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Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

Here is the information that you need to fill out the Persona Sheet for the Dragonlords of Dumnonia. Start with this basic form, then add as many or as few of our other kits as you wish to design your unique persona. Please keep your answers as short as possible (Longer answers can be published as stories in the 'zine!). If you have questions at any time, feel free to ask the Persona Coordinator for your chosen base camp. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE LINES OR OTHERWISE ALTER THIS FORM IN ANY WAY. We are running databases off the information in these forms, so it is important that all of the forms remain identical. If you do not need to fill in a line, simply mark it "None" or leave it blank.

This form was designed especially for this club. Please do not use a persona sheet from any other club. NO OTHER FORM WILL BE ACCEPTED.

When you are creating your persona, think carefully. What you are establishing is history, and history may not be changed. So you may want to leave yourself some loopholes. For instance, rather than saying you don't have any siblings, you might want to say you have several, then give a reason that you do not know who they are or why you are not detailing them at this time (Example: You are the offspring of a Priest or Priestess of the Mother, and you have no idea who your parent really is.). Any changes to your approved character sheet will require BOD approval, so make sure you put down what you really want.

Information asked for in fields marked with an asterisk [*] is mandatory.

A persona is the character who serves as your fictional identity within the club. You may create as many Non-Player Characters (NPCs) as the BOD of your base camp is willing to approve. But you may only have one persona. If you decide that you would like to take another character as your persona, you must raise the NPC character to persona status and reduce your current persona character to NPC status. You will find details on how to change the status of your characters in the Orientation Pak, which you will receive after your persona is approved as part of your base camp.


*Base Camp (Mandatory):

To which base camp do you wish to belong? Currently, there is only one choice available, Ryanon's Base Camp.

*Submission Date:

When did you send this form?

*Approval Date:

Leave this section blank. The BOD of your base camp will fill it in when your character is approved.


(Let us know if you want us to keep any of this private)

*NAME (Mandatory)

This is your mundane name. No pseudonyms and no personae names will be accepted.


List the account you check the most first, then any others that you might use for meetings, postings, or mailings to the BOD. If you are on AOL, please include your full address for those of us who are not (account@aol.com). For instance, you might have the following entry:

Online Address: Legend@malcor.com, Shashtah@aol.com (used only for online events; please do not send e-mail to this account)

Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.

*PHONE NUMBER (Mandatory)

This will not be included in the Personae Booklet. It is so the BOD can contact you in case of problems or emergencies.


If you would prefer, include only the month and day, not a year. We just want to be able to say "Happy Birthday" to everyone. This will not be included in the Personae Booklet, if you so request. SUBMITTING THIS FORM CERTIFIES THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OF AGE. If you are under eighteen, you need to file two signed copies of the Permission Letter with L.A. Malcor.

*COMPUTER (Mandatory)

IBM (or compatible) or Mac will suffice. We just need to make sure you can read and open any files that we send! Please let us know if you can or cannot accept .zip, .gif, and .jpg format.


List other online fandoms to which you belong.


Anything you feel that others in the base camp might find interesting.


Anything you think you might be good at? Anything you definitely don't want to do? Tell us about it!



What is your persona's full name?

You may not use a name that has been used by L.A. Malcor. We have a list. We check. If you would like to check, too, ask Dragonrider Ronilei at cheysmomma78@yahoo.com for the List of No-No Names. She'll be happy to send it to you.

If you have an established character whose name subsequently appears in one of L.A. Malcor's works, you may keep your character's name, but no characters created after the Malcor material may use that name.

No one on Centuria has a last name. The closest anyone comes is by being designated "of" somewhere or by earning an epithet (like Richard Lionheart, King of England).

No honorifics (names shortened with an apostrophe) are allowed. That is an Anne McCaffrey convention and does not belong on Centuria.

Names that begin with a "T" followed by a consonent belong to the House of Tchang. These characters are all Prophets, a character type that is off limits to players. So no "T"-consonent names are allowed.

A good place to find Dumnonian-style names is to raid a copy of The Bible or T.E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Dumnonian Bronzes tend to have Dumnonian-style names. Rashtarian names tend to be Celtic or Germanic in nature. Krills use the Latinate ending -o for males and -a for females. Galantites tend to have Teutonic/Germanic names. Elves tend to have fanciful names. Daethians (and everyone else) have no real pattern to their naming traditions. These are guidelines only (with the exception of the ending for Krills' names). You may call your character anything you please.

