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December 31, 2002

One of the major club activities for the Dragonlords of Dumnonia is the production of fanzines. This is actually a sort of "writers forum" to give fantasy writers (aspiring or established) a place to practice their Guild. You must adhere to the Basic Rules and the Club Rules as well as to the logic of L.A. Malcor's world. L.A. Malcor has final approval over everything that goes into the fanzines. But beyond that, you pretty much are unlimited as to what you can do.

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Whether you are submitting stories or poems in fulfillment of requirements for major personae or contributing to a Dragonlords of Dumnonia fanzine simply because you have a tale you want to share, we have a few simple requests to make the editors' lives easier.


  1. Since this is an online fanzine, we accept only electronic submissions. Please e-mail your file to the editors as an attached .txt or ASCII file. Preferred file formats for artwork are GIF and JPEG. Artists should caption their work. PLEASE DO NOT SEND .ZIP FILES!

    Send all text submissions to Lady Zara at Legend@malcor.com.

    Send all art submissions to Dragonlord Timber at healermoon@gmail.com.

    Absolutely all submissions must have a release form sent to

    L.A. Malcor
    P.O. Box 749
    Laguna Beach, CA 92652

    If she does not have this release form in hand when the 'zine is ready to come out, your story will not appear.

  1. Include your name, snail and e-mail addresses, and phone number, so we can get in touch with you if we need to. Anything submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.
  1. Include an estimated word count. Minimum word count for stories that count for requirements is 1000 words; for poems, 500 words. There is currently no maximum.
  1. Please supply a title for your story.
  1. List the name of the character who appears in the story under your real name on the by-line. For example,

L.A. Malcor
Dragonlord Krin

In this case, the story is about Dragonlord Krin and, since he is a major persona, would count toward his requirements.

If this character name is different from your persona name, please list your persona name in parentheses beneath it. For instance,

L.A. Malcor
Lord Janix
(Dragonlord Krin)

In this case, the story is about Lord Janix and would not count toward Krin's requirements. Also, Lord Janix is an NPC, not a persona, so the story is simply written for fun.

In the unlikely event that none of your characters appear in the story, use the name of your persona as the by-line reference.

  1. Use a spell-check and grammar-check program before submitting.
  1. Stories will be edited for style and punctuation. Stories requiring major changes will be returned to the author for a rewrite.
  1. Include the date(s) and time(s) when and location(s) where your story takes place beneath the title of your story. Centurian dates are written Day.Month.Year (DD.MM.YYYY). If you do not have the Date Conversion Charts, please include the Terran equivalent. If your story takes place over several days and/or locations, give a summary of these beneath your title and list each change in date and/or location beneath each scene break. Also list the time of day (e.g., Late Morning, Evening, Midnight) at the beginning of each scene. For example, you might type:

13/Feast of the Mother/8 Shaharadesh
Early Morning

Then you would begin your scene.

  1. Use three (3) asterisks ( * * * ) between scene breaks.
  1. If you use other people's characters or a location created by another player in your story, you need to obtain permission to do so before your story will be printed in the 'zine. Send each person whose character or location you used a copy of your story and ask him/her to read it. If the use of the character or location is approved, the owner of the character needs to notify you in writing (please forward a copy of the permission along with your story to the appropriate editor). If permission is not granted, you need to rewrite your story to make the use of the character or location in question acceptable to the owner or to eliminate the character or location from your story.
  1. If you create a new named NPC to use in a story, you must complete an NPC sheet for this character if he/she does not already have one and include it for approval with your submission.
  1. If you have a major event happen in your story, you need to notify everyone whose character would be effected to make sure their characters know about the event and are not doing something else that day. Examples are: a century finds a Cinnamarian base camp, miners are required to clear a collapsed tunnel, healers are needed to treat severe injuries. If you are unsure whether your story qualifies as a major event, ask your editor ;->. It is not necessary to inform people about a major event if that event took place during an online session or as a part of a story in a previous issue of the 'zine.
  1. Make sure that the descriptions of all the locales used in your story match the maps approved for use in Dragonlords of Dumnonia. If you have any questions regarding maps, contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com. A list of maps and tours of several locales is provided for members only on the Available Materials list in the Orientation Pak.
  1. Keep in mind this regulation when you are writing your stories: No one commits a crime on Centuria and gets away with it. Period.


