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Series 1, Vol. V, No. 5
January 1992

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

QO LogoDear Misty Fans,

One of Misty's closest friends, George Alec Effinger (author of A Fire in the Sun, When Gravity Fails, Exile Kiss, and a host of Hugo and Nebula winnters) has suffered from a serious debilitating illness most of his life. Because his condition is chronic, no medical insurance is available to him, and his current medical bills stand at $40,000. The Niagara Falls Science Fiction Association has created a special fund to help pay the illness-related expenses of Mr. Effinget. (Among the trustees of this fund are Mary Stanton, Nancy Kress, and Joan D. Vinge.) We in Queen's Own have been asked to participate in a raggle, open only to QO members and their friends. There are no formal tickets to buy; write your name, address and phone number on a 3x5 piece of paper and send it with a dollar per ticket to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]

Why is this raffle open only to us? For first prize Misty has donated a Mercedes Lackey original manuscript (sold, but not yet released), second prize is the necklace Misty is wearing in the picture on the book jacket of Winds of Fate, and third prize is a Misty-related surprise.

There is no limit to how many times you may enter, and every dollar you send is tax deductable. The drawing will be held on the Ides of March. Please be as generous as you can. We in Fandom are family; let's take care of our own.

Misty's latest releases are HorseFantastic, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Rosalind M. Greenberg (DAW) and Bardic Voices: The Lark and the Wren, published by Baen.

Here's news from Baen Books on books to come later this year:

March 1992     BORN TO RUN--Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon
"Born to Run is the first of the SERRAted Edge series of novels (SERRA stands for the South Eastern Road Racing Association that the elves and humans have formed). Each novel will take on some aspect of trouble that kids these days are facing, and we will be running hotline numbers at the back of each novel so that real children in peril will be able to do something to help themselves. In Born to Run the problem is that of kids on the streets, runaways. In Wheels of Fire (Misty and Mark Shepherd, October 1992) the issue is kidnappingg--missing children and cults; in When the Bough Breaks (Misty & Holly Lisle, January 1993) the authors dissect child abuse.

"There are elves out there. And more are coming. But even elves need money to survive in the 'real' world. The good elves in South Carolina, intrigued by the thrills of stock car racing, are manufacturing new, light-weight engines (with, incidentally, very little 'cold' iron); the bad elves run a kiddie-porn and nuff-film ring, with occasional forays into drugs. Caught in the middle of an ages old vendetta are good kids already in serious trouble and about to get into more . . . Children in Peril--Elves to the Rescue."

72110-0 *352 pages* $4.99

June 1     SUMMONED TO TOURNEY--Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon
"You wrote and asked for it, here it is: the sequel to Knight of Ghosts and Shadows! Elves in San Francisco? Where else would an elf go when L.A. got too hot? All is well there with our elf-lord, his human companion and the mage who brought them all together--until it turns out that San Francisco is doomed to fall off the face of the continent. Doomed, that is, unless our mage can summon the Nightflyers, the soul devouring shadow creatures from the dreaming world--creatures no one on earth could possibly control . . . (Set in the same world as the SERRATED Edge series, but featuring a different enclave of elves.)"

72122-4 *320 pages* $4.99

August 1992     THE SHIP WHO SEARCHED--Anne McCaffrey & Mercedes Lackey
"Set in the same universe as The Ship Who Sang and Partnership, The Ship Who Searched tells the story of a shellperson and her search for an ancient civilization, a star-faring race whose artifacts are scattered throughout the galaxy, but whose fate is forever a mystery. Our story opens when Tia, a bright and spunky seven-year-old accompanying her archeologist parents on a dig to research the EsKays is afflicted by a paralyzing virus. Because she has always prided herself on being 'grown-up' and never bothering her parents, she hides the progressing symptoms until so much time passes that she cannot be curded, or indeed given any life outside of some total mechanical support system. Like Helva, The Ship Who Sang, Tia won't be satisfied to glide through life like a ghost in a glorified wheelchair: like Helva, she would rather strap on a spaceship.

