Queen's Own
Mercedes Lackey Fan Club

P.O. Box 749
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Series 1, Vol. V, No. 7
April 1992

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

QO LogoDear Misty Fans,

Three new collaborations will be available from Misty this summer. In June, Summoned to Tourney, written with Ellen Guon, brings us further adventures of Kory, Eric and Beth. Castle of Deception, coming in July, is co-authored by Josepha Sherman. Castle is set in the same literary universe as the computer adventure, The Bard's Tale IV. In conjunction with the book will be a new video game from Nintendo, a board game and lead miniatures. Then in August, The Ship Who Searched, writteb by Misty and Anne McCaffrey.

Have you read Born to Run yet? Scott Winnett is his review in LOCUS says, "Lackey's latest series (this first book a collaboration with her husabned) is one of her rollicking action comedies, a story of elves crossing into our world and finding lifestyles they enjoy . . . Lackey and Dixon do a good job with this kind of world, where the fantastic intrudes into the dirty everyday lives of desperate people, just a trick away from being ont he street. The comedy is clever, the characters strong, and there is easily enough here to make a nice series. As with any book Lackey works on, the principal joy is the story; she sweeps you along and never lets you go." (Hooray! The contract has been signed for two more Tannim novels.)

Re Tannim's bed in Born to Run: The bed actually exists, says Larry ruefully. The difference is that Tannim bought it and he, to his regret, didn't. At the time, there just wasn't any place to put it! Oh yes--Tiger Balm actually exists also. It is a wonderfully soothing and aromatic salce, but WASH YOUR HANDS CAREFULLY agter using it! It stings in the eyes and other sensitive places.

More good news from the pages of LOCUS: Misty's collaboration with Piers Anthony, a fantasy novel titled If I pay Thee Not in Gold, has been sold to BAEN for a "hefty" advance; from DAW comes the news that Misty has been contracted to continue the "Darkover" series with Marion Zimmer Bradley. The first volume, Rediscovery, will appear in 1993.

The winners of the George Alec Effinger Medical Fund Raffle are 1st place, Michelle Betor; 2nd, Kera Hamilton; and 3rd, Jeanette Wiegand. Niagara Falls Science Fiction Association awarded one year subscriptions to their zine, "Astromancer Quarterly," to three 4th place winners, Mari Toshimitsu, Sharon Murray and Jackie Guisinger.

Misty and I are very proud of your response to our plea for help. Here's the thank you note sent to QO by Joe Maraglino, chariman of hte Fund:

"Over the course of the past ten weeks, it has been my privilege to meet some of the getlest, most caring people one might ever imagine existed. The thousands of supporters of the George Alec Effinger Medical Fund are comprised of people from all walks of life: fans, writers, editors, publishers, the computer net subscribers, and a host of others. Yet among this vast number, no single group of fans stands out as do Misty's fans. It is my great pleasure to report that over 100 Queen's Own members supported the Medical Fund Raffle, raising over one thousand two hundred dollars! Consider this: to date the fund has raised $10,433.66 after expenses. Queen's Own members are directly responsible for ten percent of that figure. Now, let me share a little secret with you: when Misty, Judith and I first considered a Queen's Own Only raffle (the idea originally belonged to NFSFA treasurer Linda Michaels) certain people just didn't think it would work. These are the folks who, early in life, gave up on Santa Claus, unicorns and (especially) miracles of any kind. You'll find them wherever you go in life. Most seem successful, responsible and perfectly contented. The sadness of it lies in the fact that because they've given up their dreams, they may no longer rise above what is in their path to see even the dreams of those around them. Having met a number of you at Contradiction when Misty was Guest of Honor, I was certain that none of you had yet given up your dreams. This is what gave you the ability to do what others said could not be done. Your generosity has touched a few folks who had almost forgotten what dreams were all about. It is this, and not hte number on the bottom line, whcih sets you apart.

"On behalf of the George Alec Effinger Medical Fund and the Niagara Falls Science Fiction Association, our sincere thanks are due to the Membership of Queen's Own, to Misty and to Judith, without whose very special help this never would have happened. Extending to one and all the gratitude of the Board of Trustees: Mary Stanton, George Zebrowski, Pamela Sargent, Harlan Ellison, Pat Cadigan, Nancy Kress and Joan D. Vinge, and especially George Alec Effinger, I remain Yours very Truly, Joe Maraglino."

As a further way of saying thanks to all QO members, Jow has offered us the resources of the Niagara Falls Science Fiction Association. Are you trying to find the address of a special zine? locate another fan club? find an outlet for your fan fiction? Send your questions (within reason, please, folks!) to NFSFA, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. And of course, send a SASE.