One set of laws that must never be broken is those that have been laid down by L.A. Malcor. These are the conditions under which every Dragonlords of Dumnonia base camp is granted is charter. Violating these regulations will result in the immediate revocation of the erring base camp's charter. These are known as the Basic Rules. If you have not done so recently, do it at once. They change periodically as situations arise in the course of play or in L.A. Malcor's career. So it is always a good idea to reread the current version before submitting anything to the fanzine.


  1. Whatever you do, please, be consistent.
  1. When you change speaker or actor, change paragraphs.
  1. When you change narrational POV, use a scene break ( * * * )
  1. Enclose telepathy between dragons and riders in double colons and underscores:

    ::_Demons attacking Tramson!_::
  1. Special emphasis should be indicated by a single _underscore_. Please do not use -dashes- or CAPS. Special fonts, such as italics, do not survive the conversion to ASCII or .txt.
  1. Avoid Terran references. If you are unsure of the Centurian equivalent for something, ask your editor.


Be careful how you spell things! Whether or not you capitalize something can be important! You might wind up talking about something you did not intend ;->. Here is a brief dictionary of what some words mean on our timeline:

Word Pronunciation Definition
aba AH-bah desert robe. Dragonriders and traders typically wear this garment without a sash over their regular battle dress. Ceremonial versions are white.
agal ah-GAHL metallic cord or chain used to tie keffiyeh. Varies in thickness and flexibility.
apprentice   lowest ranking member of a Guild; title, e.g., Apprentice Elaine or Apprentice Beast Guilder Elaine, not Apprentice Beastguilder Elaine)
artisan   an individual who pursues an art that is barely a part of the Guild that has accepted it; title, e.g., Artisan Jessamyn
barchan BAR-kan crescent-shaped dune found at desert's edge.
Bard   entertainer, teacher and judge ("Harper" is not used); title, e.g., Bard Evie
Bard Guild   Guild for Bards (not Harper Guild)
baker   a member of the Baker Guild (not Baker Guilder) also a title, e.g., Baker Noyla
Baker Guild   guild responsible for baking
base camp   a roving camp that serves as home to the members of a century while they are pulling duty on the front line
Beast Guild   Guild responsible for breeding animals
Beast Guilder   member of the Beast Guild; also a title, e.g., Beast Guilder Elaine
betmaker   member of the Betmaker Guild; also a title, e.g., Betmaker Elijan
birthnight   the equivalent of "birthday" in Dumnonian culture
Betmaker Guild   Guild responsible for overseeing all offical gambling
Bond   to become telepathically joined to a Dragon; always capitalized
border   political boundry of a country or kingdom
Border   usually reserved for the front line between Dumnonia and Cinnamar, but sometimes used for the boundry between Dumnonia and Daethia or between Daethia and Cinnamar.
Bronze   Always capitalized when referring to a dragon, e.g., Bronze Quirot; can be used alone (e.g., Quirot is a Bronze)
caftan CAF-tan Loose fitting, ankle-length desert overgarment, usually worn with a sash. The version worn by Trainees is called an "initiate's robe." The initiate's robe is hooded, does not include a sash, and is slit up the back and front.
candlescar CAN-dell-scar Measurement of time, roughly equal to one Terran hour. The name comes from candles that were originally made by elves for the Galantites. The candles are cut at intervals that will take one candlescar to burn, then wax of a different color from the main candle is dripped into the cut, forming a mass that resembles a scar.
caravaneer   person responsible for trading; title; always used in combination form; e.g., Trader Tanis
Carpenter   member of the Carpenter Guild (not Carpenter Guilder; title, Carpenter Josef
Carpenter Guild   Guild responsible for woodworking
carya CAHR-yah A numbing substance, similar to clove oil. Used on wounds. May be used in small quantities for things such as dental work. (Note: This is a fictional herb; it does not really exist.)
Castle   a specific Castle; owned by one family with servants/employees, Cottages and/or manors owing fealty to it; major castles have manors and other castles that look to them for support and/or protection; minor castles are independent castles where non-family members are also employed.
Castlefolk   people who live in a Castle
century   a group of roughly 100 Bonded Pairs who serve under the same Dragonlord
chador SHAH-dor Hooded and veiled woman's robe
clutch   a group of dragon eggs from one laying by the same Breeding Female
cook   member of the Cook Guild
Cook   title; always used in combination form, e.g., Cook Tara; other rank combinations are possible, e.g., Headcook Tara
Cook Guild   Guild responsible for staffing kitchens