But Tia has a s[ecoa; ,ossopm: to seek out whatever it was that laid her low, to come to understand and then eliminate it--so that no other little girl will ever suffer the fate of The Ship Who Searched."

72129-1 *368 pages* $5.99

Toni Weisskopf of Baen suggests "If you like Mercedes Lackey, you should also watch put for Fire in the Mist by Lackey collaborator Holly Lisle. This, her first fantasy novel, appears in August 1992."

Here's more from Brad Sinor's interview with Misty int he December (#173) issue of STARLOG. THe magazine article has illustrations of Misty's book covers--and one glamour shot of Misty herself--and the caption: "She studied biology in college, but author Mercedes Lackey commits trilogy for a living."

In the interview Misty talks about her character Diana Tregarde, an occult investigator: "Diana's a character I first created a few years back when I was writing fan fiction. I modeled her partially on Diana Rigg, and partially on a number of people I know, including my sister-in-law. I've loved the occult thriller genre for years, and Diana fits into it perfectly" (The next Diana Tregarde adventures are Triangle Park and Arcanum 101.)

Brad notes that both Diana Tregarde, the character, and her creator do the same thing for a living--writing.. "Since Diana doesn't charge for her investigations, she has to do something to pay the bills. So, I decided to make ehr a writer, a profession I'm somewhat familiar with."

According to the interview, Misty decided to revive her early creation as a break from the fantasy novels she had concentrated on for several years, but there were other reasons. "I started writing [the Tregarde book] because I wasn't having a particularly good time at work," she explains. "I needed an outlet for some otherwise unchannelable aggressions." She eliminated real life annoyances in the first Diana Tregarde novel, Burning Water. "It was fun," she chuckles.

Brad goes on to explain that the setting for Jinx High is a real town, Jenks, Oklahoma. A bedroom community just southwest of Tulsa, Jenks is known for its antique shops, excellent schools, and quiet upper-class neighborhoods. The idea had its origins during Misty's days with American Airlines.

"I was talking with a colleague who worked in another building over the computer one day," she remembers. "She lived in Jenks and was telling me of some of the troubling experiences her daughter was experiencing at Jenks High."

It then dawned on Misty that if the person giving this girl trouble was a witch, Diana Tregarde could then solve the problems. "I talked to my colleague and her daughter a great deal, plus visited Jenks and drove around the town quite a bit to get the background."

There will be more from Brad Sinor's STARLOG interview with Misty in the next newsletter. A subcription to STARLOG is [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. The magazine is sold in B. Dalton's and similar bookstores.

Write to Firebird [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld. Firebird's website is at http://www.firebirdarts.com.] for information on limited edition prints by Larry Dixon, the Jody Lee book covers, T-shirts, and filk, filk, filk. All of Misty's books can be ordered from Firebird, too. [Ed. note 2003: Misty's books can also be ordered through the Dragonlords' Bookstore, http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/bkfanml.htm. A portion of all sales through the Dragonlords site goes to support Queen's Own. This is how we keep memberships in QO free. Thanks to everyone who helps support us!]

Convention News For 1992:

Misty is listed as Special Guest of Honor at Chattacon 17, January 17-19 in Chattanooga. Send your SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Lots of QO folk are planning to attend--look for others in Whites!

Jacksonville is hosting CrackerCon March 13-15, 1992. The Guest of Honor is Misty with Larry as Artist GoH and Doris Mager of Save Our American Raptors as special Guest on Saturday morning. Let's show Misty and Larry there be enthusiastic Heralds on the East Coast, too! For registration information, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

The Saint Louis Airport Hilton is the home of Name that Con 5, to be held May 1-3. Write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

KeyCon 9 is May 15-17 at the Best Western International in Winnipeg. Terry Pratchett and Misty are Guests of Honor. Write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

(Because the date was changed for BFAC, the Boise Fantasy Arts Con, Misty and Larry cannot attend as planned.)

