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Newsletter 6

June 16, 1998

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Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


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Terran DateCenturian Date Event Description
June 22, 19989.09.1998 Feast of Druids at Ryanon's Base Camp on the Dumnonian Front Line; Battle; Installation of Dragonlords for the Rashtarian Base Camps.
July 27, 19986.11.1998 Feast of the War Goddess at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Battle Dance; Need additional plot.
August 24, 199815.13.1998 Feast of the Elven King at Stormheights Castle in Daethia and at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Horse Races.

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Since the Rashtaran base camps will be opening at our next online event, I've decided to take this opportunity to explain a little more about the strangest of Daethia's allies in the war against the Dark One.

Rashtar is much colder than most of the habitable lands of Centuria. The terrain is rugged, mostly hilly and mountainous with occasional, but not vast, steppe lands. The extreme northern portion of the country is snowbound year round and is characterized by the same glacial landscape as the Northern Wastes. Evergreen forests dominate most of the rest of the countryside, though there are a few oak forests and stands as well. What flatland there is sports tundra and sturdy grass. The soil is poor, and farming is difficult at best. The mountains are severely metal poor with no known mineral deposits large enough or of sufficient quality to justify a mining operation. Some salt is reclaimed from the seawater, but that is of poor quality. Sheep, goats, cattle and horses provide much of the food and clothing, but most Rashtarans supplement their diet by hunting and gathering. The extensive coastline causes most of the military headaches for the land. Sea monsters and other nasty creatures regularly invade the country from the ocean. The violent surf and lack of any decent ports makes it impossible for the Rashtarans to practice any shipping or sea fishing (beyond what can be accomplished from a few yards off shore). The land features an abundance of small streams, pools, and lakes, but no major rivers. The southern border is marked by a place where the Dragon's Back Mountains touch the sea. Land passage beyond this point is impossible. The only routes out of Rashtar are over the Pass to Tor and into the Northern Wastes.

Rashtar is ruled by Juel Elven Lord. The League of the Nations designated the popular warrior as King of Rashtar in the hope that he could unite the disparate tribes into some sort of organized effort against the Dark One's forces. So far, the only luck Juel has had in that direction has been with the mutant Dragons and their Riders. Dragonking Shashtah of Dumnonia, at Juel's request, has supplied several Riders mounted on permanently shifted Bronzes to train the young mutants into something resembling centuries. Enough Bonded Pairs of mutants and Riders have found their way to Rashtar, survived raising the young monstrosities to form three centuries, which are being put under the command of distinguished Riders of permanently shifted Bronzes. Other Riders with permanently shifted Bronzes may join the centuries, as may any Riders with mutants who are raised in Dumnonia. These Pairs will travel from Dumnonia to Rashtar via caravan.

The Rashtaran base camps are a little different from the Dumnonian base camps. Tribal rivalries preclude the camps moving as they do in the desert; instead, the Rashtaran camps have permanent locations. The camps are perched on foothills against the Dragon's Back Mountains. Cave complexes are being enlarged for lairs for the Dragons and protection for stores. The Riders and support personnel live in tents on the hills below the lairs when weather permits. The tents are constructed from hides. There is no water shortage, so some customs are a bit different from those in Dumnonia. The Riders wear leather uniforms and masks while flying to protect them from the breathweapons of their mounts. Laws are extremely strict because of the ever-present danger caused by living with the lethal mutants. The camps negotiate with the various tribes for hunting rights for the Dragons. Violation of these treaties could lead to war between the Dragonriders and the Rashtarans, so hunting territories are strictly observed. For all other practical purposes, the base camps are treated as Rashtaran tribes.

Rashtar is the stronghold of the druids, the clergy of the White Wolf. The central tenet of their religion is balance, so the worship of all deities is tolerated. The only temple, though, is the Northern Temple of the White Wolf. This solid structure has no doors or windows and resembles a huge block of ice. The Great Druid, the head of the religion, dwells with the tribe who controls the lands where the temple is located. Every tribe in Rashtar has at least one Archdruid with it permanently. Other Archdruids and regular Druids are free to go where their religion calls them. The druids offer the only true unifying link between the various Rashtaran tribes, and King Juel's power results mainly from this priesthood's support of him.

In general, the barbarians of Rashtar are nomadic. Their locations are marked by territories, and permanent structures are rare. There are no cities, and trade is conducted by barter. Each tribe has its own customs and traditions, based on the peculiarities of its territory and means of support. Common types resemble Terran Celts, Germans, Alano-Sarmatians, Iroquois, Sioux, and Eskimos, but other types are possible. All of the barbarians of Rashtar despise and fear non-druidic magic, seeing it as the main weapon of the Dark One and his minions. The Rashtarans tolerate the mutants because the White Wolf was responsible for Bonding them to their Riders. But the tribesmen do not mix freely with the Dragonriders, and Juel's use of magic is looked upon with great suspicion.

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin


For Members:

June: None

10--Danielle DiFronzo

17--Barbara Grant

For Characters:

Month 10: Fast of the Dead

  3.10.1962--Dragonrider Tedlan
  3.10.1965--Journeyman Bard Sumner
  5.10.1981--Stripling Maerah
  8.10.1973--Servant Shimmer
  8.10.1980--Dragonrider Anadon
  9.10.1984--Squeak the Pixie
  10.10.1953--Dragonrider Saraun
  13.10.1932--Journeyman Caravaneer Riata
  14.10.1952--Dragonrider Mannon
  18.10.1971--Bronze Dragon Seyyal

Month 11: Feast of the War Goddess

  1.11.1951--Servant Mer
  2.11.1135--Fairy Lord Leylan
  2.11.1135 --Fairy Lady Leylana
  2.11.1968--Lady Zara
  5.11.1958--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Reva
  5.11.7MR (19.18.1996)--Dragonrider Kilian
  6.11.1978--Mutant Dragonrider Yarrow
  8.11.1958--Dragonrider Clon
  8.11.1996--Shiri (child)
  12.11.1977--Skimmer the Sprite
  17.11.1963--Dragonrider Shirill
  20.11.1958--Lady Hana

Month 12: Fast of Peace

  1.12.1958--Exercise Master Jorex
  1.12.1941--Lady Lania
  6.12.1953--Dragonrider Tazaran
  7.12.1934--Dragonrider Gavain
  17.12.1040--Arion (Unicorn)

Month 13: Feast of the Elven King

  1.13.1936--Dragonlord Darrell
  1.13.1941--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Rayzel
  2.13.1966--Journeyman Beast Guilder Ruta
  3.13.1979--Apprentice Caravaneer Jana
  4.13.1992--Noam (child)
  5.13.1885--Dragonrider Maclane
  5.13.1940--Lord Geyron
  6.13.1976--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Uri
  8.13.1950--Dragonrider Faryed
  9.13.1944--Servant Bel

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