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Mercedes Lackey is an extremely prolific author. Because of the sheer number of her books, her major series are presented on separate pages.

Other Books by Mercedes Lackey

 Mapping the World of Harry Potter
This is a wonderful, elegant book that is a "must have" for any Mercedes Lackey or Harry Potter fan.

 Fiddler Fair
This title that sounds as if it's from the Bardic Voices series, but it's not. Instead this is a fine collection of Misty's short stories (many co-authored with Larry Dixon), including one about Excalibur and another about the Holy Grail.

The companion volume to Fiddler Fair.

 Lammas Night
Misty came up with the premise of a young weaver who is courted by a ghost, then other authors ran with the idea.

Misty joins Marion Zimmer Bradley for this Darkover book.

 Lost Lands of Witch World: Comprising Three Against the Witch World, Warlock of the Witch World, and Sorceress of the Witch World
Misty pairs up with Andre Norton for this offering.

 Tiger Burning Bright
Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey coauthored this tale of grandmother, a mother, and a daughter who rule a city.


(Though this work is currently listed as no longer available in this format, Amazon may still be able to obtain a copy for you.)

 Sacred Ground
This time Misty's private investigator also happens to be a shaman.

 The River's Gift
A young Healer meets up with a kelpie in this fairytale fantasy novella.

Coauthored by Mercedes Lackey in Other Series

 The Wizard of Karres (Karres series)
Co-authored with Eric Flint and David Freer, this is the sequel to sequel to James Schmitz's cult classic The Witches of Karres.

Short Stories by Mercedes Lackey

(By publication date through 1992)

 Winter Moon : Moontide\The Heart Of The Moon\Banshee Cries
This collection contains a story by Mercedes Lackey.

"A Different Kind of Courage" Free Amazons of Darkover, ed. by Marion Zimmer Bradley, 1985 (This was Misty's first professional sale.)
"Fiddler Fair" Magic in Ithkar, 3 ed. by Andre Norton, 1986
"Sword Sworn" Sword & Sorceress, 3 ed. by MZB, 1986
"A Tale of Heroes" S&S 4, 1987
"Keys" S&S 5, 1988
"Werehunter" Tales of the Witchworld, Vol 1 ed. by Andre Norton, 1987
"DeathAngel" & "Merovingen Ecology" Merovingen Nights: Festival Moon, ed. by C.J. Cherryh, 1987
"A Plague on Your Houses" MN2, Fever Season, 1987
"A Tangled Web We Weave" MN3 Troubled Waters, 1988
"More Than Meets the Eye" MN4 Smuggler's Gold, 1988
"Merovingen Folklore" MN4 Smuggler's Gold, 1988
"Turning Point" MNS Divine Right, 1989
"The Enemy of My Enemy" Friends of the Horseclans, Vol 2 ed. by Robert Adams, 1989
"Balance" & "Dragon's Teeth" Spellsingers, ed. by Alan Bard Newcomer
"A Friend in Need" Blood of Ten Chiefs, Vol 3: Winds of Change, ed. by Richard Pini, 1988
"Phantom of the Berry Patch" BoTC, Vol 3: Winds of Change
"SKitty" Catfantastic ed. by Andre Norton, 1989
"Nightside" Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine #6, Fall 1989
"The Making of A Legend" S&S 6, 1990
"Don't Look Back" MN6 Flood Tide, 1990
"Friends Like These" MN6 Flood Tide
"An Object Lesson" Domains of Darkover, ed. by MZB, 1990
"The Talisman" S&S 7, 1990
"Roadkill" MZB's FANTASY Magazine #9, Summer 1990
"Satanic, Versus" MZB's FANTASY Magazine #10, Fall 1990
"Set A Thief" Renunciates of Darkover, ed. by MZB, 1991
"Stolen Silver" Horse Fantastic, ed. by Martin Greenberg, 1991
"Wings of Fire" S&S 8, 1991
"Proving Ground" MN7 Endgame, 1991
"Woman's Weapon" S&S 9, 1992
"Ties That Bind" Blood of Ten Chiefs, Vol 4: Against the Wind, ed. by Richard Pini, 1992

Mercedes Lackey is an extremely prolific writer (as you've probably gathered!). Check back frequently for more titles. Also, Amazon can help you find additional works by Misty that are now out of print.

If you find a title that you wish to purchase, please message me and I'll add it to the Dragonlords' Bookstore so others can enjoy it as well.

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