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Series 1, Vol. VI, No. 4
January 1993

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

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Dear Misty Fans,

Border artWhen the Bough Breaks, co-written by Misty and Holly Lisle, is being shipped any day. It may be in your bookstores now. This is book three of the SERRAted Edge series and has a Larry Elmore cover.

Some "definite" publication dates are April for Bard's Tale 2: Fortress of Frost and Fire and July for the Piers Anthony collaboration, If I Pay Thee Not in Gold. The hardcover edition of Winds of Fury (with a spectacular Jody Lee cover - her best yet, according to DAW) won't be in your bookstores until August first. At about the same time, the paperback edition of Winds of Change will be released. Winds of Fury is priced at $20.

The publication date for Sacred Ground is November. This is a dark fantasy mainstream crossover involving Native American mysticism and mystery. Misty describes it as kind of like a Tony Hillerman with magic and adds "I am very fortunate to have several Native American folk helping me make sure I stay on track with it." Sacred Ground will be in hardcover, with a wraparound cover by Larry (Th' Gryphon) Dixon.

There have been some grumblings in fandom that Misty and Larry no longer have time for their friends and fans. There are always a discontented few who are jealous of the success of others. And as Larry wrote last month on GEnie, "At a convention, many of the folks attending have codes of honor & guilt that psychologists might politely term `aberrant.' I have encountered a bootlegger who feels it is his deity-given right to make knockoffs of anyone's tapes if they refuse to sell him the rights. There's a female fan artist on the circuit now who plagiarizes 80% of her work. A couple of months ago, a dealer in Oregon was physically assaulted for allegedly giving a dollar's incorrect change; the assaulter was not expelled from the convention, even after the police came. Several people in San Francisco area fandom are being tracked by police as poisoning suspects; two artists I have met on the circuit are tax evaders & travel under aliases (present whereabouts unknown).

"Every extreme can be found at a convention. We appear at them for the 90% who are fine people, but we take no chances with the other 10%!..... Nothing is harmless; believing your surroundings are Perfectly Safe only means the predators have to work less." - Larry (Thanks to Javanne Kramer, our GEnie reporter.)

As a sample of how most of us view Misty and Larry, I'd like to share a letter and con report Susan Stewart of HobbiTxail Inn sent me after ICON 17.

"It was a delight to meet Misty and Larry," Susan wrote. "They are refreshing people in a world of author's oversized egos and sense of importance. I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with them (where the waiter was decadently and appreciatively overtipped) and spent several hours chatting about their varied interests beyond their careers.

" . . . All in all, the two of them were friendly, easy to talk to, and attracted crowds wherever they went." Here is Susan's review:

"Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon once again proved to their fans what friendly, charming and accessible folks they are at ICON 17, a science Fiction and fantasy convention in Iowa City, Iowa, on October 2-4, 1992. Organizers of the event attribute the record attendance (over 500!) to Misty's popularity, but Larry's presence and personality were a wonderful addition.

"Arriving in their motor home, `Battlestar Cadiliactica', Misty and Larry put the finishing touches on the outline for their final Valdemar book Friday afternoon and, after a rush trip to the local Kinko's Copies, faxed it to their New York publisher just in time for the convention to begin. The festivities started with both being inducted into Overdressers' Anonymous, a zany group of fandom dedicated to the proposition that `if it's worth dressing for, it's worth overdressing for', by the organizations' co-founder and Fan Guest of Honor Rex Bryant. As any of the fans that have met them can attest -- they definitely qualify! They also took part in an OA panel describing their shopping excursions (and Larry's sock collection) while being dramatically dressed in black sequins (for her) and a white tux and black bolo tie (for him). {I hope Larry was wearing his sequined sneakers - Judith}

"Convention attendees were treated to a reading and four separate autograph sessions, several lasting an hour or more as people got to talk to both Misty and Larry. During a couple of these, several lucky fans had the added delight of having Misty's `Little Girl' parrot fly over and land on them, `forcing' them to stay around even longer, as the bird was tethered to Misty's wrist.

"Their interest in birds was in evidence throughout the weekend as they introduced Iowa fans to their parrots (but left Rodin, the very verbal bluejay, in their motor home.) The MacBride Raptor Center, associated with the state parks, also did a seminar on birds of prey (complete with live models.) During the seminar Misty and Larry gamely performed paper towel duty as well as talking about their own rescue efforts and the licensing requirements for keeping exotic birds. An auction to benefit the center raised over $300 and included a hand embroidered and beaded blouse donated by Misty.

"Misty and Larry were also very popular with the local media. Interviews were conducted by the local newspaper and a video was taped by the University of Iowa communications department crew and slated to be shown on the local cable system.

"Toastmaster Mickey Zucker Reichert, an Iowa-based author, had the honor of introducing the duo for guest; C ` of honor speeches, a duty she had also performed at Rivercon in Louisville, KY, earlier in the year. Both spoke for some time and denied rumors that Larry is either a baby eagle or Tannim.

"Late-staying fans Sunday were treated to an impromptu art show and story as Larry hauled out two boxes of his art work. He and Misty talked about the history of the pieces and the characters depicted.

"Misty and Larry also got to see a lot of the Iowa countryside, sampled several of the local restaurants and spent many hours talking to an ever-growing circle of admirers.

