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(Revised 7/23/08)

Members of Queen's Own are invited to join this listserv to receive information that might come up between newsletters, including announcements of new memberships. Greet new members, ask questions about Queen's Own, and keep abreast of the latest Misty news!

The list rules are:

  1. No posting of fiction (or of anything else that violates copyright).

  2. No profanity or other types of offensive statements.

  3. Try to keep your posts to a minimum (say, three times per day). Danya may have to go more in order to respond to everyone, but she will "braid" (that is, respond to several messages in each post) whenever possible (and I expect you to do the same; if you can't, message me to let me know what the problem is.

To join the list:

If you are a member of Queen's Own, you may subscribe to this chat list at:

[This list is not currently working. We hope to reestablish it soon.]

If you are a list member, you may send e-mail to the mailinglist at:

[This list is not currently working. We hope to reestablish it soon.]

Note: Please keep your e-mail address up-to-date. If your mail bounces, your subscription will be disabled, and you will have to resubscribe. (Our server doesn't like bounced mail.)

If you are a nonmember, you must first create an approved persona by following the instructions on one of our approved handouts before you can join the QO chat list.

The Pending List: Nonmembers

Nonmembers may join the "Pending List" at

[This list is not currently working. We hope to reestablish it soon.]

Only subscribers may post to this list. If you are a subscriber and wish to post a message, send your message to [This list is not currently working. We hope to reestablish it soon. In the meantime, you can send questions directly to Danya at Legend@malcor.com.].

Persona Tracking

I think all personae that have been submitted to date have been read and either approved or replied to for a rewrite. If you have submitted a persona and have not heard from me, please contact me at Legend@malcor.com. Here is a list of the current personae in our approval process:

Persona Type Persona Name E-mail Working? Date Originally Received Submission Contents:
Bio, Family/Friends, Extra Points
Date Returned for Rewrite Current Status
Bard Emerif Yes. 7/3/05 Bio--a little skimpy, F/F, learned to play an instrument, drew a map. 7/12/05 Awaiting rewrite.
Bard Tallis Shadowharper Yes. 1/24/04 Bio, F/F, learned to play an instrument, performed. 4/1/05 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Adela; Need Companion's name. Yes. 12/27/05 (?) Bio (Minor glitches), F/F, pictures of riding a horse, care and feeding of horses. 7/18/08 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Aurelia Hartborne; Euros Yes. 12/27/05 Bio, F/F, story, black belt. 1/27/06 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Camille "Cami" Lederer Yes. 5/20/05 Bio, F/F, picture of persona and Companion, learned CPR, became a volunteer. 1/27/06 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Ewyn; Ishe Yes. 10/13/06 Bio (needs corrections), F/F (needs corrections), wrote poems, wrote lyrics, became a volunteer, attends martial arts classes. 7/18/08 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Kadri Woodnote; Lucilla Yes. 10/11/07 Bio (needs corrections), F/F (needs corrections), became a volunteer, created a recipe, wrote a poem. 7/21/08 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Katanya Windson No. No postage to contact by snail mail. No postmark. Bio (needs corrections), F/F (needs corrections), missing extra point requirements. 7/21/08 Awaiting rewrite.
Herald Soria (Ria) Yes. 7/23/05 Bio,F/F, poem, recipe. 8/4/05 Awaiting rewrite.
Tayledras (Healer Adept) Earthshower Yes. 10/6/05 Bio. Missing rest of submission? 1/27/06 Awaiting rewrite.
Tayledras Phoenix Serenity Firestorm Yes. 7/13/05 Start of bio. Rest of submission missing. 7/18/05 Awaiting rewrite.
Tayledras Whitestorm Yes. 2/24/05 Bio, F/F, Herald List, Timeline (Last two not from Tayledras sheet). 4/2/05 Awaiting rewrite.
Tayledras Windreed Yes. 12/7/06 ? Bio (Minor glitches), F/F (Minor glitches), song, story (Minor glitches). 7/18/08 Awaiting rewrite.

If you have submitted a persona and do not see your persona's name on this list, please contact Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn at Legend@malcor.com.

Please note, that if your e-mail address is not working, then we have no way to contact you (so that's probably why you have not heard from us <g>).

We will wait for a year for a rewrite. After a year, we will assume that life has interfered with your ability to complete your persona submission, and the unapproved persona submission will be moved to "deep storage". To reactivate your submission, all you need to do is contact us at Legend@malcor.com. Your persona will be returned to this list, and the submission process will continue from wherever we left off.

Removal Instructions for the Queen's Own Chat List

You may unsubscribe from the general information list for each list. If you have trouble, message Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn at Legend@malcor.com, and she will handle your request as soon as possible.

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