Companions' Choices


Why Companions Choose the Heralds They Do

(Revised 10/15/98)

This is a list grew out of my discussion with a fan who was preparing a persona for Queens Own. If you have questions or comments about the list, message me at These musings are in no particular order.

  1. The gender of the Herald has nothing to do with the gender of the Companion. The idea is that the two are best friends, not lovers, and there is nothing that says your best friend has to be of either sex.
  2. The Companions don't care about orientation; it's a non issue for them.
  3. The Herald's personality is important. The Herald has to be someone that the Companion respects and can become friends with. If the Companion does not respect the person, that character won't be chosen to become a Herald.
  4. The Companion is also looking for someone who is young and who can be trained to do the Herald's physically and emotionally demanding job.
  5. The Companion is looking for someone who has a Gift or Gifts (usually Gifts manifest after the Herald is Chosen); there are many very nice, unGifted people in the world, and they can't become Heralds.
  6. The Companions will only choose people who can be spared from their current life. A Companion won't choose the only possible heir for a farm, someone who has Bardic or Healer talent (and who is needed in those Schools), or someone who is the sole means of support for a family. In other words, if a person has a much-needed skill in another area or is needed by his/her family and/or fellow villagers (like the only blacksmith in a town), etc., then that person will not be Chosen.

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