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May 28, 1998

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Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


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Terran DateCenturian Date Event Description
June 1, 199818.08.1998 Fast of Sunlight at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Shashtah gives his squires to selected Dragonlords; Dragonrider Talon challenges Dragonlord Gavain for command of his century. (Note date change!)
June 22, 19989.09.1998 Feast of Druids at Ryanon's Base Camp on the Dumnonian Front Line; Battle; Aftermath.
July 27, 19986.11.1998 Feast of the War Goddess at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Battle Dance; Need additional plot.

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Since we're coming up on an event marking the "graduation" of a Hatchling to Fledgling status, I thought I'd take this opportunity to discuss the lifecycle of the Dumnonian Bronze.

When a Breeding Pair mates, the Female always conceives if she is not already carrying fertilized eggs. One rotation (20 days) from the mating, she will deposit her clutch in a nest on the dunes at the entrance to the Valley of Ancients. A Dumnonian Bronze will never lay her eggs anywhere else unless ordered to do so by their Ruler. A Breeding Female will retain her eggs, causing her own death, if denied access to the traditional breeding ground. A Female Bronze cannot lay her eggs without assistance. Her Rider needs to catch the eggs and lower them to the sand, or they will break. UnBonded Females call to the Dumnonian Ruler, who will assist them.

Once the eggs are laid, the Breeding Female is sent away. She is banned from the Valley until after the eggs Hatch. She informs the Ruler that the eggs have been laid. The clutch then becomes his responsibility.

The Ruler touches each egg, activating the King's Magic. He talks to the little ones inside and sends them to sleep. In days past, the Ruler destroyed mutant eggs, but Shashtah has temporarily won a political battle that allows him to leave the mutant eggs with the true Bronzes in the clutch. When the Ruler is finished, he instructs the second eldest member of the Council of Ancients to guard the clutch. (Currently, this is Councilor Garesh.) The Ruler will check on the eggs periodically over the next rotation, but mostly the Council of Ancients keeps watch over them.

About a rotation after the eggs were laid, they Hatch. The Ruler must be on hand to greet the new Dragons or the Hatchlings may die. (The Councilors can keep the young Dragons alive for a rotation or two, but only the King's Magic can make the little ones thrive.) The Ruler dries off each Hatchling and reminds it of the conversation they had while the youngster was still in its shell. Then they walk to the Hatchling Tents in the King's Camp. This is a formidable hike! The walk takes a long, long time, but it serves to strengthen the newly-Hatched Dragon's limbs and dry its wings.

Upon arrival in the King's Camp, the Ruler helps the youngster s figure out how to take their humanforms (if they haven't already done it instinctively). He then settles the Hatchlings-in-humanform into their tent. There are six Hatchling tents. They are essentially dormitories filled with cots. Dragonteachers work with the Hatchlings in each tent. The first tent, for Hatchlings under one year of age, concentrates on teaching the little ones to maintain their humanforms while asleep, exercising them, training them to fly, and giving them the basic social skills they need to survive in Dumnonian society.

As the Hatchlings mark the anniversary of their Hatching, the Ruler escorts them to the next tent. Exercises continue, as does socialization, but training in other areas is added. The youngsters are taught to hunt and perform other activities that they need to take care of themselves. The Ruler teaches them to transport, first to the Valley of Ancients and then to the King's Camp. They learn about the Council of Ancients, and they are taught to identify the current Dragonlords. They speak in the language of the Bronze Dragons in their dragonform, and they are taught to speak Dumnonian in their humanforms. The Hatchlings are also taught to shapeshift to other animal forms.

During their final rotation as a Hatchling, the youngsters serve as squires to the Dumnonian Ruler. This is a new practice that has been instituted by Shashtah. These squires live in his tent and do his bidding, learning directly about the workings of Dumnonian government and becoming familiar with the various Dragonlords.

