Queen's Own
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Series 1, Vol. I, No. 4
January 1996

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty fans:

Border by Jenny Jo Reinhart

The Silver Gryphon has a March release date and is a hardcover. Trout Printing did a fantastic job of reproducing Jody Lee's Silver Gryphon cover in the last newsletter, but wait until you see that cover in color!

Jody's cover of Storm Warning is available in 6-3/4" x 14" size. There are a gew prints left of The Oathbound and Magic's Price, and even fewer Winds of Fate T-shirts. Jodie's cover for Margorie B. Kellogg's The Dragon of Earth is another beauty. All prints are full-color Cibachrome photoprints in limited editions of 500 or fewer. Call [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

From Baen comes Lammas Night, created by Misty and edited by Josepha Sherman. In Misty's song "Lammas Night," (on Magic, Moondust & Melancholy, available from Firebird) a young woman is persuaded to become the weaver of spells for a small village. As part of their persuasion, the villagers have given her the house of her predecessor. She unwittingly partially frees his spirit and is courted by the half-seen phantom. Is he her destinved lover, or something wicked that aims to entrap her? Misty's song was purposely ambiguous, and left the ending up to the listener. In this short story collection various writers present their endings. Lammas Night contains stories by Misty, Josepha, Elisabeth Waters, Stephanie Shaver, Ru Emerson, Jody Lynn Nye, and more and is available in bookstores now or very soon.

Tanya Huff's No Quarter has an April release date and a beautiful Jody Lee cover. This is a sequel to Fifth Quarter. The cover quote is "They were the most feared pair in the Empire, and they were both trapped in the same body . . . "

There is no story by Misty in DAW's Celebrity Vampires, but there are a lot of enjoyable--but strange--tales for you vampire fans. Celebrity Vampires is edited by Martin J. Greenberg.

Coming in April from DAW is the anthology Warrior Enchantresses, edited by Kathleen M. Massie-Ferch and Martin J. Greenberg. Again, no story by Misty, but Melanie Rawn, Tanith Lee, Andre Norton, Jennifer Roberson, and other favorite authors are represented.

Good news from Firebird: the Arrows of the Queen Concordance is ready and has been mailed to all who pre-ordered. The Concordance contains a wealth of information about the people and places of Valdemar and costs [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. The songbook of "Lovers, Lore, & Loss" is ready. Yes, the printer made a mistake on one page, but the corrected page will be included in every copy. Firebird carries all of Misty's books and songs; the music of TEMPEST, Clannad, Patrick Ball, Stan Roers, R. Carlos Nakai, and more; Celtic Knot pewter jewelry; portfolio art by Larry Dixon; T-shirts . . . I had a Firebird Christmas, receiving gifts of CDs, the TEMPEST video, stationery, and Fairgrove & Valdemar pendants. Lovely, all of it. You can browse through Firebird's online catalog at [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Oregon or international calls should use [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. If you get an answering machine, be sure to leave your complete name and address; if orcering, be sure to include your name and address!

TEMPESTS's new album, Turn of the Wheel, is in the stores now. Special album release shows in California are: [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Other scheduled appearances of TEMPEST are in Seattle [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. MYTHIC SKY will open the show. Call [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Lief and Michael Mullen have started an acoustic duo. They can be heard [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].


BOSKONE 33 will be held February 16-18 at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham, Massa chusetts. Guest of Honor is Hugo winner Lois McMaster Bujold. For info, send a SASE to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

FIVE CON 1996 is March 1-3 in Northampton, Massachusetts at Smith College. The e-mail address is [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

MINICON, the Minnesota Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con, will be held April 5-7 at the Radisson South Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. Try their web page--[Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

DRAGON*CON will be in Atlanta June 20-23 at the Atlanta Hilton & Towers [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Queen's Own Collegia will have a track of programming for Mercedes Lackey fans. I'm sorry that I won't be able to join you this year; I know you'll have a great time. See the enclosed flyer for more information. No flyer in your newsletter? Send me a SASE, and I'll mail you one immediately.


Local Chapters:

The Farflying Arrow: Achtung, an alle deutschsprechenden Misty-Fans!! Write to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Austal'a'in: Cassandra Vuksa [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

California chapter: c/o Stephanie Anderson [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Pacific Northwest Collegium: c/o Charlene Ryan [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

The Herald's Companion: c/o Karen Bertke [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Golden Arrows: Cadianna Dreamwind c/o M.K. Wilson [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Companion's Choice: Come and be part of the Companion's Choice! Any and all are welcome in this new chapter of Queen's Own where music and laughter wait just around the corner! For more information send a SASE to Shanara Ravensong [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Come live the magic of Companion's Choice!

Southern Arrows: A new Queen's Own chapter is fomring in the Atlanta area. We would like to meet all loval members and friends. Contact us at [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Outkingdom: Y'larna Finnareth c/o Joanne Thwaites [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Westhaven Collegia: America OnLine Chapter--Use [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.] to reach Dean Anne and more information.

