*Rainier's Base Camp*

A Main Player Club

(Currently functioning as an adjunct of Ryanon's Base Camp)

Rainier's Base Camp is comprised of a mix of Riders with mutants or pernanently shifted Bronzes. The Camp is located on the Rashtaran side of the Pass to Daethia, near the White Wolf's Northern Temple.

Rainier's Century

Dragonrider Tents for Rainier's Century

The heart of the base camp is the Dragonrider Tent complex. Support personnel, caravaneers and other folk pitch their tents wherever terrain allows. Miners are working on hollowing out a cave complex with lairs for the Dragons and shelter for supplies.




Danielle DiFronzo


Melinda Rose Galy

Base Camp Roster

(Tent assignments are in parentheses. The first number is the row; the second number indicates the column.)

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