Cook Guilder   see "cook"
Cottage   a house owned by one family with no regular employees/servants outside of the blood clan
Cottager   A noble who owns a cottage; title, e.g., Cottager Kristopher
Councilor   a Dumnonian Bronze who is a member of the Council of Ancients
cymen SEYE-mehn cement
Dame   title; the female owner of a minor castle or the female mate of the male owner of a minor castle; e.g., Dame Judith.
dao DOW A supernatural creature that specializes in earth magic.
djellaba jell-AH-bah Hooded, ankle-length desert overcoat, usually of felt or wool
djibbah JEEB-bah Long, cloth coat with sleeves worn open in the front
dishdashah dish-DAH-shah Tunic. May be worn long, with the hem at the ankles, but the knee-length version is preferred
djinn JIN A supernatural creature that specializes in air magic.
dolman DOHL-mahn Loose-fitting robe. Similar to the aba, but usually of heavier materials and graced by a more tailored cut
dragon   a member of any draconic species except for Dumnonian Bronzes
Dragon   a Dumnonian Bronze; usually reserved for True Bonzes, although it may be applied to Permanently Shifted Bronzes and to certain Mutants as a sign of respect.
Dragonbard   a Dumnonian Bronze with bardic skills and a special type of bardic magic
Dragoncouncilor   a Dumnonian Bronze who is a member of the Council of Ancients
dragonette   a young Dragon; any Hatchling, Fledgling or Stripling
Dragonhealer   healer specializing in health care for Dragons; title, Dragonhealer Jebond
Dragonking   either a male Dumnonian Ruler or the male Bond Partner of a Dumnonian Ruler
dragonlength   a Dumnonian unit of measure, based on the average size of an Adult Bronze; 84 feet; 28 yards.
dragonless warrior   a warrior who chose a warband instead of a Dragon.
Dragonlord   supreme commander of a century
Dragonprophet/Dragonprophetess   a Dumnonian Bronze with powers of Prophecy
Dragonqueen   either a female Dumnonian Ruler or the female Bond Partner of a Dumnonian Ruler
dragonrider   person who is Bonded to a dragon
Dragonrider   person who is Bonded to a Dumnonian Bronze; title, e.g., Draognlord Krin
Dragonriders   more than one Dragonrider; often used to refer to the members of a century
Dragonteacher   a member of the support staff who works with Hatchlings or Fledglings
Dragontrainer   special rank for a Rider who works with dragonettes who require special training because of unique skills or behavior problems
dune skimmer   antelope. Also called skympsam.
elf   a member of the
elven   having to do with a member of the
Elven   part of a title, refering to a member of the royal family of elves, such as the Elven King or the Elven Lord.
elves   more than one member of the
Elves   the Elven Race; residents of the Elven Kingdom; always used with "the": the Elves
Farm Guild   Guild responsible for growing things
Farm Guilder   a member of the Farm Guild; title, e.g., Apprentice Farm Guilder Caitlyn
Farmer   a member of the Farm Guild; title, e.g., Journeyman Farmer Carrell
Fast   same as a rotation
Feast   same as a "rotation"
fez FEHZ Round, flat-topped felt hat, generally with a tassle. Different colored tassles may signify rank. Usually worn only by clerics of the Lord of Humor.
First Witness   Best Man; Maid of Honor
fisher   a member of the Fisher Guild (not Fisher Guilder); title, e.g., Fisher Koalan; see "Fisherman"
Fisherman   a member of the Fisher Guild (not Fisher Guilder); title, e.g., Fisherman Lee; see "Fisher"
Fisher Guild   Guild responsible for catching fish and river transportation
Fledgling   catergory of Bronze after Hatchling; assigned to a Dragonlord
gassi GAS-see Rocky path between two large, sharp-peaked dunes.
glass-smith   a member of the Glass-smith Guild title, e.g., Glass-smith Kyrisa
Glass-smith Guild   Guild responsible for creating glass products
Guild   a group in charge of the production of some specific type of goods or who offers some specific type of service; also the local "headquarters" for a such a group
Guilder   a member of a Guild; also a title, e.g. Guilder Mikay
Guild-less profession   a group that provides a service or manufactures a type of goods yet does not have a Guild. The Guild-less professions are Artisan, Caravaneer, Cook, Scribe, and Vintner
Guildmaster   the head of the Guild for his/her region
Haram hahr-AHM Holy site
harrat hahr-RAHT plain covered with volcanic debris
Hatching   reference to the "birth" of a Bronze Dragon
Hatchling   the youngest category of Bronze; assigned to the care of the Dumnonian Ruler
hatchling   a dragonet
healer   member of the Healer Guild (not Healer Guilder); title, e.g., Healer Mikay
Healer Guild   Guild responsible for health care
herbalist   healer who specializes in healing with herbs; title, e.g., Herbalist Kalena
hogback HAWG-bak rocky break/or ridge in a plateau
iffrit EEF-frit A supernatural creature that specializes in fire magic.
initiate   Lowest member of a religious order; title, eg., Initiate Makara.