DO NOT NAME YOUR CHARACTER AFTER A FAMOUS CHARACTER IN ANOTHER AUTHOR'S WORK. Names such as Bilbo, Gandalf, Smaug, Vanyel, Elspeth, Skandranon, Lessa, Menolly, Robinton, Aslan, Spock, Odo and their ilk will be rejected. If one of these famous names slips by us, we will ask you to change it when we notice the error. We do not wish to give even the appearance of violating someone else's copyright.

The BOD reserves the right to reject any name. (This is mainly to avoid confusion. We don't want to have too many people running around in the same place with the same name. That tends to drive our editors crazy! For this list of names that have already been generated on Centuria, see the Member Generated No-No Name List.)


Does your persona have a nickname we should know about?

Anyone can have a nickname. High-ranking supply personnel are notorious for having such monikers as Peg, Patch, Will, and Snap so the Dragonlords can summon them quickly. Beings who are perceived of as "divine" are refered to exclusively by their nicknames or epithets in spoken speech for fear that Centuria's unpredictable magic might actually summon them.

*SEX (Mandatory)

You must choose Male or Female only. Other options are not available at this time.

*RACE (Mandatory)

The basic options for race are:

For details on these races, see the Races of Centuria handout.

If you wish, you may be a Dragon. There are two types that are available as personae: Dumnonian Bronze and Mutant. All other dragons must be NPCs. You will find details on the Bronzes and the Mutants in the Dragonrider Kit.

Really want to be something else? A centaur perhaps? Or a pixie? Or some other sort of mythological creature. Well, okay. As long as the race is allowable under the Basic Rules, it's possible. Keep in mind the limitations your race might have on your ability to play at club events, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Your BOD just may approve the character for you. Club members may not have characters who belong to the Valla race (The "future memory" trait would make too many headaches for everyone else who is sharing the timeline.). L.A. MALCOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VETO ANY CHARACTER RACES THAT ARE NOT FOUND ON HER WORLD.

*RELIGION (IF ANY) (Mandatory)

You are not required to have a religion; just put "None" on this line, if this is the case. But if you character does have a religion, we need to know about it. For details on your choices, see the Religions of Centuria handout.


What position does your character hold in your society?

Here are the basic types of positions available and the ranks (listed highest to lowest) possible in each field:

You can also play a character who is "None of the Above." Such a character would be someone like a beggar, a support person, a Guilder's wife, a Dragonrider's fosterling, or any other category not covered by the above rank list. If you' want to play such a character, you need to fill out the "Other" Kit.

If your character is a Dragonrider, please complete the Dragonrider Kit (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com). If appropriate, fill out the Application for Quest (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com) or the Application for Bonding/Band (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com) as well.

Applying for Quest: If you'd rather build your character in the course of play instead of starting with a full-blown Dragonrider, you may begin play as a Fighter or Raider and submit Applications for Quest. Each Application states your character's intention to undertake a mission for the Dumnonian king. Upon the successful completion of each Quest, you are granted an interview with the king, at which time you may request your next assignment. If you complete nine missions successfully you earn the right to undertake your Dragonquest. Successful completion of the Dragonquest earns you the right to ask to be Bonded to a Dumnonian Bronze or to receive a warband and establish yourself as a Dragonless Warrior. Applications may be submitted to Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com) at any time after your persona has been approved for membership in the club.

Applying for Bonding/Band: You may submit an application for your character to be Bonded to a Bronze or to receive a warband at any time after your character completes a Dragonquest. You can either assume that your character has already done so, or you may actually undertake the quests in the course of play. Applications should be submitted to Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com)

All of these kits are available from the Persona Coordinator, Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com).


Please tell us where your persona is located at the time you are submitting this form. You can be literally a part of the main base camp for the club or you can have your character live anywhere else on Centuria. Your rank will have a lot to do with your choice of location. Some possibilities are:

So your entry might read:

Current Rank and/or Title: Master Guilder (Bard)

Current Location: King's Camp, Dumnonia

You may also want to request the list of Who's Who on Centuria from Dragonrider Ronilei (cheysmomma78@yahoo.com) for information about where existing characters (both L.A. Malcor's and those created by fans) are already located and for whom to contact about developing characters attached to specific locations.

