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Series 3, Vol. 6, No. 8
August 1, 2005

Morrigan 2 by Laura Cameron

Heyla, Misty fans!

It’s hard to believe that summer is already half over! Our stores are filled with back-to-school items, and my catalogues are already starting to bug me about Halloween and Christmas. Where do the years go?

There’s still time to get in some summer reading; check out the publication section below for some suggestions. Also, if you’re like me and start your Christmas shopping early, Misty has several titles coming up that you can preorder now for delivery by the holidays.

Herald Jocelynne wrote to update us on the happenings in her life: "Heyla! This is Herald Jocelynne, and I wanted to share the news that I just got married this past spring and I am currently about to graduate from the University of Findlay's Nuclear Medicine Institute at the end of August. My new husband’s name is Scott Lowry." Best wishes from all your friends at Queen’s Own! (If you are a QO member and have something exciting and/or important happen in your life, write and tell me about it, if you would like me to share the news with other Misty fans.)

Is anyone interested in an online QO RPG event? If so, please message me at Legend@malcor.com with the days and times you could be online (Don’t forget to include your time zone or translate to Pacific Daylight Time for me!), and I’ll try to set something up.

Publication news:

Bedlam’s Edge, the next installment in the Bedlam’s Bard series coauthored with Rosemary Edghill, is still on track for an August release, as is the paperback release of Children of the Night: Burning Water.

The fourth and newest installment in Misty’s Elemental Masters series, The Wizard of London, is coming in early October. While you’re there, you can pick up a paperback copy of the third Elemental Masters book, Phoenix and Ashes.

On November 1, look for the paperback version of Misty’s Winter Moon: Moontide/The Heart of the Moon/Banshee Cries, coauthored with Tanith Lee and C.E. Murphy.

For Christmas this year, you won’t have to look too hard to find an appropriate gift for your favorite Misty fan. There’s the next installment of the Bedlam’s Bard series: Music to My Sorrow, by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill, hits shelves in hardcover on December 6, and the paperback version of The Wizard of Karres with Eric Flint and Dave Freer has been bumped up for a December 6 release as well. And if you’ve been itching for new stories in paperback about everyone’s favorite fantasy realm, Valdemar, be sure to pick up Misty’s Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar.

After the New Year, look for Misty’s latest editing stint, Mapping the World of Harry Potter. Stoned Souls (with Josepha Sherman, edited by James P. Baen) now has an official release date: early February.

Remember, a portion of all purchases made through the Dragonlords’ Bookstore, http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/bkstore.htm, go to support Queen’s Own.  This is how we keep our memberships free, so we greatly appreciate your patronage.

If you are the editor of a QO publication or the contact person for a QO chapter, please check your ads to make sure they are current. Also, write to me and let me know what’s going on! I want to pass the word to all QO members about the wonderful things I know you are doing.

A special thank you goes to Amber Taufen for once again helping with the newsletter. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

For our special feature this month we have two reports from members who attended Convergence and heard Misty speak. If you attend an event of interest to QO members, do write and let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer!


Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn

"Greetings everyone,

"This is Herald Wynndi. Yesterday, Sunday, I went to a convention here in Minnesota, Convergence. Mercedes Lackey was once of the Guest of Honor. I was able to attend a panel where she spoke on creating Non-human intelligent characters. I got so many ideas from what she spoke on, for my own writing. Also I got to listen to a reading she had. It was awesome. She read to us from a Novella that is due out in December, by her. At the end I got to talk to her for a few minutes and she offered to sign both of the books I brought with me, since I couldn’t decide which one I wanted her to sign. Well anyways . . . I am so happy I got to meet her, she was so down to earth and extremely funny. And well I kinda owe her my sanity. Her books helped me escape from the world when my world was crumbling before me and I couldn’t do anything about it. Her novels saved me . . . and I am truly grateful. She is an amazing lady! But anyways....It was awesome to see her...and she has a really warped sense of humor . . . which I love, by the way. Well I just thought I would tell you all a little about my experience at the convention. It was truly an awesome experience!