jambiya JAHM-bee-yah small, curved dagger
journeyman   intermediary rank of a Guild
Journeyman   title; always used in combination form, e.g., Journeyman Sarnic; can include additional rank designation of Senior, e.g., Senior Journeyman Miner Xaner
kaavis kah-ah-VEES A distilled liquid that may be used as a sedative. In it's pure form, it may be injected in small quantities directly into the bloodstream. It may also be served as a tea or mixed with fruit juice or other liquids. Large quantities may cause death. (Note: This is a fictional herb; it does not really exist.)
kaffiyeh kah-FEE-yeh head-covering woman's desert robe
kavir kah-VEER salt flat
keffiyeh keh-FEE-yeh man's headcloth
kor KOHR soul
Krilliac KRIL-lee-ak The language of the Krills.
Lady   title; the female owner of a major castle, the female mate of a male owner of a major castle or the female Heir of a major castle, e.g., Lady Jalla
Leather Guild   alternate name for Tanner Guild; Guild responsible for leatherworking
Leather Guilder   alternate name for a member of the Tanner Guild; see Tanner; title; always used in combination form, e.g., Leather Guilder Jules
Lord   title; the male owner of a major castle, the male mate of a female owner of a major castle or male Heir of a major castle, e.g., Lord Gellaim
Lordling   title; the male owner of a manor, the male mate of a female owner of a manor or male offspring of an owner of a minor castle, e.g., Lordling Caleb
Madam   title; the female Heir of a minor castle or the female offspring of the owner of a major castle, e.g., Madam Janla
mainhall   the main room of a Castle
Master   title; high-ranking member of a Guild, e.g., Master Evie; for Guilders, may combine with a Guild name, e.g., Master Bard Evie and Master Healer Mikay; can combine with specialty, e.g., Voicemaster; see Guildmaster; also the male heir of a minor castle or the male offspring of the owner of a major castle, e.g., Master Rellix.
Master Guilder   see Master
Mine Guild   Guild responsible for mining operations
miner   member of the Mine Guild (not mine Guilder); title, e.g., Miner Sarnic
Mistress   title; the female owner of a manor, e.g., Mistress Ellisa
natalday   the equivalent of "birthday" outside Dumnonian culture
nestmates   Dragons from the same clutch
Noble   specific individual; may refer to the owner of a Castle, Cottage, or manor and the Noble's offspring; title, e.g., Noble Caleb
pencil   writing stick
qahffah kah-FAH A dark liquid, served hot, that has a scent reminiscent of cinnamon and hazlenuts; Dumnonians serve the brew to honored guests. (In the "real" world, a good approximation is cinnamon-hazlenut coffee <g>.)
qanun kay-NOON desert harp
race manager   person attached to a Castle with a race track who oversees races held at that site (not a Guilder)
rider   person who has Bonded with a dragon
Rider   person who has Bonded with a Dumnonian Bronze; title, e.g., Rider Jilian
racer   a horse or camel who specializes in racing
rotation   a month (20 days)
sahib SAW-heeb traditional title for the dragonless leader of a caravan
salaam sah-LAHM low bow, executed with a flourish of the right hand
scribe   an individual trained in writing; title, e.g., Scribe Skyler
seif SEE-if sharp-peaked, extremely large "sword" dune that runs parallel to the wind, sometimes extending for hundreds of leagues
shabakia shah-bah-KEY-uh A cookie made with honey, sesame seeds and spices
Sir   title; the male owner of a minor castle, the male mate of a female owner of a minor castle, e.g., Sir David
siwak SEE-wahk toothbrush
skympsam SKIMP-sahm antelope; also called "dune skimmer"
smith   member of the Smith Guild (not smith Guilder)
Smith   title; always used in combination form, e.g., Smith Falke
Smith Guild   Guild responsible for inventions, for making things in metal, and for building and repairing mechanical devices
Stripling   catergory of Bronze after Fledgling; assigned to a Dragonrider
sweetener   sugar
tamr TA-muhr date (as in the fruit)
tanner   member of the Tanner Guild (not Tanner Guilder); see Leather Guilder; title, e.g., Tanner Jules
Tanner Guild   Guild responsible for leatherworking; see Leather Guild
tour   three rotations
turban TUR-bahn strip of cloth, wound into the shape of a hat
veil VAYL strip of silk worn across a woman's nose and mouth; also a length of cloth worn in place of a keffiyeh with a hoodless robe
vintner   Guilder reponsible for creating wines and other alcoholic beverages; title, e.g., Vintner Yanor
wadi WAH-dee rocky, seasonal flood plain
weaver   member of the Weaver Guild (not weaver Guilder)
Weaver   title; always used in combination form, e.g., Weaver Kanani
Weaver Guild   Guild responsible for textile production
wingspan   a Dumnonian unit of measure, based on the average size of an Adult Bronze; 168 feet; 56 yards.
Winery   where a vintner works
wolfkin   creatures that look like wolves but are not true wolves