Characters may attempt to earn special ranks, such as Member of the Kyondoca, King's Camp Rider, and Dragonlord by calling for a Challenge Fight. To do this, you must file the Application for Challenge Fight with your BOD.

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

*BIRTHDAY (Mandatory)

You must provide a date. (Either Terran or Dumnonian will do. The Terran/Dumnonian Date Conversion Charts are available from Dragonrider Ryn at dragonfodder@gmail.com.)

*AGE (Mandatory)

How old is your persona as of the current Terran date? This is the literal age from the time of birth. Make sure the age coincides with your persona's birthdate! Also check to see that your persona is old enough to hold the rank that you have chosen. And think carefully! We are playing in real time. If you create a twelve-year-old persona who wants to be a dragonrider it will literally be six years our time (that's six Terran years) before he/she can begin undertaking quests and most likely another ten Terran years before he/she completes a Dragonquest! So you'd be looking at about sixteen literal years of play before your character could even ask to Bond! If you create a fifteen-year-old apprentice, he/she might not become a Master Guilder for another twenty years. Put the character's magically adjusted age in [square brackets]. Use a slash for a multiple adjustment.

Kashon was born in the Feast of the Mother in the first year of the Reign of Eschlend. His literal age is 44. But he spent 32 years in the White Wolf's magic room, so his adjusted age is 76. Yet he drank a magical potion that reduced his age back to what it was when he entered the room, so his apparent age is 44.
The resulting entry would look like this:

Age: 44 [76/44]

*BIRTHPLACE (Mandatory)

Were you born in a base camp? A temple? On a caravan? At a castle? In a town? Somewhere else?


What was/is your mother's name? Include the following information:


What was/is her rank and/or title?


Where was/is she?


What is her current age? If she is deceased, tell us when she died as well.


What was/is your father's name? Include the following information:


What was/is his rank and/or title?


Where was/is he?


What is his current age? If he is deceased, tell us when he died as well.


Do you have step- and/or foster parents? What are/were their names? Where do/did they live? How old are they? If they are deceased, tell us when they died.

Remember, the children of Dragonriders and other warriors are fostered when the parents report for battle on the front line. You simply do not take your little ones into a war zone!


There is no birth control on Centuria, so the odds are very good that you have a lot of these. Give us Name/sex/age/rank/location where possible. Are these full brothers and sisters? Half-siblings? Foster siblings? Older or younger? How many?

There will be few "only" children. Most "only" children will result from having parents who are killed in battle or who suffer an injury that renders them infertile.

If your persona has literally too many siblings to list, you can always go back and add some later; for now, list the important ones or the ones most likely to be found in your stories.


Does you persona have a lover? A preferred mate? A secondary mate?

Dragonriders do not wed (The Bonding ceremony replaces this ritual in Dumnonian culture; most people find the Bond between Dragon and Rider too intense to allow for anything as demanding as a marriage.), but they do take preferred mates and often secondary mates, particularly if the Dragon or Rider is a Breeding Male or Breeding Female.


How tall is your persona? Please provide the measurement in feet and inches. Some heights are determined by race. For instance, there's no such thing as a seven-foot-tall Krill. See the Races of Centuria for details.


How much does your persona weigh? Please provide the measurement in pounds. Make sure that your weight makes sense with your height and profession. For instance, a 300 lb./4'7" persona is probably not going to be a jockey <g>.


What color are your persona's eyes? Some eye colors are determined by race. For instance, Dumnonians may only have amber-colored eyes. See the Races of Centuria for details.


What color is your persona's hair? Some hair colors are determined by race. For instance, Dumnonians may only have black hair. See the Races of Centuria for details. What does it look like: long, short, curly, wavy, something else? What style do you wear it in: pony tail, loose, braids? Do you wear bows? Do you dye your hair?


Is your persona fair? Dusky? Does he burn whenever he goes outside? Does she have freckles from ears to toes? Some complexions are determined by race. For instance, Dumnonians may only have bronze-colored skin. See the RACE MANUAL for details.