"Wind to thy wings,

"Herald Wynndi"

And this from Jaime Wurth (Herald Fiona L'Aren):

"So, CONvergence. My brain's kinda fuzzy today, so I'm not sure I'll be able to go into much detail. But, we'll hit the highlights! List form, as per usual:

Ren Faires:

Here are the Faires we know about for August. Faires are indexed alphabetically by state. Have any information about any other Renaissance Faires in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


Big Bear City Renaissance Faire. E-mail: lynda@bigbearrenfair.com. Website: http://www.bigbearcityrenaissancefaire.com/. Address: P.O. Box 3069, Big Bear City, CA 92314. Site Address: 42280 Moonridge Rd., Big Bear Lake. Dates: 8/13/05-8/21/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Golden Gate Renaissance Festival. E-mail: info@renaissance-web.net. Website: http://www.sffaire.com/. Address: 116 Dorado Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94112. Site Address: Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Dates: 8/27/05-8/28/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Sun. till 5 p.m.)

Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire. E-mail: office@redbarnproductions.org. Website: http://www.rustyswordproductions.com/suttercreekren.htm. Site Address: Italian Benevolent Society Picnic Grounds, Hwy. 49 & Ridge Rd., Sutter Creek. Dates: 8/6/05-8/7/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Sun. till 5 p.m.)

San Diego Renaissance Faire. E-mail: queenmum@cox.net. Website: http://www.sdrf.com/. Address: Victoria Dietrich, 2212 Lawton Dr., Lemon Grove, CA. Site Address: Balboa Park, San Diego. Dates: 8/6/05-8/7/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Sun. till 6 p.m.)

Sutter Creek Renaissance Faire. E-mail: rustyinfo@sbcglobal.net. Website: http://www.forestfaire.com/. Address: P.O. Box 1768, Novato, CA 94948. Site Address: Stafford Lake Park, Novato Blvd., Novato. Dates: 7/9/05-8/14/05. Open/Close: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Colorado Medieval Festival. E-mail: rfc-info@coloradocastle.com. Website: http://www.medievalworld.us/coloradocastle/index.htm. Site Address: Mountain View Stables and Arena, 2100 SE Frontage Rd., Fort Collins. Dates: 8/5/05-8/7/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (open at 12 p.m. on Friday).

Grand Valley Renaissance Faire. E-mail: gvrf@earthlink.net. Website: http://www.faires.com/gvrf/. Address: St. Andrews Renaissance Guild, P.O. Box 648, Clifton, CO 81520. Site Address: Mesa County Fairgrounds, Grand Junction. Dates: 8/19/05-8/21/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (open at noon on Fri. and closed at 8 p.m. on Sat.)


Maine Renaissance Faire. E-mail: info@mainefaire.com. Website: http://www.mainefaire.com/. Address: Cloak and Dagger, 12 Lewiston Rd., New Gloucester, ME 04260. Site Address: Lord Rd., Lebanon. Dates: 7/17/05-8/22/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Maryland Renaissance Festival. E-mail: rennfest@erols.com. Website: http://www.rennfest.com. Address: Intl. Renaissance Festivals Ltd., P.O. Box 315, Crownsville, MD 21032. Site Address: Crownsville Rd., Crownsville. Dates: 8/27/05-10/23/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Festival of the Lion. E-mail: info@festivalofthelion.com. Website: http://www.festivalofthelion.com. Site Address: Lion’s Club, Brigham Hill Rd., Grafton. Dates: 8/27/05-8/28/05. Open/Close: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Art Faire & Renaissance Festival. E-mail: contact@ishpemingrenfest.com. Website: http://www.ishpemingrenfest.com/. Site Address: Lake Bancroft Park, Ishpeming. Dates: 8/6/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Michigan Renaissance Festival. E-mail: mrfaccounting@comcast.net. Website: http://www.michrenfest.com/. Address: 12600 Dixie Highway, Holly, MI 48442. Site Address: 12500 Dixie Highway, Holly. Dates: 8/13/05-9/25/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Shiabruck Medieval Faire. E-mail: kinghenrythered@aol.com. Website: http://www.shiabruck.org. Address: Ken McGhee, 120 South Oak St., Owosso, MI 48867. Site Address: Gerald E. Collamer Park, S M52, Owosso. Dates: 8/6/05-8/7/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Minnesota Renaissance Festival. E-mail: info@renaissancefest.com. Website: http://www.renaissancefest.com/MRF/homeframeset.htm. Address: 1244 Canterbury Rd. Ste. 306, Shakopee, MN 55379. Site Address: 12364 Chestnut Blvd., Shakopee. Dates: 8/13/05-9/25/05. Open/Close: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

