Dream Cast for Magic's Price

(Revised 4/8/03)

Here are the characters who appear in Magic's Price by Mercedes Lackey. Copy the list, and send it to Danya along with the name of the actor or actress you think could best play the part if anyone ever made the book into a film. For non-humans, list the performer you'd most like to hear do the voice over. Try to keep the proposed names to people who are alive at the time you fill out your form, and please vote for only one performer per character. Danya will compile the results and periodically post them to this page.


() = who the character is, what they do
{} = which of the three books they star in
m: = mate of / married to
l: = lover of
d. = daughter of
s. = son of
c: = Companion to / Chosen by

The List

Character Name Character Description Suggested Actor/Actress for the Role
Andros (c:Toril, Herald) {Price}  
Ariel (d.Mekeal, c:Darvena) {Price}  
Aroon (kyree, neuter male, strong Mindspeech, FarRanger of Hot Springs Clan) {Price}  
Arved (Seneschal, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Arven (d.Vanyel, raised by Guards) {Price}  
Asheena (Starwind's bondbird, gyrfalcon, male) {Price}  
Berd (groom at Haven) {Price}  
Berte (begger in Haven) {Price}  
Breda (teacher at Collegium, Councillor of the Bardic Circle, Bard, Gift, Empath, Herbalist) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Emma Thompson
Brightstar k'Treva (s.Vanyel & Snowlight, raised by Moondance & Starwind, Healing Adept, Tayledras, of k'Treva) {Promise, Price}  
Brodie (Healer, forced to serve 'Master Dark') {Price}  
Bryerly (Countess) {Price}  
Damen (boy, servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Darklord (Mage) {Price} See Leareth
Darvina (Companion, c:Ariel, female) {Price}  
Delian (Companion, c:Tantras, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Dellar "Dell" (Chief Councillor of the Bardic Circle, Bard) {Price}  
Dreamseeker k'Treva (Tayledras scout of k'Treva) {Price}  
Enderby (Lord, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Eren (Companion, c:Treven, female) {Price}  
Esten (Companion, c:Randale, male) {Promise, Price}  
Everet (Archpriest, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Featherfire k'Treva (d.Vanyel & Snowlight, Adept, Tayledras, of k'Treva) {Price}  
Festil (King of Hardorn) {Price}  
Firesong k'Treva (Tayledras scout of k'Treva, Elder) {Price}  
Fortin (Companion, c:Mardek, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Gala (Companion, c:Tylendel, female) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Jodie Foster
Gellwin (Lady) {Price}  
Gelmar "Lord" (bro.Rendan, servant of 'Master Dark') {Price}  
Geof Larimar (farmer in Wendwinter Forest ){Price}  
Gerth "the Axe" (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Hawkflight k'Treva (Tayledras scout of k'Treva) {Price}  
Heverd (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Hyrryl (kyree, female, strong Mindspeech, Winged One of Hot Springs Clan) {Price}  
Jess (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Jisa (d. Vanyel and Shavri; m. Treven; c. Taver) {Promise, Price} Sarah Michelle Gellar; Kirsten Dunst
Joserlyn Ashkevron {Price}  
Joshel "Joshe" (c:Kimbry, Herald, Herald's Seneschal) {Price}  
Jumay (Guilmaster, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Kef "Hairlip" (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Kellan "Kell" (Companion, c:Savil, female) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Meryl Streep
Kendrik (a Lord) {Pawn}  
Kera (Herald, MindSpeech) {Price}  
Kilchas (c:Rohan, Herald-Mage, Mindspeech, jade focus) {Price} Bruce Dern
Kimbry (Companion, c:Joshel, female) {Price}  
Leareth "Darkness" "Master Dark" (name used by Ma'ar in a different incarnation, Blood Path Adept, bi/shaych) {Pawn, Price} Ian McKellen; Jeremy Irons; Anthony Hopkins
Liam (c:Orser, Healer, Herald, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Lissandra (c:Shonsea, Herald-Mage, obsidian focus) {Price}  
Lynnell "Lynn" (Bard, Gift) {Price}  
Lytherill (Forst Reach Fosterling) {Price}  
Lythiaren (Queen of Rethwellan) {Price}  
