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Newsletter 9

September 24, 1998

(Revised 1/14/02)

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Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


(These are upcoming online events.)

These are upcoming online events. Please check the message board on the main site and the events schedule on the Members Only site frequently. Dates do change occasionally, and other information you need to enjoy the RPs is linked to each event. We don't want to clutter your mailboxes with all of this data, so please make use of the website as much as you can.

Special Note:  The next RP will be held on IRC on channel #Centuria, 6 PM PST. Make sure you have your software installed before then and that it's working. Message Online Coordinator Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you have any problems.


Terran Date Centurian Date Event Description
September 28, 1998 15.13.1998 Fast of the Lost at the King's Camp in Dumnonia and Rainier's Base Camp in Rashtar; market day at Tor in Daethia.
October 26, 1998 9.15.1998 Feast of Plenty at Ryanon's Base Camp on the Dumnonian Front Line; Battle; Aftermath.
November 23, 1998 7.17.1998 Feast of the Dark One at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; need two additional plots.

Remember, characters are able to bet on the races at the various events. If your character would like to do so and you don't know how, contact me at Legend@malcor.com.

Note that we still need two plots for the upcoming event. If you have suggestions for additional plots or for other activities that you would like to see during the online RP sessions, contact the online coordinator, Exercise Master Krin, at Legend@malcor.com.


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We meet again! This month I've been asked to elaborate a bit on the service of the sun god, Leot.

In Dumnonia, there is a rather large tent in the King's Camp that is dedicated to the sun god, and individual worshipers can often be seen seeking out dune tops at dawn, midday and sundown to pray to their god. But when most people think of Leot, they think of the magnificent temple at Tor, where Shashtah had a rather infamous run-in with some priests who were not following their deity's will at all well. (The priests are doing a bit better now that Dumnonia takes most of the Daethian orphans out of Tor.)

Leot's temple in Tor is positioned against the westernmost wall of the city, not far from the main gates. The enormous domed building is flanked on either side by comparatively unimpressive wings that served as living quarters for the clerics in residence and offices for conducting temple business. The massive structure is easily larger than anything else in Tor except the School itself. An impressive golden spindle rises high above the dome, designed to be the first and the last thing in the city to touch the rays of the rising and the setting sun. Mosaics, fashioned out of Galantite, gold, silver, bronze and copper, cover the floors and the walls. The dome itself is constructed out of gems of every description, set in patterns of flame and positioned in such a way that the sunlight cast tiny sparkles of colored light throughout the room. Beneath the golden spindle a diamond easily twice the size of a Dragon's egg reflected pure white light against the mosaics, showing the path of the sun across the face of Centuria, the subtle changing of the seasons in Tor, and the time of day.

Upon entering the temple, the viewer can tell instantly if a service is in progress. Clerics of the sun god gather in the center of the otherwise open room. The high priest stands in the center and is ringed by his followers in descending rank: priest, deacon, apprentice, non-cleric temple servants, orphans in the priests' care, and other non-clerics. The non-clerics who are not associated directly with the temple often arrange themselves in rings, according to their social rank, with believers granted positions closer to the center than those that may be occupied by unbelievers.

As the first white-gold light of the sun tops the mountains the pinnacle of the golden spindle began to glow and sends an intense beam of light through the diamond, toward the worshipers gathered below. The High Priest stands, arms spread wide, palms upward, in a gesture of welcoming. The beam of light touches the High Priest, turning his blond hair the color of the rising sun. Power seems to flow into him as he opens his mouth and led the clerics in the Morning Chant. The Morning Chant may vary, depending on the day of the year. The High Priest tells the clerics in advance which song will be sung on any given day.

By the time the song is finished, the dome was alive with color. Sunlight glitters through the gems, making it almost impossible to see.

This concludes the service. The High Priest commands, "Let us now partake of the bounty of the Light, then return to the fields." He leads the clerics and any worshipers who would be speak with the High Priest into the living quarters of the temple, where all visitors are permitted to partake of food before any business is conducted with the priests.

For the evening service, the pattern is similar, except the light leaves the glittering dome and twilight descends upon the worshipers. The High Priest leads the Evening Chant, which, like the Morning Chant, may vary, depending on the day. Following the Evening Service, the clerics and their charges retire to partake of a simple meal and then to retire for the night. Travelers who wish to spend the night in the priests' care may accompany them at this time, but a hefty donation is expected and no word may be spoken until the Morning Service.

This is a vast oversimplification of the religion, and there are, naturally, many exceptions to these general guidelines. Yet hopefully this will give you something of a feel for the worship of the sun god, at least as far as it is practiced by the Daethians in Tor.

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin

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8--Denise Kennedy
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For Characters:

Month 14: Fast of the Lost

  7.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Razi
  7.14.1944--Kings Camp Rider Annas
  8.14.1997--Keli (baby)
  8.14.1954--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Zalman
  8.14.1940--Lady Lihana
  11.14.1964--Lord Janix
  11.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Paine

Month 15: Feast of Plenty

  1.15.1902--Dragonrider Qiti
  3.15.1984--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Oren
  4.15.1976--Mage Histukel
  8.15.1974--Journeyman Smith Drax
  10.15.1977--Lord Diren
  10.15.1937--Dragonrider Panier

Month 16: Fast of Want

  1.16.1974--Dragonrider Aulsa
  3.16.1712--White Dragon Icestone
  5.16.1992--Lady Lije
  15.16.1951--Dragonrider Jehiel

Month 17: Feast of the Dark One

  3.17.1967--Lord Sheehan
  3.17.1940--Master Beast Guilder (jockey) Zvi
  7.17.1964--Exercise Master Danal
  7.17.1966--Dragonrider Rainier
  12.17.1040--Arion (Unicorn)
  14.17.1986--Lady Haileigh

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