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Newsletter 13

February 21, 1999

(Revised 1/14/02)

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The world of Centuria is copyright ©L.A. Malcor 1994

Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


These are upcoming online events. Please check the message board on the main site and the events schedule on the Members Only site frequently. Dates do change occasionally, and other information you need to enjoy the RPs is linked to each event. We don't want to clutter your mailboxes with all of this data, so please make use of the website as much as you can.

Special Note:  The next RP will be held on IRC on channel #Centuria, 7 PM PST. Make sure you have your software installed before then and that it's working. Message Online Coordinator Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you have any problems.

Terran Date Centurian Date Event Description
February 22, 1999 20.03.1999 Feast of Laughter; Battle (Location to be determined); Aftermath.
March 22, 1999 15.05.1999 Feast of Pain; Battle for Krin's and Gavain's Base Camps and Rainier's Camp (Ryanon's, Darrell's and Talon's Camps are on leave and may help out where they will); Aftermath.
April 25, 1999 16.06.1999 Fast of Pleasure; Horse and Camel Races at Sandy Plains Castle; need third plot.

If you have suggestions for additional plots or for other activities that you would like to see during the online RP sessions, contact the online coordinator, Dragonlord Krin, at Legend@malcor.com.


Here are the characters who are currently available for adoption. Message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you'd like to give any of these folks a home!



Iím writing this on February 16, 1999, and it is very likely that the Dragonlords site will receive its 10,000th visitor today! Our message board has been quite active lately as well. Whatís all the excitement about? Well, rumor has it that Dragonlords is a pretty neat club and website <g>. But then you already know that, since youíve already joined <g>. (Why not tell your friends about us <g>? The more, the merrier! You can adapt characters from other games, adopt pre-approved characters or create new ones.)

Given our phenomenal traffic and growing presence on the Web, I thought Iíd take this opportunity to do a bit of a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet about the club.

  1. Why is there an age limit of 18?

    Younger people are not prohibited from joining. They simply have to have permission from a parent or guardian to do so. People under 18 are not legally bound by contracts that they sign, which is why parents or guardians also have to sign the release letters when these individuals submit to our fanzine.

  2. Do I have to have the permission letter filled out if Iím under 18, even if Iím joining by adopting a character?

    Yes. The same rules apply to adoptions that apply when you submit a new character.

  3. Why do you use IRC instead of some other type of chatroom?

    Well, thatís a matter of elimination. I pretty much have to be at the events since I guide the RPs. There are only certain programs that I am able to use through my server. Given the programs that the BOD members can use, the only ones most of us have in common are AOL and IRC. Of those, the only program that non-AOL users can use is IRC. So IRC it is until circumstances dictate otherwise.

  4. Why do you meet on Monday nights? I live in Australia/Singapore/(fill in the blank with a country on the other side of the world) and can never make it to RPs.

    Our meeting night has been determined by sending out a questionnaire to our current members. Monday night was the night that the majority of people could make it. That may change as our membership continues to grow, but, for now, Monday is the night we can draw the biggest crowds at events.

  5. Do I have to attend RPs if I belong to Dragonlords?

    No. We love it when you come, but you donít have to do anything at all once you join, unless you want to or unless your character has a writing or service requirement to maintain. There are some characters available for adoption that do not have any requirements. Of course, we think youíll have a lot more fun in the club if you come to events and write for the Ďzine and otherwise help out .

  6. Can I subscribe to your fanzine if Iím not a member?

    No. The fanzine is only distributed to members of Dragonlords.

  7. Can I write for your fanzine or do art for you if I am not a member?

    Characters in stories need to be approved by the club, and going through that process makes you a member. So there is really no way you could turn out a story that would wind up in the Ďzine without becoming a member of the club. Stories by former members might appear in the Ďzine, but all of the stories in the Ďzine were written while the authors were members of the club.

    Art is another matter. I will post art from outside artists to the site (with appropriate credit and links) provided that I find the art suitable for a given page. The art will not appear in the fanzine, but it may appear on our website.

  8. Do I have to create a character in order to join?

    No. But you do have to have a character. You can join by adopting a pre-approved character instead of creating a new one.

  9. Can I have more than one persona?

    No. You can only have one persona in the club. You can change which character is identified as your persona if the need arises, but you may only have one. You may, however, create as many non-player characters as your furry little heart desires.

  10. Can I adopt more than one character?

    By all means! Adopt entire families, caravans, guilds, whatever! Only one of your characters may be a persona, but you can have as many other characters as you wish.

I know thatís not an all encompassing list, so if you have additional questions that youíd like to see in a FAQ, please pass them along to me.

Eternal Death to the Dark One,

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Dragonlord Krin

If you have a suggestion for an essay that you would like to see in this column, send it to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com.


For Members:

  3--Linda A. Malcor
  3--Allison Mitchell



For Characters:

Month 3: Feast of Laughter

  1.03.1996--Lady Lesana
  1.03.1982--Pretty Boy the Sprite
  6.03.1929--Fosterer Yahto
  6.03.1951--Lord Gavin
  6.03.1959--Dragonrider Talon
  7.03.1952--Master Bard Neil
  7.03.1973--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Sebra
  8.03.1988--Shaina (child)
  8.03.1978--Lord Kristopher
  10.03.1935--Journeyman Caravaneer Koalan
  10.03.1990--Wanche (child)

Month 4: Fast of Sorrow

  2.04.1957--Dragonrider Frida
  2.04.1984--Dragonrider Vilera
  3.04.1898--Priestess Trina (deceased)
  7.04.1934--Fosterer Wyome
  10.04.1982--Lord Garret
  18.04.1914--Fosterer Netanya

