, Blues, Mercenaries, Tayledras, Shin'a'in, and White Winds Sorcerers/Sorceresses and instructions on how to work for Herald-Mage status if you are already a Herald or for a Kal'enedral if you are already a Shin'a'in. You can find these handouts online at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qohandouts.htm.

You need a release form (online at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qomlrel2.htm) if you write a story set in Misty's worlds or using any of her characters. You do not need a release for a character sketch, poem or filk. All Misty wants to do is protect her characters and her worlds. Send the release form (you do NOT need to include the story) to Misty c/o High Flight Arts and Letters, P.O. Box 2970, Claremore, OK 74017. Do NOT include the original of the release form with your persona material; send it to Misty. Send a copy to us.

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If you are a returning member who has recently activated your membership in Queen’s Own and we have forgotten to list you, message Danya at Legend@malcor.com, and she’ll make sure you are greeted in the next newsletter.

Lost . . .

One of the challenges running an online club is that people don’t always leave a forwarding address when they move . We are missing current e-mail addresses for the following members:

If you know any of these folks, please have them contact Danya at Legend@malcor.com with a current e-mail address.

Magic by Devin Harris

From Healer Adept Moonstar:

Heyla all-

My computer has died again. I am now waiting to send my computer back to HP to get fixed, the CPU fan has come off. I was panicky because I hadn't backed up my material yet; we did pull the hard drive and put it in our other computer to save everything. All personas are still intact.

I have been working hard at school and have finished off another class. I have two left before I am done with my degree. I can hardly believe that I will be done at the end of May. I did decide to go back to school in the fall for my master's degree.

I must say we are having a glut of personas who have had overly tramatic childhoods, dead parents and beat up by neighborhood bullies. Please keep your personas simple guys. We enjoy the personas who are average; they are actually the exception rather than the rule.




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Herald-Mage Master Danya Winterborn and

Healer Adept Moonstar

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