If you'd like to write to Misty, use the High Flight business address: [Ed. Note 2003: The current address is Mercedes Lackey or Larry Dixon, c/o High Flight Arts and Letters, P.O. Box 2970, Claremore, OK 74017]. Please include a SASE for her convenience if you'd like an answer.

To those of you who enjoy communicating via computer, are you aware that Prodigy calls itself a "publishing service" rather than an information network? Prodigy is owned by Sears and IBM. I've been told that everying on the network is censored. If they don't like something you post, they'll pull it out. Even private e-mail is read. Supposedly the Prodigy software accesses your hard drive for anything new and uploads it for Sears and IBM employees to investigate.

Misty asks that you not discuss her universes on Prodigy. Because it is a publishing service, your writing about Valdemar and Heralds is probably a violation of Misty's copyrights.

There has been a spirited discussion about lifebonding on GEnie the past few months. To those of you who asked about the romantic status of characters in By the Sword, Misty says "Everyone in BTS was lifebonded????? Gee, I never noticed that, and I thought I was the author! . . . The only TRULY lifebonded coule in BTS was . . . (drumrool) . . . Daren and Selenay. Everything else was either very strong love or someone was deluding him/herself.

"Here is one absolutely ironclad way to tell if it is a lifebond. Once the pairing is confirmed and all the dust settles, NEITHER OF THE TWO CAN REMAIN ANGRY WITH THE OTHER FOR MORE THAN THREE HOURS. This means real true forgiveness, not a grudging, 'well, all right, grumble, grumble' and stowing the grienvance away to bring up during the next argument. For instance, Van and Stef--if they had NOT been lifebonded, Van would have blown Stef away with everybody else in that old fortification because he got in the way. It is something that goes as deep as instinct. It is dangerous; lifebonded couples tend to be people who NEED to be together FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE AROUND THEM. They create a partnership and stability that stabilizes things for OTHERS, not just themselves.

"Lifebonding was a fictional concept I created for Velgarth, as a mechanism for creating pairs that were larger than life. IS there such a thing as real-life lifebonding? Well, if there is, I've never seen it. I think honest love is quite enough for this universe; there is such a shortage of THAT around that it's almost as rare as lifebonding in Velgarth."

Thanks to Michelle Lutz, our GEnie reporter for sharing that conversation. There will be more from Misty in the May newsletter.

In response to other questions:

  1. No, there are no centaurs on Velgarth. (No dragons, either).
  2. It is possible for a non-Herald character to have Gifts.
  3. You may use the Valdemar coat of arms on stationary or address labels, but you must redraw it yourself.
  4. Misty has no plans at this time to tell us more of Sun and Shadow. She feels they are more effective with their story shrouded in mystery.
  5. The world of Bardic Voices is not Velgarth or Ithkar but a planet called Alanda. Rune first appeared in the short story "Fiddler Fair" in the Magic of Ithkar series, but Misty's contract allows her to use her characters in their own world. The next two books in the Bardic Voices series are called The Kestrel and the Robin and The Eagle and the Nightingale.
  6. A life membership in QO? No, no. I get nervouse when some of you renew for two years at a time.

Convention News:

The Saint Louis Airport Hilton is the home of Name that Con 5, to be held May 1-3. There will be programming, room parties, a masquerade ball, filking, gaming, and/or anything else you can think of. Write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

KeyCon 9 is May 15-17 at the Best Western International in Winnipeg. Terry Pratchett and Misty are Guests of Honor. There will be discussions, videos, an ice cream social, masquerade and Mad Hatter's Ball, and lots more. Join four to five hundred people who are reading the same books you are, watching the same TV & films, and want to meet and talk about it all. Write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

X-Con Ltd. takes place in the Mart Plaza Hotel in Milwaukee in June. For more information, write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

**Change of plans: Misty and Larry will not be attending WorldCon in Orlando after all; their schedule just won't allow them the time off.**

Attention, Pern/McCaffrey fans! April Masters is arranging Pern mini-cons at DragonCon, July 17-19 in Atlanta, and at the World Fantasy Convention, October 29-November 1 in Pine Mountain, where Anne McCaffrey is GoH. Send a SASE to April for info on both Cons--[Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Firebird Arts & Music has expanded its selection of the best, the newest and the first chance at the hard-to-find in listening, reading and all around fun and entertaining merchandise. Send for their catalor of filk, books, collectibles and other treasures by writing to them at [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld. Firebird's current website is at http://www.firebirdarts.com.]

