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(Revised 2/8/09)

The Compass Rose by Laura Cameron

Named for the tavern that served as the favorite gathering place for the Blues and their instructors in Mercedes Lackey's The Mage Storms Trilogy, this nonfiction journal is sponsored by Queen's Own to provide a place for people to publish nonfiction material related to Mercedes Lackey's works. Mercedes Lackey greatly values the fact that Queen's Own encourages educational efforts among her fans. As part of this endeavor, Queen's Own has created The Compass Rose to promote all forms of nonfiction writing.

All issues of this journal are offered to Internet users free of charge under the following conditions: Internet users may maintain one electronic copy and one print copy of the file for use by members of the user's household. Permission to otherwise duplicate or "lend" any of these files without the credited author's written consent is expressly denied.

Frequency of publication is "when we get enough material to put together and issue" <g>. Watch the Queen's Own newsletter for release dates. Issue 1 is now online!

E-mail questions regarding the journal to the editor, Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. Snail mail inquiries to:

Queen's Own
P.O. Box 749
Laguna Beach CA 92652 USA

Submission Information:

The journal accepts book reviews, commentaries, articles (such as those generated by the Herald-Mage Handout) and other nonfiction pieces. The main criterion for selection is that the piece must be something of interest to fans of Mercedes Lackey's works (that is, the piece should be about one or more of her books, report on QO-related events at a convention, discuss medieval history or costuming or evolution or physics or any of the fields she uses in the creation of her works, consider any of the topics on the various Helpful Handouts for creating personae, compare and contrast Misty's works to those of another author, detail some common trend within the books, or cover some similar issue).

This journal does not accept any stories, poetry, filk or other works of fiction. Please send these to the QO-approved fanzines. Be sure to send a release for each work of fiction to High Flight at

Mercedes Lackey

c/o High Flight
16525 East 470 Road
Claremore, OK 74017

If you want, you may submit journal materials via e-mail when possible. Send written texts in either MS Word or .txt/ASCII format. You can scan photos, costume designs, and so forth, and send them either as .jpgs or .gifs. If you do not have a scanner, you can still submit your text by e-mail and snail mail any pictures or other nontext items. If you do not have your text in electronic format, you can snail mail that as well. E-mail submissions for the journal to Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. Please specify that your submission is for The Queen's Own Compass Rose. Snail mail materials to:

Queen's Own
P.O. Box 749
Laguna Beach CA 92652 USA

A special thanks to Laura Cameron for designing The Compass Rose logo!

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