If you cannot find a word that you think should be included on this list, message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com.


The only profanity that is allowed in stories is listed in Dumnonian Expressions. If you come across an expression used in one of L.A. Malcor's books that has not been added to this list, please message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com so the phrase may be added. No Terran profanity is allowed. Please do not make up your own swear words/oaths due to copyright complications.


Writer's Block? You have your persona sheet. Elaborate on something in your persona's past.

  1. Childhood

    Did something important happen while you were growing up? Did you witness a special event? Did something really bad or really good happen to someone close to you? Did you acquire an unusual scar in an interesting way?

  2. Career

    What made you decide to become a Dragonrider/Noble/Guilder/whatever? Did someone make the decision for you? Did you take the initiative? How did you get in the position you're in today?

  3. Bonding

    Why did your Dragon choose to Bond with you? How did you wind up on the steps to Corin's Tomb? Did you always love Dragons and dream of being a Rider?

  4. Training

    What happened to you and your Dragon when you were going through the Training? Were there any lessons that were particularly thrilling/difficult/terrifying?

  5. Love

    Does your persona have a love interest? If you're a Daethian or an elf, are you married? What was your wedding like? If you're a Dragonrider, do you have a Preferred Mate? A Secondary Mate? How did you meet him/her? Or is your persona strictly celibate? Certainly there must be some reason . . .

  6. Pets

    Does your persona have a non-racing camel? A hunting dog? Something else? Where did your pet come from? Why did you choose that particular pet--or did it choose you? Do your pets breed? What do you do with the offspring? If you're a Dragonrider, how does your dragon get along with your pet?

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