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(Revised 7/22/08)

There are several types of persona available. You may only have one persona at a time. If you create a new persona, your current persona will be moved to the Non-Player Character (NPC) status when your new persona is recognized in the club newsletter. The types of persona available are:

If you do not see a persona type listed here, that is because some types have not been approved for play. Many of the main characters in the books are "Misty Only" types. That means that they are types that only Misty may write about; they are not available for persona creation. For instance, you may not play a kestra'chern or an assassin Herald. From time to time new persona handouts are approved and old ones are revised. I announce such updates in the Queen's Own Newsletter.

General Rules

Submission Instructions

In order to be formally recognized in the Queen's Own newsletter as having fulfilled the requirements established by Misty, you must send QO copies of your work.

Helpful Hints

If you have submitted a persona to Queen's Own and would like to see where it is in the approval process, click here.

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Pending Chat List

Have additional questions about persona creation? Join the "Pending List" at

[This list is not currently working. We hope to reestablish it soon. In the meantime, you can send questions directly to Danya at Legend@malcor.com.]

The Pending list is a place for people to ask questions about the handouts, requirements, process of developing a persona, and so forth. It is not a book discussion list. The QO list rules apply to this list as well.

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Companions by Laura Felton

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