I've been asked about creating Kal'enedral, Guardian, Herald-Mage or Tayledras personas. Absolutely no Guardians, Herald-Mages or Tayledras! To become Kal'enedral, you must of course create a persona, but you must in real life acquire martial arts skills, become familiar with the uses of horses in warfare, e.g., light cavalry, heavy cavalry and supply, demonstrate map making skills (topography and terrain), and write 5 to 10 page tactical dissertations on survival techniques and the single fighter vs. a group. Why not stick to a "simple" Shin'a'in warrior?

Collegium News:

When Wendy Zdrodski asked about becoming a Free Bard, I told her I had no handout for Bards, and suggested that she create one as part of her requirements. Being a remarkably efficient as well as talented person, she did. A handout sheet for becoming a Bard is now available. The criteria are the same for Free Bards and Collegium. Wendy designed and created a costume, and told of her performances at cons and faires. Mer persona Magpie told her story on side A of a cassette; on side B Magpie sang and played the tin whistle.

Welcome, Herald Rhiann, Chosen by the stallion Minati and gifted with Mindspeech, FarSight, and Animal Mindspeech. Naomi De Bruyn developed her persona and her twin, created a recipe, and received extra credit points for her knowledge of the care and feeding of horses and her ability to ride.

From Andrea Sokalski comes a blind Herald, Aidra an Caradoc, Chosen by Barre and gifted with Mindspeech and Animal Mindspeech. Andrea and Kari sent information on their personas and friends, poems, songs, about 35 pages of stories, costume sketches and a series of lettters.

Welcome, Herald Pyra Krilasna-Lilthian, Chosen by Phoenyx and gifted with Mindspeech, Fetching and Firestarting. Melissa Chalkiopoulos sent biographical information on Pyra, a story, a Herald/Companion list, proof of her ability to ride, and a recording of her music for "My Lady's Eyes".

From Kimberly K. Crosby comes Herald Emmee Adrieon Lowen, Chosen by Yasmeen and gifted with Mindspeech and very strong Foresight. Kinberly sent information on Emmee and a friend, a recipe, map, costume sketches and a copy of her CPR certificate.

Welcome, Herald Siri, Chosen by the mare Felellen and gifted with Mindsppech and Healing. Susan Willcox sent information on Siri and her yearmates, a map showing where each was Chosen, a Herald/Companion list, and two recipes.

From Anita Sayer comes Herald Talina Searial, Chosen by Chez and gifted with FarSight and Fetching. Shirley sent biogrpahical information on Leana and her twin Leona, a copy of the poem she submitted to the zine Storyteller's Tavern, a map and a copy of her blood donor's card.

Welcome, Herald-Priestess Helwyn Tre-Uther, Chosen by Kasar and gifted with Mindspeech, FarSight and Fetching. Helem Wills sent details of her persona and firends, two stories, a time line and a copy of her blood donor's card.

From Michele Marfori comes Herald Arren Colburn, Chosen by Redgan and gifted with Mindspeech, FarSight and weak Animal Mindspeech. Michelle sent descriptions of Arren and his friends and family, a map, a drawing and is co-editor of Storyteller's Tavern.

News from Club Members

First, news for club members: SUPPORT OUR ZINES! Remember, all you would-be writers, Misty was first published in fanzines. Send your stories, poems and especially artwork to our zines!

Second, if you're interested in starting your own chapter, write to the already established chapters for ideas and advice. PLEASE, SEND A SASE WHEN YOU WANT INFORMATION FROM ANOTHER MEMBER OR FROM ME!

From Sara Ryan, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]: Star Triad #4 is available. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.] Star Triad is looking for original fiction, art, poetry . . . [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]

To everyone interested i the Louise Cooper Fan Club: Please note this corrected address--[Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Yes, the Club is still on; we're just snowed under with other things right now. We'll get back to you as soon as possible--thanks for your patience!

From Lynn Tucker, Triforce Productions, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]: I need submissions for the zine Companion's Grove. Send a SASE for a flyer for more info and for writer's guidelines. One stamp will cover both. Shards of Autumne is still available [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Courtney Boland, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], announces a newsletter concerned with topics like the Arthurian legend, the Sidhe, the Celts and Native Americans. Dancing Light is available for [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Vicki McElfresh, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], says Issue 4 of Companion's Rest is ready for mailing. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Vicki needs lots of submissions for Issue 5, in particular artwork and movie and book reviews. She also suggests trading advertising with other zine editors. Please write if interested.