Jody Lee will be Artist Guest of Honor at Boskone 29 in Springfield, Massachusetts February 14-16 '92. She says "I'll be showing about 7 years worth of art so it should be a sight!" Send a SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

There will be filking again this June in the New Jersey/Philadelphia area at Concerto '92, June 19-21, at the Cherry Hill Inn. Write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

News from Club Members:

If your Chapter or Zine is mentioned here, perhaps you forgot to send me an update on your activities. Please send me news for the next issue by January 31.

Greetings! We are now forming a chpater for those of us in the middle of the States. This includes Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas and Oklahoma. For more information, send a SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. We also need sideas for a name!

Pitssburgh area filkers and Misty fen: We are trying to start some kind of organized filking here. If you'd like to get involved, write to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

From Julie & Dan Bowen, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]: "We have decided to quit Queen's Own and Haven Sent . . . We hate to leave this group hanging--so I hope someone will step in quickly and take over editorship. The only qualifications needed are time and caring." Contact Julie if you are interested in heading the Texas chapter.

To musicians, poets, anyone suspecting (or wishing for) a touch of the Bardic gift, an organization of would-be Bards has been established by Jennifer Mulvihill, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Bardic Collegium welcomes Guild members, free bards, buskers, minstrels, entertainers, songwriters . . . For guidelines for the Collegium newsletter, The Minstrel, and/or information on Bardic Collegium, write to Jennifer.

Librarian Mary K. Chelton is compiling a list called "If you like Mercedes Lackey, try these . . . " What authors do you look for when you've read all of Misty's work? Send the names of three authors with favorite titles on a postcard to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

"The Dragon roars and the Knight cowers back in fear. 'Read me a story!' he thunders, puffs of smoke coming from his nostrils. 'Do not fear, my love! I shall save you!' Racing across the mounds of gold comes the fair maiden, skirts hiked high, sword in hand. Who shall win? Dragon or Damsel in distress? Tune in next time for the first issue of The Storyteller! Guidelines are yours for a SASE from [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. This narration hath been given by Archangel--who needs help. Send in your work!"

Karen Van Brunt, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], sent me a copy of her "Tips to Make the Beginning Rider Look Experienced." I found it to be very enjoyable reading, even though I haven't picked up a curry combin years. For your copy, send a SASE to Karen.

Lynn Tucker, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], is seeking submissions for her zine, Companions' Grove. And she says, "For you animation fans, I have an all-animation zine looking for submissions from Toontown. Drop me a line." Also available from Lynn is Shards of Autumn. It is 64 pages long, 8-1/2x11, staple bound, with cardstock covers. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]

Dreamscapes, the Queen's Own Poetry Club, has a new address. Send a SASE to [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Vicki McElfresh, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], writes that Issue #4 of Companion's Rest is coming along well but she still needs art and poetry. Issue # is available now. [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.] If you pay by check, please make the check out to Vicki.

Tiffany Ragland, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.], writes that she and friends are attending Chattacon January 17-19 and are "setting up sort of a waystation there--providing munchies, crash/floor space for anyone who needs it."

Collegium News:

Those QO members whose names are listed here have fulfilled the requirements for becoming a Herald. If you are interested in joining their ranks, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld. Visit http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qohandouts.htm for the current instructions.]. (Yes, Collegium members, you will receive the promised certificate some day. [Ed. note 2003: If you are a member who did receive one of those certificates, could you please send us the scanned image as a .jpg at Legend@malcor.com or as a photocopy to the QO PO Box, which is listed below? We'd love to revive this tradition, but we've never seen what the certificates looked like!])

Welcome, Herald Naire, Chosen by Chisel and gifted with strong Farsight and "a gant's sneeze worth of Foresight." Samantha Kunz sent information on Naire and her family, a story and a recipe.

Welcome, Herald Palin, Chosen by Neevya and gifted with Fetching and a touch of Healing. James Taylor sent a psychological profile on Palin, a story and a drawing.

