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P.O. Box 749
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Series 1, Vol. IV, No. 3
December 1990

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty Fans,

Congratulations and best wishes to Misty and Larry!

By the time most of you read this, Mercedes "Misty" Lackey and Larry Dixon will be married. The wedding date was changed from December fifteenth to the tenth and the ceremony took place in a chapel in Las Vegas.

This is another "GOOD NEWS" issue. Misty has quit her day job . . . but here, let her tell you about it, via GEnie, a computer bulletin board service.

"Category 3, Topic 36
Message 26     Mon Oct 22, 1990
M.LACKEY1               at 23:51 EDT

"Holy Moly Batman! I made it! Thanks to all who said Hi and Welcome. You have made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I think I'm going to like GEnie, now that I'm getting my menus (real hard to do things without menus). In order of occurrence: We have a falcon, a nonreleasable rehab American Kestrel (Sparrowhawk) male named Vincent. We have a falconer who is taking us as his apprentices. This is not a 'royal we,' as Larry Dixon and I are getting Married Dec. 15. I quit the Day Job Oct 15 (and there was much rejoicing).

"Got contracts on the following: WINDS OF FATE, WINDS OF CHANGE, WINDS OF FURY--DAW, continuation of storyline left at the end of ARROW'S FALL. BARDIC VOICES--BAEN, high fantasy not related to anything. TRIANGLE PARK and ARCANUM 101--TOR, Diana Tregarde hardcovers.

"In collab, SUMMONED TO TOURNEY and LEAGUES BEYOND with Ellen Guon, sequesl to KNIGHT OF GHOSTS AND SHADOWS; BORN TO RUN with Larry Dixon (SERRAted Edge 1); WHEELS OF FIRE with Mark Shepherd (SERRA 2); WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS with Holly Lisle (SERRA 3); all five books for BAEN.

"Also for BAEN, unnamed collab with Anne McCaffrey.

"For TOR, working on THE ELVENBANE with Andre Norton.

"Out in February, BY THE SWORD, the bridge book between 'Vows and Honor' and 'Heralds of Valdemar' featuring Kerowyn, Kethry's granddaughter. Out some time in 91, JINX HIGH, Diana Tregarde three. Whew!

"Am I busy enough do you think? Should be dropping into SFRT fairly often now that I have time to write during hte day and can 'play' at night! See you there! (and thanks Lawrence, Martha, Jane, Judy, Susan!)


Thanks to Michelle Lutz for sharing that message with us. Michelle adds that GEnie costs $5/month plus $6/hour online. In the Science Fiction & Fantasy section there's an "Authors" topic, and a section to discuss Misty's books. Please, do not ask me for more information on GEnie. I still think that inside every computer there's a gremlin who makes things work--when he's in the mood.

Triangle Park and Arcanum 101, the Diana Tregarde books from TOR, will be in hard cover. The latter is a prequel to Burning Water and tells of Diana's college days and the formation of the Glying Squad (Mark Valdez's "Spook Squad"). The three SERRAted Edge books involve a Sports Car Club, some of whose members are elves or human magick-users. Besides dealing with "automotive excellence," each book will have characters who are victims of child-abuse and will have emergency help-line 800 numbers in the back.

The Science Fiction Book Club listend to us! Or at least to someone. The Last Herald Mage is available as a three-in-one hardcover [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]. There's an insert advertising the club in nearly every science fiction paperback.

Apologies from Teri LEe of Firebird to all who are waiting--still--for their merchandise. Teri is finally recovering from heavy metal poisoning. Only recently was her condition properly diagnosed and treatment begun. She's feeling much better adn working very hard on back orders.

The Oathbound tape is nearly done. It will be available by the end of the month. "Shadowstalker" is the name of the Vanyel tape. THe songs in the back of Magic's Price will be sung by LArry Warner as the Bard Medren. This tape is still in the planning stage; March '92 is the tentative release date.

Firebird features much Misty-related merchandise besides tapes. If you're not already on their mailing list, [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld. The current website is at http://www.firebirdarts.com.].