Is your persona bulky? Lithe? Built like a smith? Like a dancer? Do women/men swoon when he walks by? Are people afraid she's so thin she'll break if jostled?

VOICE (*Mandatory for Bards)

What does your persona sound like when he/she sings or talks? Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass? Rich, Resonant, Squeaky, Whiny, Changing, Sonorous, Pleasant, Rasping, Hoarse, Raw, Untrained, Sexy, Piercing, Booming, Soft, Harsh, Ringing?


Does your persona have any scars? Moles? Eyebrows that meet over his/her nose? A bright red nose? Chubby cheeks? A square jaw?

DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHARACTER A FLAW THAT WOULD MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM/HER TO PERFORM HIS/HER DUTIES. For instance, there's no such thing as a blind scribe or an obese caravaneer. No member of the Kyondoca will only have one arm (You need two to work the bracers.). Shashtah would never Bond a deaf/dumb/blind/lame or otherwise impaired warrior to a Dumnonian Bronze. Such warriors would have been killed while undertaking their solo quests. Characters who perform duties in spite of severe flaws (such as Unni, the Dragonbard) are considered "specialty types" and are reserved for L.A. Malcor.


Is your persona right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous?


Is your persona one of those people who never wears a dress? (If you're persona's a guy, we'd be curious if he isn't one of those people! <g>) Does he like blues and pinks? Does she always dress in black? For ideas about Dumnonian style garb, check out the excerpt from On Dumnonia by Shane of Corin, available from Dragonrider Ronilei at cheysmomma78@yahoo.com.

There is some limited use of heraldry by the barbarian tribes in Rashtar and the nobles in Daethia. Coats of arms must be registered with L.A. Malcor at Legend@malcor.com. L.A. Malcor reserves the right to reject any coat of arms.

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.


Does your persona have anything he wears for special reasons or all the time? Does she have some favorite type that she wears for special occasions?


Almost everyone on Centuria can handle some kind of weapon. At the very least your persona will know how to use an eating dagger. But can he/she also use a crossbow? A longsword? Some other type of weapon? Make sure your weapon choice is logical, though. No way is a Krill wielding a two-handed broadsword, nor is a squire going to be running around with a magical blade fit for a king. Here's a table you can roll on randomly using a d100 if you need to. Or you could just pick something. Of you could even use your imagination <g>.

01 ankus (elephant goad) 66-67 lance
02-05 arrows 68-69 lasso
06 arrows, magical 70 mace, magic
07 awl pike 71 mace, two-handed
08-09 ax, wood 72 military pick
10-11 axe 73 morning star
12-13 axe, hand 74 quarterstaff
14-15 axe, two-handed 75 razor
16-17 bashnakh (tiger claws) 76-78 scimitar
18-19 battleaxe 79 scimitar, great
20-23 bow 80-81 scimitar, magic
24-25 broadsword 82 scourge
26-27 buckler 83 scythe
28-29 bullets (sling) 84-85 shield
30-31 club 86 sickle
32-33 crossbow 87 sling
34-35 cutlass 88 spear
36-38 Daethian fire (Greek fire) 89-91 sword, long
39-40 daggers 92 sword, minor magic
41-42 dart 93 sword, major magic (such as something with a spirit trapped in it)
43 dirk 94-95 sword, short
44-45 firepot 96 sword, two-handed
46-47 flail, foot 97 Tufenek (blow gun/pipe)
48-49 flail, horse 97-98 war hammer
50-51 flaming oil 99-00 whip
52 glaive    
53 grenade (hand-thrown bomb in clay pot)    
54-55 halberd    
56 jambiya (curved, double-edged dagger)    
57-58 javelin    
59 Katar (punch dagger)    
60 khopesh    
61-63 knife    
64-65 kontos (spear)    

Weapons are generally made out of iron or steel. Galantite weapons are very, very rare and extremely expensive. They have a shimmering pattern fashioned into the metal.


How did your persona grow up? Did he/she have a lot of support? Is this your character's "first time around"? Was your character reincarnated from a former life? Was your character among the recently-ressurected Centurians? Are you an orphan from Tor? One of the children from the White Wolf's magic room? The child of a Priestess of the Mother? Something else?

