The Dragonlords of Dumnonia

Priest/Priestess Kit

(Revised 6/15/01)


Tphah (as a Priestess of the Mother), Shashtah and Kashon


L.A. Malcor

So you want to be a Priest or Priestess! Here's everything you need to know to fill out your Priest Sheet.

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

Who are you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet .


Where can we reach you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>? Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would like to become a Priest/Priestess?

*RELIGION (Mandatory)

Which god or goddess does your character worship? The choices are:

For detailed descriptions of the various deities or of the worship service for each deity and other questions about religion, contact L.A. Malcor at You may not invent other religions. You may not invent services or other things associated with these religions. All details about religious content must be approved by L.A. Malcor. These are all fantasy religions, wholly the creations of L.A. Malcor and are not in any way intended to reflect real world religions or represent any real world group. No such deities exist outside of the fictional tales of Centuria as written by L.A. Malcor.

The deities of Centuria sometimes enable their acolytes, deacons, or priests/priestesses to work miracles. For more details, see the explanation of magic on Centuria.

*TEMPLE (Mandatory)

Which temple do you serve? If you worship a deity who does not have a temple, where do you perform your services?

*RANK (Mandatory)

What is your rank/title within your religion? The only options are:

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High Priests/Priestesses, the Great Druid, Prophets/Prophetesses and other specialty class characters are reserved for L.A. Malcor.

Make sure that your character's age is appropriate for his/her rank.

Acolytes are accepted into a religion starting at 12 years of age, although you may join later. A typical acolyte trains for 8-10 years before earning the next rank. You may, however, have a character who has been an acolyte for 100 years or more, if that's all the higher your character wanted to go or was able to go within the religion.

Deacons (or Druids) usually take their rank some time in their early twenties, though, again, some characters come to a religion late in life. A typical deacon trains for 10 years before becoming a Priest/Priestess/Archdruid, but your character may take longer. (Shorter terms of study are only allowed for specialty character types and are not permitted for members' characters.)

A Priest/Priestess/Archdruid who earns his/her rank by the age of 30 is considered extremely young. Most characters do not take these ranks until they reach their forties at the earliest.


What do you wear as a sign of your deity? Common symbols are:

God Symbol
Ailan White Wolf
Criton Pegasus
Daenan Crossed Swords
Farador Ivy
Kyla Owl
Leot Sun
Miranda A ring set with a deep blue stone, arc like a rainbow going through the "hole" where your finger would go; arc is black on the left, rainbow colored on the right.
Serak Black Flame
Tobar Laughing Comedy Mask
Xeron Cauldron
Zed Drinking Horn
The Mother A female Dragon curled around an egg

Make sure that you include religious garb, if any, on the "Dress" line of your basic character sheet.

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If you are a status persona who needs to write a report, message Lady Zara at for the Priest Report Kit.

Materials You May Request


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