There has been no word yet on our first annual zine, Tales of Valdemar and Beyond. My check, too, has been cashed without further acknowledgement. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

I've enjoyed every copy of Arrow's Message, our bi-monthly zine. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.].

Last issue I wrote "Help Vicki McElfresh get her Companion's Rest zine off to a flying start." I hope the tornado that recently passed through Ofallon didn't literally do that! [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

CIRCLE OF LIGHT is now accepting art, short stories and poetry for its premiere issue. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

If you would like to buy a zine or submit art, poetry or a story to any one or all, send a SASE for price information and/or guidelines.

There are still a few coffee mugs featuring the "For Companionship choose Valdemar" design available from Tess Wade. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

Did you send a SASE for our advertising flyer, The Valdemar Merchant? If you have something to sell or are looking for unique gift ideas, start here. All ads must be placed by January 14th for the February Flyer. Cara says that you advertisers can design your own ads. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.] Congratulations, Cara, for a job well begun.

Your archivist, Patricia Riggs, has emerged from her record keeping long enough to send you all this note: "I usually come out on feast days. We now have 62 Heralds, 1 Shin'a'in Scout, 1 White Winds Sorceress, & 2 Bards. Three gifts are most prevalent among you. We have more Farsighters and Foresighters. You Heralds with Empathy, Healing & Mind Healing, stop rumming trolley races down the corridors fo the Healing Colelgium. Which one of you Firestarters set fire to the Marshal's underdrawers? And don't think that I don't know which Animal Mindspeech Herald told that squirrel he could keep his nuts in my boots. The squirrel confessed. You Fetching Heralds have to be more careful. One of you almost beaned the Queen. I'm still surprised that you haven't hit someone. I've had a complaint from the Companions that you 51 Mindspeech Heralds are keeping them awake, with all your chattering.

"Remember to include your gifts & your Companion's name.

"Have a joyour Feast Days!"

According to Pat, the number of Heralds with each gift is:

Mindspeech 51
Fetching 23
Farsight 15
Foresight 10
Empathy 12
Animal Mindspeech 11
Firestarting 7
Healing 6
Mindhealing 5

Convention News:

Misty and Larry will not attend the convention Circle Oroboros in Meridian, Mississippi in February as stated int he last newsletter.

QO was well represented at SoonerCon. I think we all had a wonderful time. This was an excellently run con, with plenty to do (the video rooms ran round the clock), entertaining and approachable guests, and a friendly and helpful staff. The comment of one Queen's Own member afterwards: "I liked everyont I met." Me, too, Linda. Me, too.

Esotericon 8 will be held [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]. This is a conference "devoted to bringing together guests and attendees from many religious persuasions to exchange knowledge, learn new ideas and concepts, share differences, and participate in small and large group teachings, seminars, and rituals." If you are curious about the non-traditional religions, this is a safe and friendly place to learn. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

PsurrealCon in Oklahoma is February 8-10, 1001. Misty is GoH (Guest of Honor). [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

CoastCon XIV The Year of the Dragon is MArch 15-17 in Biloxi. Misty and Larry plan to attend. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

ROC-KON 15 is May 3-5 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Besides having Misty as GoH, the con claims to be the site of the "1991 International Klingon Assassin's LEague Conference." [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]

finally, a convention for us in the Northeast but we have to wait until September 27-29, 1991. Misty is GoH and Larry, Guest ARtists, at CONTRADICTION 11 in Biagra Falls. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.] Queen's Own has been invited to present a panel discussion--our choice of topic. Send me ideas!

Hello from the Herald Housemother:

If you wish to send a holiday card to Misty and Larry, [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld. Send cards to the High Flight address, listed below.].

Thanks to all of you for your many letters and phone calls. I'm about two months behind in my replies, partly due to apartment renovations, illness, and nasty dental work, but also becuase I'm using letter writing time to jog again. I need the exercise--please be patient.