When a Hatchling reaches the sixth anniversary of its Hatching, the Ruler presents the youngster to a Dragonlord as a Fledgling. The Dragonlord transfers the young Dragon to his or her base camp. Some Dragonlords take the youngster to the camp on dragonback, but most send the little one by supply caravan so the Fledgling learns the terrain between the King's Camp and the base camps firsthand. The Dragonlord usually holds a ceremony, marking the arrival of the Fledgling at the base camp, then turns the newcomer over to the Dragonteachers. The Fledglings generally stay at the base camp, living in a common tent, though they may take excursions if the Dragonlord permits. The youngsters are taught to defend themselves in their humanforms as well as in their dragonforms. Flying skills are developed. If a Fledgling shows an inclination toward a profession, the desire is encouraged.

At the end of ten years, the Dragonlord presents the Fledgling to a Rider as a Stripling. The Stripling lives with the Bond Partners as a fosterling, and the Rider is responsible for completing the young Dragon's training. This includes the use of breathweapons, special skills such as Speedflying, and combat tactics. The Striplings travel with the Riders when the Pairs go on leave, learning as many locations as possible so that transporting to them will be easier later. The Dragons learn how to nurse a Rider through the Training and how to function within a century. The Stripling may choose to pursue a profession, and it's up to the Rider to see that the Dragon receives that training as well.

When the Stripling turns twenty-six, he or she becomes eligible for Bonding. The Dragon must be fully functional and able to survive on his or her own if necessary. If the Dragon chooses not to Bond, he or she must make his or her own way in the world. If the Dragon wants to Bond, then he or she lets the Ruler know and then awaits the arrival of a suitable candidate. Some UnBonded Dragons choose to function as part of the King's Camp, but others withdraw to caves in the deep desert. Dragons cannot survive on their own for an extended period of time beyond the borders of Dumnonia. They require the desert to maintain their health, and they need Corin's magic to thrive.

Beyond that, the Dragon's life is what he or she makes of it. The Adults continue to grow. No one has ever known a Dragon to die of disease or old age. The leading cause of death is battle, and most Dragons die on the Front Line prior to the end of their first century of life. Older Dragons become extremely crafty and very, very difficult to kill. They prefer to be Bonded with Riders because of the special advantages they receive from such unions.

The eight eldest Dumnonian Bronzes form the Council of Ancients. Under Shashtah, these Dragons must be Bonded and they are assigned to the King's Camp century. (Previous kings allowed the Councilors to remain UnBonded, but Shashtah found that UnBonded Honorable Ancients tended to have serious problems seeing things from the human point of view when they were called upon to render judgments.)

There, then, is the lifecycle of a Dumnonian Bronxe. You can find out more about details about this special breed of Dragons by exploring the Dragonlords website.

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin


For Members:

18--Katie Knafelc

June: None

10--Danielle DiFronzo

For Characters:

Month 7: Feast of Shadows
  1.07.1961--Dragonrider Jean
  2.07.1958--Artisan Jessamyn
  11.07.1984--Apprentice Scribe Vachel
  11.07.1968--Dragonrider Omri
  13.07.1975--Bronze Stripling Fili
  15.07.1975--Lady Keelia
  16.07.1973--Dragonrider Ronilei
  20.07.1949--Exercise Master Kani

Month 8: Fast of Sunlight
  3.08.1980--Lady Lysia
  3.08.1907--Dragonrider Krel (deceased)
  7.08.1988--Vaneel (child)

Month 9: Feast of Druids
  1.09.1947--Master Beast Guilder Haras
  2.09.1954--Dragonrider Beleris
  2.09.1965--Journeyman Caravaneer Juli
  3.09.1939--Lord Jules
  3.09.1902--Dragonrider Xavi
  5.09.1933--Lord Gellaim
  6.09.1960--Dragonrider Baarah
  8.09.1943--Dragonrider Sheron
  9.09.1980--Foster Mother/Healer Arnisaya
  18.09.1963--Dragonrider Kryndl

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