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Series 1, Vol. I, No. 6
April 1996

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty fans:

Border by William Hall

Here is the last of an interview with Misty done by Jeanne Caggiano called "Breaking the Mold." It appeared in the October-December Baen's Books. Thank you, Jeanne and Baen Books, for sharing with QO members.

Jeanne: "There are very few sterotypes in this book (The Fire Rose); how did you keep it so original?"

Misty: "I did go to an awful lot of trouble to make them original. AndI think a lot of it came out of the resaerch I was doing. as I went through this, one of the things that was absolutely invaluable was about the time I was getting ready to write this book, a couple of companies did full reprints of Somerset Maugham's work. One of his early novels is in fact an occult novel based on Aleister Crowley; it's called The Magician. It's set in precisely the right time period, although in Paris, and it was absolutely invaluable because he wrote it around 1908 so the feeling for the time period and how people acted and reacted in various situations was very good, very fresh, and exactly what I needed."

Jeanne: "One funny scene involved Rose getting stuck without her glasses in a dangerous situation. Was this a scene written from personal experience?"

Misty: Hell, yes! I can't see my hand in front of my face if I don't have my contacts in. That ws something that occurred to me, readers tend to wear glasses, and anybody who's nearsighted would find being wihtout their glasses in a stressful situation absolutely terrifying. They'd also find being without their glasses in unknown stressful situations very frustrating. So they could definitely identify with Rose when she was without her glasses."

Jeanne: "The ending wasn't the usual fairy tale ending. Why did you choose not to go with 'happily ever after'?"

Misty: In part because I think having the curse broken would have been a copout, in part because, just because it's a book about magic doesn't necessarily imply there's going to be a happy ending, and in part because of the reaction of allof my adult female friends to the Disney Beauty and the Beast--which was that he was far more interesting as the Best than as the Prince."

Jeanne: "What are you doing other than writing?"

Misty: "Well, I've got the howling menagerie that you can hear on the phone. There are two macaws, one big one and one mini; two parrots, an African and an Amazon; three cockatoos; and I've just gotten a female lory for my male blue streak lory, who is a character called Visyr in Four and Twenty Blackbirds, by the way. I'm also doing wild bird rehabilitation. I just turned two loose, a barred owl and a red-tailed hawk. Both of them had concussions. So that's an ongoing thing. And I'm finally going to get my falconry license. Our falconry master, who also takes care of our security needs, has just gotten our newest acquisition, a German shepherd from Germany. I babble away to this dog in German. He's schutzhund trained, which is obedience and protective. He seems to be a bigd teddy bear until someone makes a threatening move, then he isn't a teddy bear anymore. Or like they say on Star Trek about the creatures the Vulcans have, they're teddy bears . . . with six inch fangs. Another new project I'm planning is to collaborate on music with our falconry master; he's a professional musician and I would do lyrics for him, not necessarily science fiction or fantasy lyrics, but more contemporary singer/songwriter lyrics. I think that would be lots of fun."

Jeanne: "What are you workingon now?"

Misty: "At the moment I'm doing something in the 'Bardic Voices' series, but it's again very different. It's called Four and Twenty Blackbirds, and it's inspired by my fascination with serial killers. It is a serial killer in Alanda, in Kingsford in fact. The two main characters are Lady Ardis, the Justicar mage, and a constable from a different city entirely who is obsessed with the case, in no small part because others are going 'well, he's just killing street trash and gypsies, it doesn't really matter.' He feels very profoundly that it does matter. He pursues this guy to the point of losing his own job. In Kingsford he finds a champion in Ardis. There is interesting sexual tension going on betweent he two of them because for the first time in their lives they're both finding someone wh challegnes them intellectually, but who they also find attractive. They're both middle-aged, which is kind of nice, but the other thing is that she, of course, is a priest. She is vowed to celibacy and chastity. So she's got the conflict of, is this what I should be doing, should I rethink everything that I've lived so far?"

Jeanne: "Will we be seeing more books like The Fire Rose in the future?"

Misty: "The book was a great deal of fun to write, and I liked working in a more contemporary rather than medieval period, and I'd love to do some more. I don't think I'm going to do another book with these characters specifically, but I'd absolutely adore doing another book like this."

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The mail I recieve has to be the prettiest int he country. Envelopes with hand-drawn and painted pictures, embossed stamp designs, stickers--the post mistress in Shiloh assures me that it's a pleasure to sort my mail. Your letters brighten my day before I even open them!

I'd like some border designs from new artists for the front page of the newsletter. I have some on hand but all are from members whose work I've shown before. Designs should be in black & white (shades of gray do not copy well) and an inch wide or less.

Need something to read while waiting for Misty's Storm Breaking? I've just discovered David Weber's Honor Harrington series and heartily recommend it. If you like books by Lois McMaster Bujold and Elizabeth Moon I'm sure you'll enjoy Honor's adventures. Read them in order of possible.

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[End Excerpt]

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