Modems of the Queen: the official chapter of Queen's Own located on GEnie online entertainment network. Modems of the Queen can be found by joinoing GEnie and the logging onto the system. Once online, MotQ is located in the Science Fiction and Fandom RoundTable, Category 34.

For definitions of our fannish jargon, read "Pros &qmp; Cons: An Introduction to Fandom" written by Elizabeth Barrette. send [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

If you live in the asia-Pacific Region and love to read Misty and discuss her work with others, then Austal'a'in is for you. We're looking for new members and submissions of poetry, artwork, short stories, and anything else you might like to send. For more details and a copy of the latest issue, send a SASE with Australian postage or 2 IRCs to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

A new California chapter is emerging! We've got lots of people interest, but now it is time to act on the ideas. The first issue of our newsletter will be complimentary to all who have expressed interest. Our goal is to meet each other and share ideas and creativity via newsletters and to have a gathering someday. For more info, send SASE to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

An open invitation to all Misty fans interested in a Canadian chapter of QO. I'm entertaining ideas of regular newsletters, quarterly fanzines, and organizing Gathers across Canada so we can meet each other. But before I go too crazy, I want to know how many peopel are interested. Drop me a letter and let me know what you'd like to see happen: Pam Dziedzic [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. I'd also be very glad to hear from some experienced chapter-runners for any advice you'd be willing to pass on!

Outkingdom Chapter now has its own zine and is looking for submissions from any and all. We are accepting stories, etc., on almost any subject and hpefully some occasional small-scale artwork if you feel that way inclined. If you'd rather just take a look at what we're producing, you're equally welcome. Why not drop us a line and take a gander at the guidelines? Contact Helen Wells [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. P.S. Outkingdom Members, don't forget to send your questionnaires back--the ceremonial hat-shaking will probably be at hte end of February at hte very latest.

Featherlinght caresses, murmured endearments, soft candlelight. There's nothing like the ecstasy of a lover's embrace. Come and be embraced by this new fantasy 'zine based on wonderful romance. A name has been chosen and work is underway on the first issue. I am currently accepting submissions in all departments but in desperate need of some good romantic fiction. Come on, all you writers, help me get this 'zine off the ground! Please send a SASE for more informatino to Kalere Nahrain [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Come and join a world of adventure and magic in STARFIRE! In this fantasy 'zine, whatever you write becomes a reality. The 'zine is just filled with excitement waiting to happen. If you think it sounds interesting, juest send a SASE for a sample copy and guidelines to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

LEGENDS AND MYTHS OF THE SHIN'A'IN is a compilation of stories, poems, and the like dedicated to the Shin'a'in people. Within the 50+ pages active fandom writers such as Elzabeth Barrette and Herald Alora (to name a couple) will entice you in this marvelous land and culture. Be a part of the Shin'a'in legend and get your copy for only [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. If you're a lover of the Shin'a'in please support us in this endeavor and maybe we'll put out antoher one! Please make check or money order out to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

SHIN'A'IN!!! Come join your fellow clansman with Under Kal'enel's Care. The bi-monthly newsletters are aimed specifically at the Shin'a'in and are full of bios on personas, what's new with personas, articles, interviews (the latest was with Josepha Sherman), poems, artwork, and merchandise addresses. Dues are [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Stephanie is still accepting submissions for LYNN TUCKER'S COMPANIONS' GROVE VOL. 7. The sooner it fills up, the soon it'll be out! Please send SASE for guidelines to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

From John Hurst: I would like to hear from anyone who might be interest in taking over as head of the MErcenaries Guild. Write me c/o John Hurst [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

WANTED: Valdemaran jokes, riddles, limericks, and puns for an up-coming collection! Send your favorite humorous item(s) involving HEralds, Companions, Bards, Shin'a'in, Tayledras, et al. to Herald Jaelle Sungire c/o Jeanne Salt [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Comics/cartoons will also be considered. If you are the first to send an item I use in the collection, you won't be credited but you will get a free copy--Herald's Honor! I also need a title! (Ordering info will be in a future issue of QO, so no SASE needed.)

For food for thought and recipes for food for the tummy, subscribe to PEACEMAIL, a good-news letter, for just [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.], payable to Tasha Halpert [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. The latest issue points out that winter is a good time to take care of the clutter (mental & physical) we've been accumulating. And then gives us recipes for muffins and hot chocolate so we can reward ourselves for a job well done.

The Silver Horn is hoping to become the new gathering place for the young people of Valdemar, much like Misty's "The Compass Rose." Be you Herald, Tayledras, Bard, Healer, Shin'a'in or anything else, trainee or recognized, feel free to come in and share a tale or two with others your age. For more information and a sample issue, write to Katie Knafelc [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F) is one of the oldest clubs in fandom and is still lively and well-run. Discover more about the world of fandom by joining N3F. Send a SASE for memebrship info to William Center/N3F [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Tell 'em QO sent you.

