Valdemar Timeline

(Revised 2/7/02)

Here is the timeline for Misty's Valdemar Series. This timeline is adapted from the timeline that appears at the front of each of the Valdemar books.

Beginning Date for the Period Reigning Monarch Series Title Books
1000 B.F. Prehistory: Era of the Black Gryphon The Mage Wars The Black Gryphon,
The White Gryphon,
The Silver Gryphon
0 Founding of Valdemar    
750 A.F. Elspeth the Peacemaker The Last Herald Mage Trilogy Magic's Pawn
798 A.F. Randale Magic's Promise,
Magic's Price
1077 A.F. Theran   Brightly Burning
1270 A.F. Co-Consorts Arden & Leesa Vows and Honor Duology The Oathbound
Short Stories Oathblood
1315 A.F. Roald    
1355 A.F. Sendar    
1376 A.F. Selenay   Take a Thief
The Heralds of Valdemar Trilogy Arrows of the Queen
Arrow's Flight
Arrow's Fall
Kerowyn's Tale By the Sword
The Mage Winds Trilogy Winds of Fate
Winds of Change
Winds of Fury
The Mage Storms Trilogy Storm Warning
Storm Rising
Storm Breaking
Darian's Tale Owlflight
  "A Herald's Journey" in The Valdemar Companion

Sword of Ice does not fall neatly onto the timeline. It containes tales that stretch from just before Vanyel's time (Savil's first encounter with the Tayledras) up through Selenay's reign.

Copyright Order

This is the order in which Mercedes Lackey copyrighted the various works:

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