Welcome, Herald Brag, Chosen by Shyler and gifted with strong Mindspeech. Brian Dean sent background information on Brag, a story, two herbal recipes and two poems.

Welcome, Herald Liana Firelan, Chosen by Triane and gifted with Mindspeech and Fetching. Karen Bertke sent stories and songs, a Herald/Companion list, and is editor of "Herald's Companion."

Welcome, Herald Twendolyn Windchylde, Chosen by Rhysen and gifted with Mindspeech, Fetching and Farsight. Mary Bertke wrote stories and songs, helps a friend train her horses, and assists Karen with "Herald's Companion".

Wlcome, Bard Tana Devorah, presented to us by Julie Bertke. Julie tells us Tana has small amounts of Bardic, Healing and Creative gifts, and strong Performing. Julie sent stories, and wrote, sang, and played the harp for the songs she sent.

Welcome, Herald Khanh Synpryn, Chosen by Astral and gifted with strong Mindspeech and weak Animal Mindspeech. Karen Van Brunt sent information on Khanh, her family, a friend, and her home town, including maps. Besides a poem and two stories, Karen sent a copy of her certificate of rank in Shudokan Karatedo, and pictures of herself and her horse.

From Herald Housemother:

Oops again. My apologies for misspelling Herald Nieve Wulfe's name in her personal message last issue.

On a more positive note, thank you all for your cards and best wishes over the holidays. The organizational work of QO is frequently a chore, you as individuals are truly "bright blessings." I like being Housemother to an extended family of 800+!

The next issue of Queen's Own will be mailed February 10th. You have only three weeks to send me fan messages and news. THERE WILL BE NO MARCH ISSUE!!

The date by your last name on your address label tells whenyour subscription expires. I don't send out warning notices.

Fan Messages

Remember, the "pay" of a fan message is that you write to someone who has placed a message in the same issue as yours. You may write to as many pen pals as you want without ever putting in a message yourself.

I don't think it's a secret that I frequently (but unintentionally, honest) make mistakes in zip codes. Any zip code I've printed with four or six numbers is obviously wrong and can be checked at your post office. Unfortunately, I also transpose, scramble, and seemingly even create 5-number zips that look quite normal. Sorry 'bout that. As I said, it's quite unintentional. I do try to put out a mistake-free newsletter.

Having said my piece, here is Jennifer Wilson's fan messages from last issue, printed this time with the correct zip code . . .

[Ed. Note 2003: Fan messages are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained.]


If you need information on QO-related topics, write to Patricia Riggs or to me. (Pat's address is on the back page.) If you want information on some other area of fandom, write to one of our mentors. If you know a lot about fandom and like to answer questions, VOLUNTEER! Always include a SASE when writing for information to anyone in fandom. Fannish activities are very "not-for-profit."

For info on Star Trek:
Heather Lantz, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].
For news of the SCA:
Terra Caldwell, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].
For Costuming ideas and discussion of Filk:
Cris Martins, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Cris will also answer questions about weaponry.
To share RPG ideas (and to find out what an RPG is):
Douglas Lent, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].
Offering help to fledgling writers and willing to supply zine addresses:
Patience Sibeal, [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.].


[Ed. Note 2003: Personals are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained. Remainder of the newsletter was out-of-date contact info, and has been withheld.]

[Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date subscription information withheld.]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. We are a not-for-profit organization. Address of publication: [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Editor, President, Dogsbody, Housemother--Judith Louvis [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]
Archivist and Organizer extraordinaire--Patricia Riggs [Ed. note 2003: Out-of-date information withheld.]
Mailing Day Helpers (last issue)--Heather Adcock, LEah Adezio, Suzanne Brenner, Patti Hemeleski, Sharon Leinkram.

I hope grim Herald jokes aren't the new fad.--Why do Heralds wear white? Because blood would clash with any other color. Thanks (?) to Dover Tomoeda.

Wind to thy Wings,

[End Excerpt]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of Misty's worlds. We are a fan-run not-for-profit organization, not a business. Our address of publication: P.O. Box 749, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 USA. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

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