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Warrior Kit

(Revised 1/15/02)

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So you want to be a Warrior! Here's everything you need to know to fill out your Warrior Sheet.

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

Who are you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet .


Where can we reach you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>? Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would like to become a Warrior? Daethians, Dumnonians, Elves, Galantites, and Rashtarians only.

*UNIT (Mandatory)

All Warriors have to learn and practice their profession somewhere. Options by country are:

Even lone raiders have to base out of somewhere. That place would be your character's unit.

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*RANK (Mandatory)

What is your rank/title at the castle? The options are Fighter/Squire, Raider/Soldier, Warrior/Knight. Warriors attached to castles use the ranks Squire/Soldier/Knight. Everyone else uses Fighter/Raider/Warrior.

A character may become a Fighter/Squire at 10-12 years of age. They must train with their unit for 8-10 years before advancing in rank. Usually this happens when a person is between 18 and 22 years of age, but it may take longer.

A Raider/Soldier starts having career options. A Soldier stays with a castle, guard or army unit. A Raider may be attached to an army unit but is most likely in one of the other categories. These characters are usually in their twenties, but they can be much, much older. For instance, it's possible to have a 57-year-old barbarian or a 700-year-old elf who is a raider.

Dumnonian Raiders may undertake Quests by filing the Application for Quest with the BOD of your base camp. At the completion of the tenth Quest (the Dragonquest), the Raider may file an Application for Bonding/Band with the BOD of the base camp. Undertaking these Quests is the only way to advance in rank more swiftly than the usual process. Upon completion of a Dragonquest, the Dumnonian--with the Dragonking's approval--may advance to Warrior status. Otherwise it takes an average of ten (10) years to earn the next rank.

A character may become a Warrior/Knight around the time he/she turns thirty (30), but most such characters will be older. A Warrior who Bonds with a Dragon becomes a Dragonrider. A Warrior who accepts a warband becomes a Dragonless Warrior.

A Warrior who serves in an army or guard unit for an additional ten years may be put in command (become a Captain). (The BOD of your base camp will have a waiting list for such posts; you must request that your name be added to the list.)

A Warrior in a barbarian tribe may become a Tribal Chieftan after serving at Warrior level for ten (10) years. This character must get the barbarian warrior characters of five (5) other players to agree to be tribe members under him or her. Smaller groups may not form a tribe. No one player may own an entire tribe.

A Knight who serves a noble for ten (10) years may become a noble in his/her own right, granted the chance to build a castle somewhere (if he/she can afford it) or put on a waiting list to receive a castle from the Lady of Daethia.

A Daethian Warrior/Knight who has fought at this top rank level for ten (10) years may try to become a member of the Kyondoca. The easy way is to tell your BOD you want to become a member of Daethia's elite guard. Your name will be added to a waiting list. As positions become available, people on the waiting list will be notified that they have earned the rank. The hard way is to have your character challenge a member of the Kyondoca for his rank. This is a battle to the death, and your character may die. If you want to pursue this course anyway, notify your BOD by filing an Application for Challenge Fight.


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Usually a Warrior's specialty goes no further than his/her choice of weapons (which will be on the basic part of your character sheet). But if you feel the need for something a little more elaborate, here are the possibilities that are available:


If your characacter is a Tribal Chieftan or a Knight, you may have a coat of arms. You must have the heraldry approved by L.A. Malcor at Stuck for an idea? Check out the Heraldry Handout!


If you are a status persona who needs to write a report, message Lady Zara at for the Warrior Report Kit. Although this kit is designed especially for the Dragonrider version of the warrior, captains, tribal chieftains and other powerful warriors may use it as well.

Additional Notes


In the course of time, a female warrior may wish to become pregnant. This poses certain problems since we are fighting a war. If a female warrior wishes to become pregnant, the player must petition the BOD for permission so they have warning that this storyline is going to occur. Your character must be a Breeding Female and must continue on active duty for the duration of her pregnancy, see a Healer immediately after the birth, and return to active duty at once. The baby must be fostered: The front line is no place for an infant. The physical hardship that this involves makes most Breeding Females who become warriors extremely reluctant to become pregnant except by the direct command of their Ruler, and many choose to have themselves rendered sterile.


Want to dress your warrior in something more than a kilt or caftan? Here are some suggestions. You may either roll randomly on this chart using a d100 or simply pick something. Or, better still, let your imagination run wild!

01-09 banded
10-19 brigandine
20-25 chain
26-33 coif, reinforced
34-39 hide
40-46 lamellar
47-50 padded
51-54 ring
55-60 scale
61-63 shield, body
64-65 shield, buckler
66-69 shield, daraq-style
70-77 shield, magic (such as holy or against a type of Dragon breath)
78-79 shield, tortise
80-90 shirt, armored
91-94 splint
95-00 studded

Metal armor is usually iron or steel. Galantite armor is extremely rare and very, very expensive.

Materials You May Request


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