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Role-Playing Instructions

(Revised 7/18/06)

Queen's Own has been granted permission to hold private online Role-Playing Events (RPs) in our private chatroom. Below are the rules for these events. Please follow these rules at all times. If there is a problem with people not following the rules, our permission to hold the online RPs will be revoked.

We hare currently trying the experiment of having our chatroom up and running 24/7. Danya and/or Moonstar will be dropping in from time to time to check what's happening. If we find that people are not obeying the rules, the chatroom will be taken down.

General Rules

  1. All online RPs must take place in the QO private chatroom. No other online RPing is permitted.
  2. Danya (the President of Queen's Own) must be in the chatroom for an official RPG event to take place. There is no RPing allowed without her present. She will act as Gamemaster (GM). Her decisions about what may or may not be done are final. When Danya is not present, you may use the chatroom to talk about Misty-related things with other QO members. If you are not a QO member, please do not use our chatroom. You can join QO by following the instructions at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qohandouts.htm.
  3. No logging of the RPs is allowed. You may use ideas generated during the RPs to write stories later on, but you may not record the RPs.
  4. Each individual is free to develop material in accordance with the setting described below.
  5. Misty's copyrighted characters may not be used during play (There is no reason for any of her characters to be "passing through" a village that exists only on our alternate timeline.).
  6. Stay within the rules of the Books--We are not allowed to create what Misty hasn't. Remember that we are dealing with a medieval culture. Only certain items will be available to your persona. There's no penicillin or X-ray machine, but there is a mortar and pestle, casts, and salves. Flour--yes; Bisquick--no. Oven--yes; microwave--no. Fruits and vegetables must be fresh and available "locally" or of the type that can be stored in cold cellars or dried successfully. Meat must be from a freshly killed animal, or dried or salted for storage.
  7. Please stay within the timeframe that is described below. If our characters want to talk with each other, we have to agree to be at the same place at the same time <G>.

Directions for Play

Queen's Own hopes to hold RPs at least once a month. This will probably happen on Mondays, in general, and we will try to vary the times so that all of our international members will have opportunities to participate. Invitations will be sent prior to the event (most likely in the newsletter as well as a reminder message closer to the time of play).

While in the chatroom, you may play your approved QO persona and approved NPCs. You may also play the family and friends who are approved along with your persona. We will assume that your comments come from your persona unless you put ((double parends)) around your text (which is a fandom convention that means you are speaking as yourself rather than as your character).

To join the current chat, click on the link below.

Click here to chat!

If you are already registered, choose "Default" and "Private Chat", and click on "Chat" at the very bottom of the screen, where it lists existing chats. You should join the current chat. (If that doesn't work, message me at Legend@malcor.com and I'll do my best to help you.

Come up with some likely explanation for your persona to be passing through: You are on leave from a mercenary unit or the Guard, you have a brief vacation from your duties as a Herald and are spending it with friends, you are researching a rare herb at the Healing Temple, you are helping a Tayledras unit clean-up some Change Circles, you are part of a group trying to help stabilize an unstable fault beneath the local hotsprings, you are passing through on your way to an assignment in Hardorn or Karse . . . Be creative, but remember to stay within the rules of the books!

The Setting

Queen's Own RPs take place in the village of Hotsprings on our alternate timeline (the one where Herald Kris does not die). Hotsprings is located on a spur off the East Trade Road, which puts it at the base of the Armor Hills (You'll find those near where the borders of Hardorn, Karse and Valdemar meet.). All events are set after the conclusion of the Mage Storms trilogy.


Hotsprings has about 300 full time residents who are mainly engaged in the farming and herding industries. Most of these families live on the edge of town, traveling out to the fields and herds as needed. They share a bakehouse, blacksmith and townhall.

The main buisness establishment in Hotsprings is The Arrow's Quiver, an inn that boasts rooms, cottages, fine dining and superb entertainment. The stable includes several stalls that are Companion-friendly, since this inn is a favorite vacation site for Heralds. A meadow adjacent to the town provides ample grazing for Companions and riding horses. The innkeeper is a retired Guardsman named Jaspar "Jas" Westerly. His wife, Kate, is a retired mercenary from the Skybolts. Both were injured in the war with Hardorn. Jaspar is missing his left eye; he wears an elaborately embroidered eyepatch over the socket. Kate lost her right breast and some of the surrounding muscle, an injury which has made it difficult to weild a sword with that hand. The inn employs a cook, undercook, two barmaids, two grooms, and two upstairs maids. No prostitution is allowed at the inn.

Hotsprings is also home to a Healers' Temple. Several orders of male and female clerics share the temple complex, as well as the therapuetic hotsprings from which the village takes its name. The clerics specialize in caring for sick and injured humans and animals, but they also educate the local children and aid the poor. The clerics are known for their fine woolen products, created with wool from the local sheep, and for the gorgeous dyes created from plants that grow near the various hotsprings. The head of the temple is Master Healer Tamira "Tam" Felter.

The Mayor of Hotsprings is Kelton Hill. Kel is head of a local clan of vintners, who produce some rather fine red, white and rose wines. He is still unmarried at thirty years of age, and the villagers consider him to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Valdemar. The Mayor's House is attached to the Townhall.

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