The Michael Praed Network Newsletter is available from Kate Raymond, Director, Morn Geiger, Asst. Director, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Each issue has a full color photo of Michael on the cover and lots of pictures and articles inside. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. ,P> From Melinda Rose comes word that the Australian Chapter, "Ponies from Heaven," is doing well and will celebrate its first year anniversary in May. For more info, write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

All hail and well met! A new Canadian Collegium is emerging. If you are interested, please send a SASE [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. We look forward to hearing from you. You don't have to be Canadian to join. A newsletter, Northwest Passages, will follow the moment we have enough interest and input. All replies will be answered ASAP.

Greetings form the Pacific Northwest Collegium! Serving Washington, Oregon, Idaho, we provide a newsletter with fun information (poetry, art, convention and filk info, etc.). Collegiume membership is [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. PNWC T-shirts and pins are available. For more information/registration, write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Meri Anthony wants to let you know that Winds of Velgarth is in trouble! All the Heralds are missing! Any members or any interested parties, please contact King Dorian, c/o [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

A new role-playing chapter of Queen's Own called Chronicles of Valdemar has begun. The cost is three dollars for ten issues. If interested, write to Herald-Queen Myravel, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], and she'll send you an introductory letter, persona sheet and a ocpy of the newsletter.

The GEnie chapter of QO is called "Modems of the Queen". For information on it and/or signing onto GEnie, send a SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. If you're already online and want info, write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From Mary Wilson, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]: The deadline for Tales of the Unicorn has been moved to May 1. This issue will be a Midsummer's Eve special. Send her fantasy/romance/scifi/poetry/art and book/movie reviews.

"This is called a Storyteller's book," said the Maiden to the Dragon, "and gathered here are all the drawings, stories, songs and poems of those who weave such wonders. Would you care to hear one?" The Dragon cocked his head and hten nodded, puffs of purple smoke coming from his nostrils. "It all started," the Maiden said in her best storytelling voice, "when you sent a SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.] for guidelines . . . ."

Mentor News:

For information on Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comics (manga), write to Debbie Delorme, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

On duty and volunteering ot be a Mentor! I know more than I ever thought I'd know about Tolkien fandom. If interested, write to me: Stephanie Benn, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From SCA menot Terra Caldwell: I am working on the SCA letter backlog, and I have some problems. Firstly, Julia Alexander, Kathy Wilson, Rena McGee, Jewel Charles and Stephanie Benn--have I written you? My file cabinet has become a black hole and has eaten all my records. Rena, what did you wnat? And whoever wrote from REading, PA--I know what you want, but you forgot to include your name and address. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From Richard (Rick) E. Smith, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]: I can provide information on herbs and teas for any writer who wants to sound knowledgeable. This is background information only, not for actual medicines. Send a SASE and allow me time to get back to you. (To my penpals--I've moved and lost my address book; please write.)

Fan Messages

[Ed. Note 2003: Fan messages are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained.]


[Ed. Note 2003: Personals are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained. Remainder of the newsletter was out-of-date contact info, and has been withheld.]

[Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date subscription information withheld.]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. We are a not-for-profit organization. Address of publication: [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Editor, President, Dogsbody, Housemother--Judith Louvis [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]
Archivist and Organizer extraordinaire--Patricia Riggs [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]
Mailing Day Helpers (last issue)--Heather Adcock, Frank Burkhead, Patti Hemeleski and Sharon R. Leinkram.

From Meri Anthony's mother: (1) If your Companion stands on your foot, is that close Companionship? (2) Why doesn't Larry hire any servants? Because he already has the best Lackey.

Wind to thy Wings--Gas to thy Car--Fuel to thy Fire--Chocolate for thy Tummy--Money in they Purse--Laughter for thy Soul,
Does that cover everything?

[Ed. note 2003: Two pages of excerpts from Burning Blood by Kiri Namtvedt, from Arrow's Message Vol. 3 Issue 1 accompanied this mailing of the newsletter. Because the material is fanfiction, we have not reprinted it online.]

[End Excerpt]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of Misty's worlds. We are a fan-run not-for-profit organization, not a business. Our address of publication: P.O. Box 749, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 USA. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Newsletters are published on (or near) the first of each month.

Editor/President Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn (L.A. Malcor; AOL-IM SN Shashtah; Legend@malcor.com)

Mercedes Lackey does not receive mail at the Queen's Own address. Fanmail to Mercedes Lackey and releases for fan fiction should be sent to:

Mercedes Lackey
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