Master Dark (alias for Leareth) {Price} See Leareth
Medren Ashkevron (s.Mekeal & Melenna, Bard, Gift) {Promise, Price}  
Mekeal Ashkevron "Meke" (s.Withen & Treesa) {Pawn, Promise, Price}  
Melody (gd.Star, a chestnut mare, Stefen's horse) {Price}  
Moondance k'Treva (m:Starwind, Tayledras, of k'Treva, shaych) {Pawn, Price} Brad Pitt (3); Rodney A. Grant; Christian Slater; Russell Crowe; Orlando Bloom
Nedran (Lord in Karsite) {Price}  
Orser (Companion, c:Liam, male) {Price}  
Owain (preist of Astera) {Price}  
Preatur (Lord) {Price}  
Radeval Ashkevron "Rad" (Vanyel Ashkevron's cousin) {Pawn, Price}  
Randale "Randi" (s. Darvi, cos.Treven, m:Shavri, c:Esten, King of Valdemar, Herald, Farsight) {Promise, Price} Ed Harris (2); Bruce Boxleitner; Rufus Sewell
Rendan "Lord" (bro.Gelmar, servant of "Master Dark") {Price}  
Resley "the Liar" (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan) {Price}  
Reven (Lord Marshall, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Rohan (Companion, c:Kilchas, male) {Price}  
Roshya (m:Mekeal) {Promise, Price}  
Savil Ashkevron (sis. Withen, l:Andrel, c:Kellan "Kell", Wingsister of k'Treva, Adept, Herald-Mage, Herald-Mage, Mindspeech, rose-quartz primary focus, amethyst seondary focus) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Lauren Bacall (2); Glenn Close (2); Cher; Dame Judi Dench; Angela Landsbury
Shavri (m:Randale, c:Taver, Monarch's Own, Herald-Healer, Healer, Herald) {Promise, Price} Robin Wright; Judy Dench
Shonsea (Companion, c:Lissandra, male) {Promise, Price}  
Starwind k'Treva (m:Moondance, b:Asheena, Adept, Tayledras, of k'Treva, blue-green aura, shaych) {Pawn, Price} Antonio Banderas; Michael Douglas
Stefen "Stef" (m:Vanyel, Tylendel reborn, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows, Bard, Bardic Gift, an odd Healing Gift, shaych) {Price} Anthony Rapp; Rufus Sewell
Suncloud k'Treva (Tayledras scout of k'Treva) {Price}  
Tan "Twoknives" (servant of 'Master Dark' & Rendan, bi/shaych) {Price}  
Tantras "Tran" (c:Delian, Herald, Empathy, Farsight) {Pawn, Promise, Price} John Cusack; Liam Neeson
Taver (Companion, c:Lancir, Shavri & Jisa, Monarch's Own, Groveborn, male) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Anthony Hopkins
Taving (Lord, Privy Councillor) {Price}  
Toril (Companion, c:Andros, female) {Price}  
Treesa Ileana Brendywhin-Ashkevron (m:Withen Ashkevron) {Pawn, Price} Sally Field; Kathy Najimy; Susan Sarandon; Annette Bening (2)
Treven "Trev" (cos.Randale, m:Jisa, c:Eren, King [co-Consort] of Valdemar, Herald, Mindspeech) {Price} Devon Sawa
Tylendel Frelennye "'Lendel" (Staven's twin, m:Vanyel, c:Gala, reborn as Stefen, trained by Savil, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows, Herald-Mage, Empathy, Mindspeech, Fetching, shaych) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Leonardo DiCaprio; Eric Stoltz; Jacob Whipple (2); Chris O'Donnell; Ryan Phillippe (4); Jude Law (6); Orlando Bloom; Heath Legder
Tyler (Withen's priest) {Price}  
Vanyel Ashkevron "Van" "Ashke" (s.Withen & Treesa, m:Tylendel & m:Stefen, c:Yfandes, l:Jonne, Wingbother of k'Teva, trained by Savil & Starwind & Moondance, Privy Councillor, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows, Adept, Herald-Mage, Mindspeech, Fetching, Farsight, Foresight, Empathy, Firestarting, Bardic, Healing, amber & opal & tiger-eye foci, blue-silver aura, shaych) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Kyle MacLachlan; Brad Pitt (3); Eric McCormack; Val Kilmer (2); Paul Rudd; Jaye Davidson (2); Jared Leto; Tom Cruise; Brian Molko; Brendan Fraser; Mark Dacascos (2); Keanu Reeves (3); Michael Praed; Adrian Grenier; Orlando Bloom (2); Trent Reznor (2); Johnny Depp (2); John Cusack; Gregory Smith
Windblade k'Treva (Tayledras scout of k'Treva) {Price}  
Withen Ashkevron (m:Treesa, Lord of Forst Reach, Privy Councillor) {Pawn} {Promise, Price} John Colicos; Sean Connery (2)
Yfandes "Fandes" (Companion, c:Vanyel, female, becomes 'Guardian' of Sorrows) {Pawn, Promise, Price} Michelle Pfeiffer; Maureen O'Hara; Elizabeth McCormack

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