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Thief Kit

(Revised 1/14/02)




Danielle DiFronzo

So you want to be a Thief! Just to make sure you are clear on the concept, the thieves on Centuria who actually live long enough to do anything at all in their profession are the Robin Hood types. That means "Steal from the Rich Bad Guys to Give to the Poor Good Guys." There are no prisons on Centuria; everyone is too busy fighting the War to supply prison guards and wardens. So justice is harsh and swift--usually resulting in the death or maiming of the thief. Theft is a death sentence among the Galantites. The Rashtarians turn you lose, naked in the wilderness (which means you are probably dead by nightfall with all the evil nasty types running around). The Dumnonians cut off your right hand. The Elves won't let you inside their Kingdom. Krills will relieve any "evil" thief of his/her ill-gotten gains. And the Daethians will put you in a pillory for the night and flog you ten times. So it really doesn't pay to be the bad guy. And you will get caught if you steal with evil intent. That's one of the unbreakable rules: No crime on Centuria goes unpunished.

But if you still want to be a Thief, here's how you do it.

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

Who are you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet .


Where can we reach you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>? Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would like to become a Thief? Keep in mind that the vast majority of thieves on Centuria are Krills.

*BASE (Mandatory)

This is almost certainly the Krillion Thieves Guild. There is a small Thieves Guild in Tor. No thief is going to base out of the King's Camp or a base camp (Dumnonians chop off thieves' hands when they catch them.), but one might attach to warband for a Dragonless Warrior. No thief will base out of Mount Paradin; Galantites kill all thieves. No thief can base out of the Elven Kingdom; the magic doors won't let a thief pass. And the barbarians of Rashtar are too poor to make braving that harsh realm worthwhile for a thief.

*RANK (Mandatory)

What is your rank/title in your profession? The options are Pickpocket, Robber and Thief/Spy.

Pickpockets usually get started around 12 years of age. To become a robber, the pickpocket needs to convince five characters, each of which belong to other players, to join his/her band. These characters may be of any profession, but they must be physically within the vicinity of the thief. For instance, if the thief is attached to a caravan, the characters must join the caravan.

If you begin play as a Robber, you must create your own band. Characters must survive as robbers for at least ten years before advancing to the next rank. Most characters never advance.

At the highest rank, Thief/Spy, characters get a choice.

  1. They can add a warband to their existing followers. (They do this by filing the Application for Bonding/Band with their BOD.).
  2. They can become one of Treigo's Captains (This is the Krill version of Army Captain; ask your BOD to be added to the waiting list.).
  3. They can "Give up their Evil Ways" (Yeah. Right.) and become a noble (Fill out the Noble Kit.). This option is available to non-Krills only. Krills are not allowed to own land.
  4. They can become one of Treigo's spies.

    Any of these special characters will be thirty or older. Most likely older.


    If you are a status persona who needs to write a report, message Lady Zara at for the Guilder Report Kit. Yes, your character might not technically be a guilder, but the report is essentially the same.



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