New York

New York Renaissance Faire. Website: https://w1311.securedweb.net/~recfair/NY/index.php. Address: 600 Route 17A, Tuxedo, NY 10987. Site Address: 600 Route 17A, Tuxedo. Dates: 8/6/05-9/25/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Sterling Renaissance Festival and Summer Marketplace. Website: http://sterlingfestival.com/renfest/index.html. Address: 15385 Farden Rd., Sterling, NY 13156. Site Address: Near Fair Haven Beach State Park, Rt. 104-A, Sterling. Dates: 7/2/05-8/14/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Great Lakes Medieval Faire. E-mail: questions@medievalfaire.com. Website: http://www.medievalfaire.com/. Address: P.O. Box 376, Rock Creek, OH 44084. Site Address: 7 miles South of I-90 on State Route 534, Geneva. Dates: 7/2/05-8/2/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Ohio Renaissance Festival. E-mail: info@renfest.com. Website: http://www.renfestival.com. Address: P.O. Box 68, Harveysburg, OH 45032. Site Address: State Rte. 73, Harveysburg. Dates: 8/27/05-10/23/05. Open/Close: 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Scarlet’s Mid-Summer Renaissance Festival. E-mail: foxmoon@foxmoonproductions.com. Website: http://www.scarletfest.com. Address: 1306 Taurus Dr., Edmond, OK 73003. Site Address: Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds, 500 Land Rush St., Oklahoma. Dates: 8/6/05-8/7/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Sun. till 5 p.m.)


Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival & Crafts Market. E-mail: info@pgh-renfest.com. Website: http://www.pgh-renfest.com. Address: 112 Renaissance Ln., West Newton, PA 15089. Site Address: Exit 51A off I-70, 6 miles west of New Stanton. Dates: 8/13/05-9/25/05. Open/Close: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. E-mail: royalspk@parenaissancefaire.com. Website: http://www.parenfaire.com. Address: P.O. Box 685, Cornwall, PA 17016. Site Address: 83 Mansion House Rd., between Hershey and Lancaster. Dates: 8/13/05-10/30/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Raven’s Loft Renaissance Faire. E-mail: concertmasterp@yahoo.com. Website: http://ravens-loft-faire.tripod.com. Address: 1007 NNW Loop 323 #240, Tyler, TX 75702. Site Address: Rains County Fairgrounds, Emory, TX. Dates: 8/20/05-8/28/05. Open/Close: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Sun. starts at noon)


Camlann Medieval Faire. Website: http://www.camlann.org/. Address: 10320 Kelly Rd. NE, Carnation, WA 98014. Site Address: 10320 Kelly Rd. NE, Carnation. Dates: 7/23/05-8/28/05. Open/Close: 11:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire. E-mail: rcleveland@gigharborrenfaire.com. Website: http://www.washingtonrenfaire.com/. Site Address: Minter Creek Ranch, 10215 State Rd. 302, Gig Harbor. Dates: 8/6/05-8/21/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Bristol Renaissance Faire. Website: http://www.renfair.com/bristol/index.php. Address: 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53142. Site Address: 12550 120th Ave., Kenosha, WI. Dates: 7/9/05-9/5/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Bristol Renaissance Faire. Website: http://www.chestnutbrook.com.au. Address: Balingup Progress Association, P.O. Box 235, Balingup, WA 6253, Australia. Site Address: Balingup Village Green. Dates: 8/23/05. Open/Close: 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.


The Prince Edward County Renaissance Faire. E-mail: christinerenaud@bellnet.ca. Website: http://www.freewebs.com/countyrenfair/. Site Address: Mariner’s Park Museum, South Bay, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Dates: 8/20/05-8/21/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Royal Abingdon Renaissance Faire. E-mail: info@ontariorenaissancefaire.ca. Website: http://www.ontariorenaissancefaire.ca. Site Address: Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. West, Hamilton/Burlington, Ontario. Dates: 7/23/05-9/5/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.


European Medieval Festival. E-mail: medievalfestival@horsens.dk. Website: http://www.middelalderfestival.dk. Address: Radhustorvet 4, DK-8700 Horsens, Denmark. Site Address: City of Horsens. Dates: 8/26/05-8/27/05. Open/Close: Fri. 5 p.m.-midnight, Sat. 10 a.m.-midnight.


