Dream Cast for Magic's Promise

(Revised 4/8/03)

Here are the characters who appear in Magic's Promise by Mercedes Lackey. Copy the list, and send it to Danya along with the name of the actor or actress you think could best play the part if anyone ever made the book into a film. Danya will compile the results and periodically post them to this page.


() = who the character is, what they do
{} = which of the three books they star in
m: = mate of / married to
l: = lover of
d. = daughter of
s. = son of
c: = Companion to / Chosen by

Character Name Character Description Suggested Actor/Actress for the Role
Asra (Guard at Highjorune's west gate) {Promise} Bel (innkeeper at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Breda (teacher at Collegium, Councillor of the Bardic Circle, Bard, Gift, Empath, Herbalist) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Emma Thompson
Brendan (youngling at Forst Reach) {Promise}  
Brightstar k'Treva (s.Vanyel & Snowlight, raised by Moondance & Starwind, Healing Adept, Tayledras, of k'Treva) {Promise, Price}  
Charis (d.Withen & Treesa) {Promise}  
Dancer (Companion, s:Yfandes, male) {Promise}  
Darvi (s.Elspeth Peacemaker, Herald-Mage) {Promise}  
Deedre (Herald-Mage, topaz focus) {Promise}  
Deleran (c.Withen & Treesa) {Promise}  
Delian (Companion, c:Tantras, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Deveran Remoerdis (m: Ylyna, Lord of Lineas) {Promise}  
Esten (Companion, c:Randale, male) {Promise, Price}  
Felar (Companion, c:Jaysen, male) {Pawn, Promise}  
Fortin (Companion, c:Mardek, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Gala (Companion, c:Tylendel, female) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Jodie Foster
Gavis (Companion, c:Sofya, male) {Promise}  
Grayse (Sergeant) {Promise}  
Heward (priest) {Promise}  
Jaysen Kondre "Jays" (c:Felar, Seneschal's Herald, Herald-Mage, from Keleimar) {Pawn, Promise} Cary Elwes; Jim Carrey; Thomas Gibson; Kenneth Branagh
Jenna (Companion, c:Lores, female) {Promise}  
Jervis (Armsmaster of Forest Reach, Councillor & Marshal of Lineas-Baires) {Pawn, Promise} Rutger Hauer; Vin Diesel
Jisa (d. Vanyel and Shavri; m. Treven; c. Taver) {Promise, Price}  
Jonne (l:Vanyel, Guard, shaych) {Promise}  
Jonny (minstrel at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Justen (Herald-Mage, ruby focus) {Promise}  
Karis (Deveran's armsmaster) {Promise}  
Kaster (s.Withen & Treesa, m:Ria, Councilor & Seneschal of Lineas-Baires) {Promise}  
Kellan "Kell" (Companion, c:Savil, female) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Meryl Streep
Kylla (child at Forst Reach) {Promise}  
Kyran (l(m?):Elspeth Peacemaker, Bard) {Promise}  
Leren Benevy (Withen's priest) {Pawn, Promise} John Wood; John Malkovich
Lores (c:Jenna, Councillor & Chamberlain of Lineas-Baires, Herald, Fetching) {Promise}  
Medren Ashkevron (s.Mekeal & Melenna, Bard, Gift) {Promise, Price}  
Megwyn (Companion, d:Yfandes, female) {Promise}  
Mekeal Ashkevron "Meke" (s.Withen & Treesa) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Mekeal "Young" (s.Roshya & Mekeal) {Promise}  
Melenna "Lenna" (Tressa's maid, Castelaine of Lineas-Baires) {Pawn, Promise} Denise Richards
Nerya (servent at Forst Reach) {Promise}  
Osen (Withen's priest) {Promise}  
Petar (innworker at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Randale "Randi" (s. Darvi, cos.Treven, m:Shavri, c:Esten, King of Valdemar, Herald, Farsight) {Promise, Price} Bruce Boxleitner; Ed Harris (2); Rufus Sewell
Renfry (minstrel at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Reta (maidservent at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Ri (innworker at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Rolf Dawson (instrument maker) {Promise}  
Roshya (m:Mekeal) {Promise, Price}  
Savil Ashkevron (sis. Withen, l:Andrel, c:Kellan "Kell", Wingsister of k'Treva, Adept, Herald-Mage, Herald-Mage, Mindspeech, rose-quartz primary focus, amethyst seondary focus) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Lauren Bacall (2); Glen Close; Cher; Dame Judi Dench; Angela Landsbury
Shadow-Lover (death) {Promise}  
Shonsea (Companion, c:Lissandra, male) {Promise, Price}  
Shavri (m:Randale, c:Taver, Monarch's Own, Herald-Healer, Healer, Herald) {Promise, Price} Robin Wright; Judy Dench
Snowlight k'Treva (Adept, Tayledras, of k'Treva) {Promise}  
Sofya (c:Gavis, Herald) {Promise}  
Sondri (maid at Forst Reach) {Promise}  
Tam (Stablemaster at Forst Reach) {Promise}  
Tantras "Tran" (c:Delian, Herald, Empathy, Farsight) {Pawn, Promise, Price} John Cusack; Liam Neeson
Tashir Remoerdis (s.Ylyna & Deveran, c:Ghost, Baron of Lineas-Baires, Herald, Fetching) {Promise}  
Taver (Companion, c:Lancir, Shavri & Jisa, Monarch's Own, Groveborn, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Anthony Hopkins
Tay (innworker at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Tel (cook at Highjorune) {Promise}  
Thorinna (a relative of Treesa) {Promise}  
Treesa Ileana Brendywhin-Ashkevron (m:Withen Ashkevron) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Sally Field; Kathy Najimy; Susan Sarandon; Annette Bening (2)
Tylendel Frelennye "'Lendel" (Staven's twin, m:Vanyel, c:Gala, reborn as Stefen, trained by Savil, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows, Herald-Mage, Empathy, Mindspeech, Fetching, shaych) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Leonardo DiCaprio; Eric Stoltz; Jacob Whipple (2); Chris O'Donnell; Ryan Phillippe (4); Jude Law (6); Orlando Bloom; Heath Legder
Valdir (Vanyel's minstrel persona) {Promise}  
Vanyel Ashkevron "Van" "Ashke" (s.Withen & Treesa, m:Tylendel & m:Stefen, c:Yfandes, l:Jonne, Wingbother of k'Teva, trained by Savil & Starwind & Moondance, Privy Councillor, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows, Adept, Herald-Mage, Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight, Foresight, Empathy, Firestarting, Bardic, Healing, amber & opal & tiger-eye foci, blue-silver aura, shaych) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Kyle MacLachlan; Brad Pitt (3); Eric McCormack; Val Kilmer (2); Paul Rudd; Jaye Davidson (2); Jared Leto; Tom Cruise; Brian Molko; Brendan Fraser; Mark Dacascos (2); Adrian Grenier; Keanu Reeves (2); Orlando Bloom (2); Trent Reznor (2); Johnny Depp (2); John Cusack; Gregory Smith
Vedric Mavelan (ībro. Ylyna) {Promise}  
Withen Ashkevron (m:Treesa, Lord of Forst Reach, Privy Councillor) {Pawn, Promise, Price} John Colicos; Sean Connery (2)
Yfandes "Fandes" (Companion, c:Vanyel, female, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows){Pawn} Michelle Pfeiffer; Maureen O'Hara; Elizabeth McCormack
Ylyna Mavelan (īsis. Vedric, m:Deveran, Lady of Baires) {Promise}  

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