If you like Star Trek role playing and would like to be an officer aboard a Voyager class starship, send a SASE to Captain E'Than Calk [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

From MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE, Nicole Blackwell, Editor, [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]: Issue #8, the first issue of 1996, is 60+ pages in length, in 11" x 17" pro format with a cardstock cover, and is overflowing with mystical and romantic poetry, artwork, and tales. Orders are only [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.], and subscriptions only [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.], which includes four issues of the journal and comes with a complimentary full-color and tasseled MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE bookmark designed by Herald Alora. Write with legal-sized SASE [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. (Text submissions may also be sent electronically to this address.) Make checks/money orders payable to Nivole Blackwell, please. Back issues are still available!

Bored? Subscribe to EPIC! for a glimpse into another world--a world filled with the poetic creations of other people who used to be bored. We're looking for poetry, short stories, art, and all sorts of other stuff, too. Send [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.] for a copy of our third issue or [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.] for a five issue subscription. An SASE will get you the general guidelines and other information--so write to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Checks should be made out to David Ring.

Have you ever wanted a Dragon of your own? EPIC!'s "Dragon Project" lets you do just that. Started to raise money and interst for the EPIC! newsletter, if you complete the requirements you'll get your own Dragon or Drake's description printed along with your submissions. If interested, write to The Dragon Project c/o EPIC! [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Help support our troops in Bosnia! Local USO's are accepting donations of books, magazines, and videos. Remember that you may not like the mission, but don't forget the troops. They need our love and support.

The Prydonian Renegade is published monthly by Prydonians of Prynceton and contains up-to-date news of most SF/F TV shows and movies. The January issue informs us that there WILL be a Doctor Who telemovie, with British actor Paul McGann becoming the eighth Doctor. Paul has been described as a cross between Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton. A subscription to the Renegde is [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. First class postage is an additional [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. Send your check or money order to Prydonians of Prynceton [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].

Michael Bernardi in England is the editor of the Miles' Minions newsletter, Dendarii Despatch, written for fans of Lois McMaster Bujold. The editorial address for queries about the Despatch is Michael Bernardi [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. For subscription info, use [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.]. If you wish to join the online Lois McMaster Bujold Mailing List, send an e-mail to [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.] with subject blank and message body of [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].


We have individual handout sheets for aspiring Heralds, Bards, Healers, Tayledras, Shin'a'in and Mercenary and instructions on how to work for Herald-Mage status if you are already a Herald. Send a SASE to the QO address and specify which hand out you are requesting.

From Hearld Housemother:

Please, stomp reading the newsletter and find the envelope it came in. Have I spelled your name correctly? Is the address exactly right? I temporarily lost two members because I switched numbers in their address. Your regular mail carrier may know you and deliver the newsletter, but a substitute may try the wrong address and then give up. If I get a newsletter back, I assume you've moved without a forwarding address and I remove your name from the mailing list. Have I credited your dues payment? I may have been interrupted while changing subscription dates and omitted you. If writing about dues, tell me when you paid and how. All checks and money orders are photocopied before being cashed. All payments are recorded ina book as well as in the computer. Unless the cat hid your letter under the desk (regretfully, it has happened), I can trace your payment. You can usually expect your newsletter wihtin a week of the mailing date. If it doesn't arrive within two weeks, send me a postcard asking why.

Remember, if you want your mail delivered to you under your persona name, it's best to notify the post office. You don't have to explain anything to them; just tell them that Goody Two-shoes or whoever will be getting her mail at your house, too.

Thank you to all who overpay your dues. Your generosity allows me to respond to those who forget to include SASEs.

Please, please, PLEASE, type e-mail & web page info! I'll type in what I think you wrote, but it's hard enough deciphering postal codes and persona names.

I think all of us who attended Queen's Own Collegia at Dragon*Con last year had a wonderful time and planned to return. Unfortunately, I can not. Morgan and her committee are working hard ot make this year's gathering a success. I hope you'll give her your enthusiastic support.

Border by Jenny Jo Reinhart

Fan Messages:

[Ed. Note 2002: Fan Messages are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained.]


There are a few Personals that are addressed to folks who are no longer on the QO mailing list, in the hopes that one of you might know their whereabouts and pass the message along.

[Ed. Note 2002: Personals are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained. Dues and Disclaimer information replaced with the current info below.]

*Next Mailing Day: March 9--Call [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.] for directions. Call before coming; family emergencies cancel mailings.*

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Herald-Mage Registrar/Dispenser of handout sheets--Guardian of the Web [Ed. note 2005: Out-of-date info withheld.].
Border Designs: Jenny Jo Reinhart
Mailing Day Helpers (last issue)--Meredith Baldino, Helen Edwards and Rusty, Barbara Leflar Jackson.

[End Excerpt]

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