Available Scripts

Here are descriptions of the scripts that are currently available from L.A. Malcor. If you are interested in optioning or purchasing one of them, contact her at Legend@malcor.com.

  1. Blindside


    A college chemistry professor discovers he's being framed for the murder of his students.

  2. Blue Rider


    A widowed mounted policeman falls in love with a woman after her husband is shot and killed.

  3. Cappy


    A newspaper journalist becomes haunted by an adorable little spirit dedicated to the care of the house and family.

  4. The Crevasse


    A teenaged sled dog driver battles against a legendary Eskimo vampire that an earthquake has released from its icy grave.

  5. Dead Drunk

    Police Drama

    Two Los Angeles detectives race against the clock to gather the evidence that will either clear or convict their friend, a habitually drunken college professor, of murder.

  6. Fairy Tale


    A Californian lifeguard has a close encounter with a modern-day sea fairy.

  7. Grand Thieves


    A European grand thief becomes the subject of an international manhunt when an American grand thief steals a diamond necklace for a millionaire.

  8. The House Carpenter


    A retired house carpenter and his wife help an amnesiac discover the truth about his mysterious past.

  9. The Key


    A police officer teams up with a former partner's son and a mysterious dog to catch the killer responsible for the murder of a Mafia don.

  10. The Magic Within


    A young boy convinces a man, whom he believes to be Aladdin's Jinn of the Ring, to protect him from a local gang.

  11. Suspicions

    Psychological Thriller

    A businessman flees when he is suspected of being a serial killer and is captured by a woman who is either insane or the love of his life.

  12. The Legend of Thomas Lynn


    A Scottish baroness wagers that she can marry an eccentric earl.

  13. The Touchstone Affair


    A spy, who has been insane since childhood, must team up with his former lover to solve the murder of his wife.

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