The Religions of Centuria


Homo Religioso


Shane of Corin

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No one knows who the original gods of Centuria were. Of them all, only the worship of the Mother still survives, and that is practiced primarily among the Dumnonians. Most of the other gods have been replaced by the Mirari (Mi-RAHR-ee), a race of beings from another dimension who were inadvertently discovered by the Wizards of Corin and led back to this plane. There is a common taboo among all of the religions of Centuria against saying the true name of a deity except when in the actual presence of the god. This is because a side effect of the magic that enables the Mirari to function as deities often causes the mere mention of their true name to summon them, generally to the consternation and ill-fortune of the unwary summoner. Since the homeland of the Mirari is the Land of Light, each of these beings has a color that is sacred to its clerics, which corresponds to the color its soul would cast on its home plane.

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