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Fun Stuff at Queen's Own

 Helpful Handouts
Want to join Queen's Own? Here are the materials you need to create your very own persona! Need additional help? See below for useful information about Velgarth.
 Queen's Own Chat
The Queen's Own chat list is only open to people who have an approved persona with Queen's Own.
 Queen's Own Delphi Forum
This private Delphi Forum is only open to members of Queen's Own.
 Persona List
Here is the official list of approved Queen's Own personae
 Fan Fiction
Find out how and where to submit your Misty fan fiction.
 Misty Links
Want to find out more about Misty and fandom on the Net? Here are a bunch of sites of interest to Misty fans.
Read past issues of the Queen's Own newsletter!
 Queen's Own Webring
The Queen's Own Webring is only open to people who have an approved persona with Queen's Own.

Chapters of Queen's Own

 Golden Grove
The California Chapter of Queen's Own, but all are welcome.
 The Herald's Waystation
Covering the Gulf Coast States and anyone else who would like to be a part of the Herald's Waystation.
 The Pacific Northwest Collegium
This chapter specializes in the Pacific Northwest, but anyone is welcome.
 The Vanyel Fan Club
Fans of Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron need to check out this site!

Fun Stuff about Velgarth

 Companions' Choices
Why Companions choose the Heralds they do.
 Just the FAQs
Velgarth information and trivia.
 Official Timeline
The Official Timeline for the Velgarth novels.
 Proverbs from Velgarth
Herald An'talyah Brighthawk (Danielle DiFronzo) compiled this list of proverbs from Misty's Velgarth books.
 The Complete Magic Page
Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn's survey of magic on Velgarth.

Fun Stuff at Other Sites

Is creating fantasy costumes your area of interest? If so, this site is definitely for you! Even if you just like looking, you'll enjoy this one. The site features resources for Historical, Science Fiction and Fantasy Costumes, including links to other sites where you can find pictures of the arms and armor your characters might use in Dragonlords and much more!
 DAW Books
Get the latest information about Misty's upcoming Valdemar books and check out the other Misty-related features at this excellent site!
 Dragonlords' Bookstore

Books, videos and much, much more! Dragonlords hosts a bookstore where you can purchase works by Mercedes Lackey, texts that can help you improve your writing and much, much more! Part of the proceeds are donated by Dragonlords to help keep memberships in Queen's Own free.
 Ellen Million Graphics
Fabulous fantasy and scifi art, stationery and more!
 Fandom Directory
This link takes you to the page with the Queen's Own listing in the Fandom Directory. From here you can browse back to the main page of this marvelous resource.
 Firebird Arts & Music
A great online catalog for fantasy and Misty fans. For more details, see the Queen's Own Misty Links page.
 Jase Wells's Rainbow Icon Archive
Looking for rainbow pride and related icons? Check out this marvelous archive!

[Rainbow Icon

 Science Fiction Book Club
Yet another place you can find Science Fiction and Fantasy books.
 SF Site: Role-Playing Games
Role-Playing Magazines, Convention Links, and all sorts of other fun stuff.
 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA)
Here's the homepage for the major Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Guild in the United States. Visit the homepages of major authors, view award lists, research membership requirements, and much more!
 Sleeping Dragon Hobbies
Here's a place you can purchase trading cards, samples of fantasy art by your favorite artists, games and much more.
 Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
Enjoy live-action role-playing set in the medieval or Renaissance period? Check out these folks!
 Welcome to the Renaissance Faire
Information about Renaissance Faires.

Fantasy Art at Other Sites

 Michael Whelan's Website
This link will take you to Michael Whelan's page where you will find his marvelous works of art.
 Robin Wood's Home Page
Here's a link to Robin Wood's home page. You can view some of her art from People of Pern as well as many of her other beautiful works.

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