Dragonlords of Dumnonia

Magic Room Timeline

(Revised 1/10/99)

Shashtah and Kashon

"Shashtah and Kashon
L.A. Malcor

The Magic Room timeline covers what happened in the time bubble that Kashon and Shashtah led the Dumnonians and their Dragons into in Dragonlord of Dumnonia.

Dates without asterisks are taken from L.A. Malcor's novels. Dates with asterisks are events that have been generated by the Dragonlords clubs. If you spot a date glitch, please notify Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com.

Shashtah, Kashon, Tphah and Katrell entered the Magic Room in the Fast of the Free. They observed the Feast of the Mother, then started numbering the years as "1/Magic Room" (instead of the reign of a king or queen) beginning with the first day of the Feast of Light.




1 20.12 Shashonna born
6 19.18 Pregnant Dumnonians and Dragons enter the Magic Room (with their preferred mates and Bond Partners when necessary)
19.18 Dragons begin laying eggs
20.18 Dragons continue laying eggs
1.19 Dragons finish laying eggs
7 1.01 Dragons begin to Hatch
2.01 Dragons continue Hatching
3.01 Dragons finish Hatching
5.11 Dumnonian children born in Magic Room
11 4.03 Shashonna dresses up Zabad and is sentenced to spend time under Unni's wing
1.04 Shashonna passes the time teaching Unni how to hunt
1.05 Shashonna allowed to return to Camp
13 1.01 Hatchlings become Fledglings
2.01 Hatchlings become Fledglings
3.01 Hatchlings become Fledglings; Shashtah and Kashon divide Fledglings
5.11 Salene leaves the Magic Room with Zabad
18 4.09 Shashonna learns the Mother's Dance from Shashtah; Shashtah works a miracle, turning the steppe-like environment into a Dumnonian-type desert
23 3.01 All Fledglings become Striplings and are reassigned
25 19.18 Tphah regains her shapeshifting ability
31 19.18 Dragons regain their shapeshifting ability; decision is made to stay until Striplings are old enough to Bond
33 3.01 Dragons and Dumnonians leave the Magic Room

Shashta, Kashon, Tphah and Katrell spent a little over thirty-two years in the Magic Room. Shashonna spent a little under thirty-two years. The Dumnonians and Dragons who entered and stayed just long enough to lay the eggs only lost a month, so they don't need to worry abaout age adjustments. Salene and Zabad stayed seven years. The Dumnonians and Dragons who stayed the full time added 26 years to their ages.

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