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(Revised 8/31/04)

So you need to create a character that requires a Non-Player Character (NPC) sheet. Here are the basic things you need to know:


An NPC character sheet looks almost the same as the one for your persona. The major difference is that you only have to fill out those lines of the form that are marked with an asterisk (*).

You will be asked to fill out an NPC sheet if:

  1. You create a character who holds a "status position" as part of your persona's background.
  2. You create a character with a name for use in one of your stories.
  3. You create a character with a name for use in an online RP Session.

Your two-Turn-old half-sister who lives in an orphanage in Tor probably doesn't need a sheet, but you should definitely have one for that best friend or preferred mate who transferred to your century. If you can't do the sheets, don't use the characters. (You may also want to do a sheet so that you maintain control over the character. Otherwise, whoever is willing to do the sheet will be the one telling you what your younger sister looks like or where the cook at your family castle was born.) Once something is entered on a sheet and approved, the item becomes history and may not be changed.

We have some of those NPCs done, so if you are writing a story with, say, Shashtah, you will have to use the NPC sheet that L.A. Malcor created. All of the Dragonlords and rulers of the various Centurian kingdoms have been named, although we have only a few of the NPC sheets done. To find out if an NPC sheet already exists for a character, contact Dragonrider Ronilei at or check out the appropriate gazetteer at this website. If you use a character who does not have a sheet, contact your BOD. They will tell you what to do.


The rules governing NPCs are the same as those for Personae, with the following exceptions:

  1. You do not need to fulfill the maintenance requirements for "status" NPCs, but you may if you choose to, and the BOD will greatly appreciate the report!

  2. If a persona wants to take over a status position occupied by an NPC, the NPC must be retired, transfered, killed or otherwise removed to make way for the persona. (BOD-RUN NPCs and L.A. Malcor's characters do not have to comply with this rule.) The BOD must approve this change, and the person with the NPC has the option to up their character to persona status.
  3. You may raise an NPC to Persona status with BOD approval.

Remember, you may only have one persona at a time, but you may have as many NPCs as you wish.


To complete the NPC Sheet:

Follow the instructions for your persona sheet (found in the Persona Pak) for filling out the NPC sheet. Make sure you complete the "Character Status" line in the "Contact" section. For "Character Status," please designate whether this NPC is a "Regular NPC," an "Adoptable NPC" or a BOD-RUN NPC. Is your character simply a regular NPC that you are running in addition to your persona? Is your NPC available for adoption by another player? Is this an NPC who should be run by the BOD or L.A. Malcor because of the character's rank/position (for example, the Chief Healer of the King's Camp or the High Priest of the Temple of the Light at Tor)? (You must have BOD approval to make an NPC a BOD-RUN NPC.)

 Click here for the NPC form.

If you have any questions/comments, please contact Dragonlord Krin (


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