"Thus began what appears to be an ongoing love affair between Misty Lackey, Larry Dixon, and Iowa fandom, despite the infamous pollen count. Everyone here is looking forward to their eventual return! - Susan Stewart


Misty and Larry won't be doing conventions in 1993 because of their schedule (just a new book turned in every two or three months) but here are some cons you may find interesting:

Stellarcon 17 is a gaming con being held February 19-21 at Howard Johnson's Plaza 1-40 Guilford College Road Greensboro, NC. It's sponsored by SF3, a UNCG Student Government Organization. For more information, call the Science Fiction Fantasy Federation at (919) 334-3159.

BamaCon 7 is sponsored by the University of Alabama's Fantasy Game Club and will be held March 18-21 at the Sheraton Capstone Inn and the Bryant Conference Center. The special guest is Jonathan Frakes of ST:TNG. For more info, write to QO member [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.].

CrackerCon 2 is also March 19-21, in Jacksonville, Florida. Guest of Honor is Ben Bova, Artist Guest of Honor is Jeff Adams. Misty and Larry and I had a great time at last year's CrackerCon; these are friendly, hospitable people. Send a SASE to [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.] for registration info.

Magic Carpet Con I offers a rare chance to meet Andre Norton next May 7-9 in Dalton, Georgia. Send a SASE to QO member [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.] for registration information.

Alternate Realities VI, at the University of Georgia, has been postponed until May. The committee is still looking for help in expanding their programming. If you're interested, write to QO member [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From Herald Housemother:

Your many holiday cards brightened my spirits and my house, and I thank you. I hope the new year finds you filled with hope and determination.

Queen's Own has over a thousand members. Like conventions, we are attracting a few who think fandom is for exploitation and manipulation. Do not assume that because a pen pal is a QO member he or she is automatically one of the good guys. Follow your instincts. If a penpal makes you uncomfortable, end the correspondence. Writing in persona is fun but carried to extremes it's scary. Some of you are mixing Kethry's White Winds sorcery with Diana Tregarde's paganism and "casting spells" on anyone who annoys you. Get a life, guys and gals. (If you want to know about the real Wiccan religion, send a SASE to [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.]. The founder of Circle, Selena Fox, is a legally recognized Wiccan priestess and Nature Spirituality minister. I met her at an ecology seminar and was much impressed with her gentleness and enthusiasm.)

I badly misjudged the interest you all would have in the release form mentioned in the last newsletter and so I've included a copy with this issue. You may make as many copies of the form as you wish. Remember, you need a release form for EVERY story set in Misty's universe that you write. After you sign the release, mail it to Highflight. (The February newsletter will be the usual six pages.)


The Gathering is an appreciation society/newsletter for the fans of the Highlander films and the new syndicated television series. We are sanctioned by Steve Belgard who is publicist for Highlander:The Series. All ideas are welcome. For yearly membership rates and information please send a SASE to [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.]. We'll do a Highlander zine if there's enough interest.

Tales-Men is ready and waiting for orders. There will be changes come May and I need all the help I can get. New guidelines! I have big hopes for this zinc and need your help.Subscriptions are [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Send a SASE for guidelines and checks or money orders to[Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From Rim Gray: The new address for both myself and club Vampyre is [Editor Note 2005: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Club Vampyre is still accepting material for Dark Voices #1, the club NL/zine. Send a SASE for guidelines.


We have handouts for aspiring Heralds, Healers, and Bards, and instructions on how to work for Herald-Mage status if you are already a Herald. [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info. withheld. The handouts are now online at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qohandouts.htm.] and specify which handout you are requesting. Ask for a release form too if you expect to write a story. [Ed. note 2004: The release is available online at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qomlrel2.htm.] If you have completed Herald-Mage requirements, [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info. withheld.].


[Ed. note 2005: Content withheld.]

Queen's Own [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.], for 9 issues of the newsletter. Sending out only nine issues per year will let me keep the dues at [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.] and still nearly break even. Please make checks payable to Queen's Own in US funds only--my bank charges me $10 to cash a foreign currency cheque. You may pay [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.] if you wish. The $8 fee covers the cost of printing and mailing; I have no objection to your sharing a newsletter. Check the date on your address label to see when your membership ends.

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of Misty's worlds. We are a fan-run not-for-profit organization not a business. Our address of publication: [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.]. This newsletter is published solely to inform and-entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Next Mailing Day: February 13; call [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.] for directions.

Editor, President, Dogsbody, Housemother - Judith Louvis [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.] (Call only before 10 pm and let it ring.)
Archivist and Organizer extraordinaire - Patricia Riggs, [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.]
Herald-Mage Registrar - Guardian of the Web, [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date content withheld.] (Send proof of completed Herald-Mage criteria directly to the Web address, not to NJ.)
Mailing Day Helpers (last issue) - Ana Casacuberta and her friend Frank.

Wind to thy wings,

[End Excerpt]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of Misty's worlds. We are a fan-run not-for-profit organization, not a business. Our address of publication: P.O. Box 749, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 USA. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Newsletters are published on (or near) the first of each month.

Editor/President Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn (L.A. Malcor; AOL-IM SN Shashtah; Legend@malcor.com)

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