Angelbachtal-Tournament & Medieval Market. Address: Histotainment Company, Walt-Michelbach, Hessen, Germany, D-69483. Site Address: Castle & Park of Angelbachtal. Dates: 8/14/05-8/15/05. Open/Close: Fri. 10 a.m.-10 p.m.


Medeltidsveckan på Gotland. E-mail: info@gotlandweb.com. Website: http://www.medeltidsveckan.com. Site Address: Visby, Sweden. Dates: 8/7/05-8/14/05. Open/Close: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.

United Kingdom

England’s Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle. E-mail: info@mgel.com. Website: http://www.herstmonceux.com. Site Address: Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, England. Dates: 8/27/05-8/29/05. Open/Close: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

For additional Ren Faire information, visit the Renaissance Faire Homepage at http://www.renfaire.com/, the Renaissance Festival Directory at http://www.renaissancefestival.com/rendir.asp, and the Renaissance Magazine site at http://www.renaissancemagazine.com.


These are the upcoming cons we know about. Have any information about conventions in your area? Send it to us at Legend@malcor.com.


CreationCon: StarGate. Website: http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgchi.htm. Address: Creation Entertainment, 217 S. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA 91205. Site Address: Wyndham O’Hare/Rosemont, 6810 N. Mannheim, Rosemont. Dates: 8/26/05 – 8/28/05.


GenCon Indy 2005. E-mail: events@gencon.com. Website: http://www.gencon.com. Address: 120 Lakeside Ave. Ste. 100, Seattle, WA 98122. Site address: Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis. Dates: 8/18/05-8/21/05.


Home of Star Trek: The Experience. Website: http://www.creationent.com/cal/stlv.htm. Address: Creation Entertainment, 217 S. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA 91205. Site Address: Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas. Dates: 8/11/05 – 8/14/05.

New Jersey

CreationCon: StarGate. Website: http://www.creationent.com/cal/sgny.htm. Address: Creation Entertainment, 217 S. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA 91205. Site Address: Crowne Plaza Meadowlands, 2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus. Dates: 8/5/05 – 8/7/05.


CreationCon: StarGate. Website: . Address: Creation Entertainment, 217 S. Kenwood St., Glendale, CA 91205. Site Address: Columbus Mariott North, 6500 Doubletree Ave., Columbus. Dates: 8/19/05 – 8/21/05.


Gatecon 2005. Website: . Address: P.O. Box 76108, Colorado Springs, CO 80970. Site address: Best Western Vancouver Airport Hotel & Convention Centre, 7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond, British Columbia. Dates: 7/25/05-8/1/05.

United Kingdom

Interaction/Worldcon 2005. E-mail: . Website: . Site Address: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow, Scotland. Dates: 8/4/05 – 8/8/05.

For additional Convention information, visit Convention Outpost by Jenga at http://www.geocities.com/jengacons/ or the Sci-Fi Guide at http://scifi.about.com/blcon.htm.

Questionable Welcome by Devin Harris

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From Herald-Mage Adept Danya Winterborn:

I’m finally going to get a vacation! Starting this coming Saturday, I’ll be in Lake Tahoe for a week, enjoying my favorite place on earth with my family. My mother will be able to go with us this time, which will be a special treat. The kids can hardly wait (Neither can I <g>!). I’ll be traveling with a computer and checking my e-mail a couple of times that week, but please be patient. I may not get back to you as quickly as I usually do.

For all of you QO folk in Europe, it looks as if I will be traveling to Italy again in mid-July 2006. I’d love to meet with you to say "Heyla!" if we have the chance. Message me at Legend@malcor.com, and I’ll see if I can get you on my agenda. I’ll be giving a paper (probably about L. Artorius Castus, but it’s a bit early to know for certain) in Pozzuoli probably around July 7th or 8th, and then I suspect I’ll be at various locations throughout the country for about a week. I hope to see some of you then!

I’ve had my nose in several very good St. Germain novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. If you have run out of Misty titles and want to try marvelous tales of a 4,000-year-old vampire’s adventures through history, then these books are definitely something you should consider. (I keep meaning to make Yarbro her own page in our bookstore; she’s one of my favorite authors. Someone, please remind me <G>!)

Happy reading!




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