Tell us anything that shaped what your persona has become, but try to keep it to a paragraph or two. Longer than that, and you have something that qualifies as a story for the fanzines! Also, keep in mind this BOD regulation when creating your character: No one commits a crime on Centuria and gets away with it. Period.

*TIMELINE (Mandatory)

This really isn't that hard. Just the important dates in your persona's life: birth, marriage, deaths of friends or relatives that impacted your persona, his first battle (if that's important), when she apprenticed to a Guild or Bonded with a Dragon or anything else significant that happened in your life. The Dragonlords of Dumnonia General Timeline, which is available on our website, can give you some ideas about when to place these events.

You will be updating this portion of your sheet as your persona develops. You should include events that take place in any story that you write for the fanzines and anything important that happens to your persona in a log (for instance, she Bonded to a Dragon, he is injured in battle, she is named heir to a castle, he earns the rank of journeyman, she gives birth, he acquires fosterlings). You will find instructions on how to update your sheet in the Orientation Pak that will be sent to you when you become a member.

We picked up the action at the fourth month of the first year of the Reign of Shashtah, right after his kingship has been restored. Centuria has nineteen months instead of twelve, and the days of the year have been renumbered accordingly. A calendar conversion chart will be e-mailed upon request (Contact Dragonrider Ryn at dragonfodder@gmail.com for the Terran/Dumnonian Date Conversion Charts.), or you can find the charts online at


You must include a Terran or Dumnonian date on your timeline. We've tried to make the conversion instructions as simple as possible. But if you still find them as clear as proverbial mud, we will be happy to convert any Terran dates that you send us for you. And do tell us if you have a suggestion for how to improve the charts: We aim to please!


Are you brash? Shy? Easy to anger? What are your fears? Do you have a weakness for puppies or Hatchlings? Please check to make sure you're not contradicting yourself. For example, a shy person will not likely be a party animal (Of course, everyone can become a party animal if they have a little too much of the Lord of Plenty's wine <g>!).


Does your persona have any pets? A cat, dog, horse or camel? Remember, if you have the pet, you have to be able to take care of it. For instance, a Dragonrider is simply not going to be grazing fifty head of horses in the open desert. An orphan in Tor is not going to own an elephant! A Galantite who works deep in the mines of Mount Paradin is not going to have a prize hawk. Hatchlings are notorious for eating cats, dogs, birds and anything else that gets anywhere near them. Fledglings aren't much better. Only pets that make sense for the character will be approved. For some ideas about what pets are even possible, check out the section on fauna from On Dumnonia by Shane of Corin.

If your persona does have pets, list them here, then complete the Pets Kit (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com) for each pet listed.

We have a thriving racing program on Centuria. If your persona owns a string of racing horses or camels, please complete the Racers Kit (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@omalcor.com). (You do not need to fill out this kit if your persona simply owns a plain, ordinary horse or camel.)


What does your persona do when he/she is not fighting the War, managing a castle, trading for goods, etc.?

Personae may take "Jockey" as a hobby. (If your persona is in the Beast Guild, he/she may take "Jockey" as a specialty.) If you want your persona to be a professional jockey, please complete the Jockey Application, which you can obtain from Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com). You may fill out this application at a later time, if you want your persona to acquire the hobby once he/she is established. But remember that we are playing in real time and that it could take quite a while to train!


If it matters, is your character a Breeding Male or Breeding Female? Or is your character infertile (by nature or by choice)?


If you have any Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that you will be using in your stories or in our logs, you need to complete the NPC Pak (available from Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com) for each one that you name (You don't have to worry about filling these out for characters whose names only appear on your persona sheet.). If you don't tell us, we won't know them! :) Name, rank, age, relationship to persona, and sex usually will suffice, so this is not as horrendous as it sounds. Details can be added to the sheets as the characters develop. These sheets are so you can maintain control of your characters if someone else wants to use them in stories. For information about existing NPCs contact Dragonrider Ronilei (cheysmomma78@yahoo.com).


  1. Fill out your persona sheet.

  2. Request any additional paks, kits or applications that you need to design your dream-persona and fill them out.

You will be notified of required changes and/or approval.

Materials You May Request:


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