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Newsletter 3

March 28, 1998

The Dragonlord's Forum

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Welcome and thank you for joining our family. The following is the necessary information you will need. For those that have been here a while, there are some tasks that will demand our attention. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


(These are upcoming online events.)

Terran Date

Centurian Date

Event Description

March 30, 1998 16.05.1998 Feast of Pain at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; challenge fight for Dragonlordship; challenge fight for King's Camp Post.
April 27, 1998 2.07.1998 Feast of Shadows at Sandy Plains Castle in Dumnonia; Camel and Horse Races; Need additional plot.
May 25, 1998 18.08.1998 Fast of Sunlight at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Need two additional plots.

To suggest plots for upcoming events, contact Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com. Remember to check the message board and the event schedule frequently. The websites are tools that we use to keep the amount of e-mail sent to club members down.


Since the battle at the last role-playing session, the question has been asked, "Why did the demons lose?" So I thought I'd devote the column for this newsletter to the topic of battle tactics or "What Every Dragonrider Knows that a Player May Not Have Picked Up on" <g>.

Tactics for Dumnonians will be discussed in the Dragonlords Handbook whenever I get around to writing it <g>. But tactics for the Bad Guys have been established in my novels and short stories, so I thought I'd share my vision with you.

What I have in mind is essentially this: The bulk of Serak's army is made up of two types of "grunts". The first are things he's had created or bred or whatever to serve in his army. These are largely produced on the Other Continent, thrown at Lord Janix and company first and then, if they survive, teleported to the Northern Continent where they are thrown against the Dumnonians and their allies. The second type are the "not so nice" deadfolk. This can include vampires, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, and anything else that's walking around and shouldn't be. Or, worse yet, they're bits and pieces of dead things that some apprentice wizard or whatever has thrown together.

For the most part, these "grunts" are really, really stupid. Many of them have been morphed into what they are from something like a snake or rat. They kept the brains of the original creature or got just a little bit extra (usually not enough to matter much). Or they're the product of major inbreeding. The Dark One's minions know enough to model their breeding program off the forced breeding program of the Dumnonians, but the majority of the devils in charge don't have the savvy of the Priests and Priestesses of the Mother when it comes to basic genetics. The Bad Guys tend to send the older creatures on and breed the younger ones--usually without taking the time to scramble the breeding population. This gives them lots and lots of brother/sister crosses and close-relative breedings. Add to that the fact that the resulting creatures are magically aged (which puts a horrible strain on the system) so that they can replace the troops who have fallen in battle, that they receive a minimum of training, and that they are poorly equipped--if they are equipped at all, and you have a recipe for losses like the ones the demons suffered the other night.

Serak's main tactic is to simply keep throwing his expendable troops at his enemies because he doesn't care about how many he loses. He has two major things going for him: (1) the good guys hate dying and having people die and (2) the good guys get careless because they are so used to fighting these mental midgets that they tend to die like nits in a sandstorm if a semi-intelligent opponent comes along. That's sort of what happens in my books. Dameth usually manages to have his century where the battle is not being fought while he's a Dragonlord. Shaharadesh is absolutely ruthless about imposing penalties against Dragonlords who allow any Bonded Pairs to get killed. Eschlend, while a vampire, inflicts major damage on the Dumnonians even though he's fighting the impulse to do so. After Dameth becomes a vampire, he really wipes out his opponents because he's actively trying and he's betting that Shaharadesh will actually be stupid enough to incapacitate the most capable and fearless of his Dragonlords.

On the Daethian front, things are little better. There is no organized Elven Army to really speak of. It's perpetually "Every elf for himself," so their attacks rarely amount to much. The Daethians are more organized, but they are hampered by being bound to the surface. (Fighting on sand is a horrible handicap when your troops don't train to do it and your opponent is essentially an airforce.) Elves and Daethians are a little more willing to let people die than Dumnonians are, though. (The Dumnonians have recently acquired a secret weapon in Shashtah, who can sometimes resurrect the dead.) The Elves have Farador, who is fairly good about resurrecting any of his warriors who happen to get killed. The Daethians are largely flapping in the proverbial breeze, which is why there are so few of them left, but their culture largely supports the idea that it's noble to die in battle.

The latest headache to come along for all parties, though, is the White Wolf. Instead of fighting for either side to prevail, Ailan is notorious for doing things that level the playing field. For instance, the Dark One recently tried to bribe the White Wolf by raising people he cared about from the dead. Ailan circumvented the effort by raising anyone who wanted to be raised--no matter which side they were on. Granted, more non-Cinnamarians chose to come back than Cinnamarians, but everyone, including the Dark One, was suddenly confronted with a surplus population. While Farador could actually feed the extra elves, the Dumnonians have been forced to rely on Shashtah's erratic miracles and otherwise let the newly raised fend for themselves. The Daethians and Cinnamarians have simply thrown the extra warriors onto the front line, hoping that the war will solve the population problem for them.

That then is the nutshell explanation of why the demons the centuries ran into did so poorly in the Battle. Once the devil who was running the show had been eliminated, victory was pretty much assured for the Dragonriders. That the devil was destroyed so early, though, was simple chance. He could easily have lived a lot longer and inflicted a lot more damage than he did. Which may be what happens the next time, so never let down your guard!

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin


For Members:

18--Katie Knafelc

For Characters:

Month 4: Fast of Sorrow
  2.04.1957--Dragonrider Frida
  2.04.1984--Dragonrider Vilera
  7.04.1934--Fosterer Wyome
  10.04.1982--Lord Garret

Month 5: Feast of Pain
  3.05.1982--Apprentice Caravaneer Nahli
  6.05.1927--Servant Manni
  6.05.1987--Apprentice Caravaneer Kali
  10.05.1982--Lady Jalla
  10.05.1939--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Kerrie
  14.05.1925--Dragonlord Brett
  16.05.1952--Lady Ellisa
  18.05.1961--Dragonrider Ryanon
  20.05.1951--Dragonrider Gralt

Month 6: Fast of Pleasure
  2.06.1972--Dragonrider Anala
  5.06.1976--Bronze Stripling Shela
  6.06.1967--Journeyman Caravaneer Jiles
  9.06.1986--Apprentice Cook Nache
  15.06.1978--Servent Megli
  18.06.1478--Bard Cora


(You might consider this as an option prior to Monday's event)

Contact Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you would like to adopt any of these characters.

Positions Vacant

These positions need to be filled as soon as possible:

  1. BOD Member:
  2. Banker

The Banker Manual is available online at the main website. Essentially, we are looking for someone who can use Excel (Or if you have a better idea about how to keep track of how much wealth each character has accumulated, please let us know!). Contact Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com for more details.

We need to fill these posts as soon as possible. Neither position is horribly time-consuming after the initial set up. Please, helps us out!


Anyone who is currently reading the Centuria novels, please keep notes on the different times that things happen. Such as "Shashtah lose his kingship and so many days later he turns up at Karaif's." We're trying to straighten out the timeline for the club, and we need to get the timeline for the novels straightened out first. Send all notes to Dragonrider Ryanon (dragonfodder@gmail.com), who is in charge of the project.

There will be Camel and Horse races at the April event. Owners need to submit entries via the form on the Members Only site. Anyone who wants to acquire a string in time to participate should contact Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com.

You have completed your assignment thus far; continue to strive onward. Until next forum, keep safe!

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