Mary Chandlre writes: "I have received several letters from people that I would love to reply to . . . but I can't. I can't reply BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE FORGOT SOMETHING . . . THEY FORGOT TO PUT A RETURN ADDRESS on their letter and/or the envelope. Also a couple of letters have addresses that are IMPOSSIBLE TO READ." To which I add: Make sure your last name is visible somewhere, especially if you haven't written a return address. It makes one very cranky to spend time comparing handwriting sampels to see which Judith one is supposed to reply to.

Personals are the least important part of the newsletter to me and are the first things I delete when I'm short of space. If you have a really important message, send a note or card to your friend. Don't rely on me.

Chapter News:

Is there anyone in Colorado interested in joining a Misty fan club? We will start meeting in January 1991. If you are interested in joinging, please write to me, Lisa Rathbun, at [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.]. Please call in the evening between 7 and 9 o'clock. No, I won't accept collect calls. We will meet in the Parker Branch of the Douglas County Library in PArker, CO. Please contact me soon.

Hi, this is Celeste Frazier from The Herald's Companion (formerly the OH, IN & KY QO). For those who are interested, we are now adding West Virginia to our list of states because we forgot that it's a little bit between Ohio and Kentucky and a West Virginian reminded us of this important fact. If anyone else wants to join us feel free to do so. We are VERY understanding here. [Ed. note 2002: Out-of-date information withheld.] Thanks for your attention and may all your dreams come true. Celeste.


One of our new members, Herald Kayla aka Elena Zupko, suggests a method to determine the level of your Truth Spells. Roll a 6-sided die three times and add the results. If the sum is even, you can work both levels; if odd, you can work only the first.

Welcome, Herald Storm, chosen by the Companion Athlone. [NAME WITHHELD] sent her persona, drawings, poetry, and the news that she's been riding for almost thirteen years. Herald Storm's gifts are Fetching, Mindspeech and uncontrollable Farsight.

Welcome, Herald Armanique Direayan, with the gifts of Mindspeech, Farsight, and a little Fetching. Sara Keating sent background material on Nique and her Clansister Elliasa, poems, a story, and material to help run a D & D campaign.

Welcome, Herals Aerolyn T-Rel, chosen by Kyler, and your twin, Herald Warlyn T-Rel, chosen by Xavier. Tony Barton and Jim Van Houson tell us their gifts are strong Empathy, Bard (Creativity), Mindspeech, and Firestarting, Fetching, and Mindspeech, respectively. I received stories, a drawing and poetry.

Welcome, Herald Kayla Riordan, chosen by the mare Nefaris and with the gifts of Mindspeech and Farsight. Elena Zupko sent drawings, character sketches, a family history, a story written as a letter home, a poem and a recipe for trail bread.

Welcome, Shin'a'in Kendric shena Pretera'sedrin. Thomas Niner sent his persona, a character sketch of a friend, stories and poems.

Fan Messages

[Ed. Note 2002: Fan messages are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained.]


[Ed. Note 2002: Personals are not being posted online because of the personal information they contained. Remainder of the newsletter was out-of-date contact info, and has been withheld.]

Editor, President, Dogsbody, Housemother--Judith Louvis
Chancellor of the Exchequer--Steve Louvis
Archivist, Registrar, Organizer extraordinaire--Patricia Riggs
Mailing Day Helpers (last issue)--Three cheers for Ana Casacuberta and Debbie Schiaretti! We finished in record time, thanks to their skill and enthusiasm. (Mailing Day is usually the second Saturday of the month. Join us whenever you wish.)

Happy Holidays from the Louvis Family

[End Excerpt]

Queen's Own is the official Mercedes Lackey Appreciation Society. Our purpose is to share our enjoyment of Misty's worlds. We are a fan-run not-for-profit organization, not a business. Our address of publication: P.O. Box 749, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 USA. This newsletter is published solely to inform and entertain the club's membership; no infringement of anyone's copyrights is intended.

Newsletters are published on (or near) the first of each month.

Editor/President Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn (L.A. Malcor; AOL-IM SN Shashtah; Legend@malcor.com)

Mercedes Lackey does not receive mail at the Queen's Own address. Fanmail to Mercedes Lackey and releases for fan fiction should be sent to:

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Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn

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