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Series 1, Vol. I, No. 4
May 1988

(Note: These are excerpts from the original newsletter that was published on this date. The Queen's Own address has been updated. The club's name changed from Queens' Own to Queen's Own in January 1989. The current President of Queen's Own is Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn. For more information, see http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm.)

[Begin Excerpt]

Dear Misty fans:

First and foremost, our thanks to those of you who've sent us the requested stamps or "coin of the realm". An especial thank you to that generous person who sent ten dollars. [An aside to those of you who've sent nothing to date: This mailing is courtesy of that generous person but will really have to be your last unless we hear from you.]

We've received some corrections from one fan: "Most of Misty's music is written by other filkers--she writes the lyrics . . . . Misty DOES have a few tunes on Heralds, Harpers and Havoc that are hers . . . --'Musings' is one of them . . . . " [Editor's Note: I no longer write or edit professionally. This is a labor of love, not money. Therefore, while clarifications are appreciated . . . . ]

To those of you who didn't receive bookplates in their March newsletter: Misty said she'd send us more when she gets them, so try to be patient.

If you'd like to send Misty a birthday card, via us, please get it to us for forwarding by June 17th. Her birthday is June 24th. And if you'd like to send an anniversary card, send it by June 3rd; the big day is June 10th. [Ed. note 2002: Misty is no longer married to Tony Lackey; her current husband is Larry Dixon.] It's hers and Tony's 16th. [If addressed to Misty, they will be forwarded unopened.]

Additions to the list of those of you who've said you'd like to hear from other fans:

[List Withheld]

Lynne [Luerding], in addition to Kristin Ruhle, attended Bayfilk IV in March, heard and met Misty. Reminder: Misty'll be at Okon in Tulsa over the July 4th weekend. Judith is determined to attend one of the filks or cons and thinks it would be great if we could figure out how to meet one another as well as Misty. Any suggestions? [We will let you know the Windycon date in October as soon as we learn it.]

As noted in April, Misty is also working on two more books for the Heralds' series. Of the first, MAGIC'S PAWN, she writes: "Young Vanyel, a thoroughly spoiled and arrogant little brat, is sent to the keeping of his Aunt, the Herald-Mage Savil, in hopes she can do something with him. She is NOT amused, though she softens a bit when Vanyel and her protege (There is no Herald's [sic] Collegium at this point; Chosen are trained by mentors, frequently one-on-one, and get Whites when the mentor feels they are ready) Tylendel fall into bed with each other and Vanyel starts acting more like a human being as a consequence. But THEN Tylendel's twin is killed in an interfamily feud, and he [sic] goes a bit round the bend on the subject of revenge . . . and that is just the START of Vanyel's problems."

This summer Misty will also have a short story, DRAGON'S TEETH, coming out in an as yet unnamed anothology to be published by Hypatis Press. Look for it! Nag, cajole, beg your bookseller to keep an eye out for it for you.

Judith Louvis and Sally Paduch

[End Excerpt]

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