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Series 1, Vol. I, No. 5
March 1996

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty fans:

Border by Herald Alora

Here are excerpts from an interview with Misty done by Jeanne Caggiano called "Breaking the Mold." It appeared in the October-December Baen's Books. Jeanne started the interview by asking about The Fire Rose.

Jeanne: "This book is a new style for you. Why the change?"

Misty: "The idea for the book was that I wanted to do something that was mythic, but in a new setting. Beauty and the Beast seemed like a good choice, and it occurred to me that San Francisco around the time of the earthquake would be a very good setting. I rather like that time period; it's surprisingly modern. You'd be amazed at the number of modern attitudes you find around the early 1900s. I really like exploring the elemental masters thing around that period, too. It's like magic by gaslight, I guess. The style change I made because, quite frankly, it was time for me to try something a little different, and to go for something that was more descriptive instensive and more atmospheric."

Jeanne: "Where did the characters come from?"

Misty: "The idea for Jason Cameron was that, if you're going to have BEauty and the BEast, you have to have some reason why the BEast has enough money that he can essentially own his own castle, and could have that life-style and be very much in isolation. Obviously a rail baron would certainly suit that. And I didn't want to do a lion-type beast, because that's been done, but I knew from other researches about the French werewolf that involves a belt made out of a wolf. It just seemed fairly reasonable that he should be a magician and had tried his spell and gotten stuck halfway. And as for Rose, I wanted somebody who was going to learn to stick up for herself and has reasons to rise above her station, or the expectations of her station, and stick up for herself. Soemone who was broadminded enough that Jason's appearance would not revolt her. And a medieval scholar just seemed perfect."

Jeanne: "Were you influenced by any of hte Gothic classics, such as Jane Eyre?"

Misty: "In part. I joked to Jim that we couldn't have a classic Gothic heroine with the girl on the cliff in her nightgown because Rose would be far too practical to run out on a cliff in a nightgown. But in part I was influenced by some of the Gothic classics. Of course I grew up reading them. I absolutely adored them up to a point. After a while these heroines begin to seem more than a little insipid; the Gothic novel stereotype heroine basically screams and faints a lot. I don't tolerate that sort of female in real life, and I certainly don't tolerate her in my fiction. But there is that twinge of dark romance about it that is very nice. But it wasn't planned; I think it just happened."

Jeanne: "How much did Beauty and the Beast influence this book?"

Misty: "Well, quite a bit. Of course, the circumstances of the fairy tale are very different from the circumstances of Rose and Jason. Rose does not have sisters, her father's dead so she doesn't go back and visit him. But I certainly wanted to follow the spirit of the fairy tale rather than the letter fo it. I defilitely didn't want to wander too far away from it. So that was one reason why Jason's manservant, Paul du Monde, was in there. Because he certainly would make an effort to seduce Rose if he could. He's the agent of Jason's real enemy, Simon Beltaire, so in essence he is the arrogant huntsman who wants to claim Beauty for himself. In the original fairy tale there is no real equal counterpart to the BEast unless you count whatever sorcerer or sorceress put the spell on him in the first place. And he never actually confronts that enemy except in breaking hte curse. And since I had made the decision early on that I was not going to break the curse, I had to have that higher level of opposition there, and that was what Simon Beltaire represents."

Jeane: "Was it disturbing to you, creating such evil characters?"

Misty: "Actually, no. But that is because of certain circumstances that we went through about two years ago, we were dealing with a stalker, and dealing wtih that arouses very powerful emotions in you, both during and after. You find out that there's a very dark side to everyone and in writing a powerful and evil person you can kind of exercise that dark side in yourself and even use it as a cautionary by making that evil person quite plauisble and seductive, yet the reader can still see what he really is."

**We'll have more from Jeanne Caggian's interview with Misty in the next newsletter.**

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From Morgan: "On June 20-23, 1996 Dragon*Con will again host Queen's Own Collegia. Our very sepcial guest is JOSEPHA SHERMAN. Not only is this talented lady one of Misty's co-authors, but a much admired writer in her own right, having penned Child of Faerie, Child of Earth and Gleaming Bright, as well as Once Upon a Galaxy, which no lover of myth and folklore should miss. It's rumored, too, that "The Elvendude" may show up!

"Expect not only many of the same activities as last year--including the Tayledras unVALEing, panels in creating a QO persona, workshops and the charity auction (featuring an original manuscript from Misty!!)--but some exciting NEW events, as well. Another Companion is rumored to be hearing toward the convention; will YOU be Chosen? Lastly, but certainly not least, Misty has given permission for QOC to create a board game based on her Heralds of Valdemar books! (This game is exclusive to QOC and is NOT for sale.) Be sure to bring your "whites" and "Ride Circuit" with us!

"The 1996 Dragon*Con will be at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW!!!

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Morgan and her committee are working hard to make QOC a success. I'm sorry that I can't attend this year as planned, but I'm sure you'll all have a wonderful time.


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From Herald Housemother:

The very first issue of the Queen's Own newsletter was mailed in February 1988. If was one page, single sided and maile dot about two dozen people. Today we have between 900 and 1000 members, and a six-page mewsletter that is almost always mailed on schedule. I'd like to thank Baen Books, DAW, Firebird Arts & Speaking of letters . . . the oddest request for information that I've received yet came from someone who added the warning "Don't lick the envelope, it might be covered with rat poison." Doesn't it make you wonder where she keeps her stationery?

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There are a few Personals that are addressed to folks who are no longer on the QO mailing list, in the hopes that one of you might know their whereabouts and pass the message along.

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[End Excerpt]

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