Month 5: Feast of Pain

  1.05.1943--Master Carver Josef
  3.05.1982--Apprentice Caravaneer Nahli
  6.05.1927--Servant Manni
  6.05.1987--Apprentice Caravaneer Kali
  9.05.1943--Scribe Skyler
  10.05.1982--Lady Jalla
  10.05.1939--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Kerrie
  14.05.1925--Dragonlord Brett
  16.05.1952--Lady Ellisa
  18.05.1961--Dragonrider Ryanon
  20.05.1951--Dragonrider Gralt

Month 6: Fast of Pleasure

  2.06.1972--Dragonrider Anala
  5.06.1976--Bronze Stripling Shela
  6.06.1967--Journeyman Caravaneer Jiles
  9.06.1986--Apprentice Cook Nache
  15.06.1978--Servent Megli
  18.06.1478--Bard Cora

Month 7: Feast of Shadows

  1.07.1961--Dragonrider Jehan
  2.07.1958--Artisan Jessamyn
  11.07.1984--Apprentice Scribe Vachel
  11.07.1968--Dragonrider Omri
  13.07.1975--Bronze Stripling Fili
  15.07.1975--Lady Keelia
  16.07.1973--Dragonrider Ronilei
  20.07.1949--Dragonrider Kani

Positions Vacant

These positions still need to be filled. We'd really appreciate the help!

  1. Banker: If you are great with numbers (or if you simply know how to use Excel or a similar program) this is the job for you! We need help keeping track of all that treasure you folks are picking up in battle, what you are buying at market days, what you are winning at the races, and all the other little details that go into making Dragonlords run smoothly. Any budding moneychangers out there <g>?

  2. Proofreader, Character Sheets: Weíve just had a massive update of all of our character sheets. We need someone to read through them and make sure that information is consistent on all the sheets (For instance, if Krin is a certain age and rank, that his age and rank are the same whenever they are mentioned on his sheet and on anyone elseís sheet.). Any budding copyeditors out there <g>?

  3. Proofreader, Website: I do my best to keep the websites updated and consistent with our printed materials, but I could use some help . What I need is for someone to do things, such as make sure that I have all the adoptables from the booklets on the adoptables page and that all characters on the adoptables page who have a sheet are marked as adoptable in the booklets. I need the rosters checked for the various locations to make sure that I have people in the correct places. I need everything read to make sure that Krin is listed as a Dragonlord, that Brett is an Exercise Master, that my address is changed to Legend@malcor.com, and so forth. Anyone want to spend their time online surfing our site?

  4. Timeline Keeper: We need some help reconciling the timeline from the Centuria series with the club timeline. The job involves going through the books and short stories to detail what happened when. Anyone want to lend a hand?

Contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for more details.

Awaken the Dragons!

We need stories and art for Awaken the Dragons!, the fanzine for Ryanon's Base Camp. The next deadline is March 31st (though we are currently still accepting stories for the December 31st issue). . Send stories or poems to Lady Zara at amberfocus@hotmail.com. Artwork should be sent directly to Brass Dragon Majidah at SlideNSpin@aol.com. Remember, you need to file a release form with L.A. Malcor prior to the publication of the 'zine if you contribute text. (No release is necessary for artwork.) Release forms are available online at


Full submission guidelines are at


Please remember to send all submissions in ASCII or .TXT format.



The first of the Centuria stories was published online by Eternity Magazine.

If you haven't already done so, please read it and let me know what you think. It was voted as the best story in the issue <g> (Thanks to everyone who voted!).

Also, remember that members of Dragonlords are entitled to read the completed, yet unpublished, Centuria stories. Contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for your copies.

Other Publication News.

"Unfair Trade" has won fifth place in the Pulp Eternity Dragon Fiction contest.

For publication news, visit L.A. Malcorís author page at:


Dragonlords Webring.

Dragonlords has started its own webring. You can find out how to join the ring at


Only members of Dragonlords may join the ring, but they may add as many sites (business, personal, or to another group whose sites are maintained by a Dragonlords member) as they please.

Dragonlords' Chat List.

Dragonlords has started a new chat list where you can discuss the Centuria books (or anything else <g>) with L.A. Malcor. The URL to join the list is


Dragonlords' Bookstore.

If you want to buy a book online, remember that Dragonlords has a store in association with Amazon.com. When you buy through our store, Dragonlords earns a fee. All money goes to help defray the cost of running Dragonlords so our memberships can stay free. The URL of our bookstore is


Dragonlords' Video Store.

Dragonlords also has an online video store in association with Reel.com. You can look up filmographies of actors and directors as well as buy videos. Proceeds go to help defray the cost of running Dragonlords. [Discontinued March 15, 2000]

There is a new special section for the Academy Awards. Check it out!

Dragonlords' T-shirt

Dragonlords has covered its expenses and is starting to earn enough money for us to do something fun for our members. The BOD has decided that what we would like to do with the extra money is subsidize T-shirts for all members of the club (We may be able to buy the shirts outright for people; it depends on how many folks want them.).

If you would like to submit a design for the club T-shirt, send your suggestion in .gif or .jpg format to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com. Try to keep your design suggestions to four colors or less, since that will significantly cut our costs. Submissions will close February 28th, 1999 at midnight. Krin will put the suggestions up on a webpage so we can vote on what we like best. Once the design is chosen, Krin will put up a sign-up sheet so we can see how many people actually want the shirts. Pricing will vary, depending on how many shirts are ordered.

Dragonlords' Pencils:

Dragonlords sent two rainbow pencils for Valentineís Day to every member for whom we had a snail mail address. (David, yours got chewed up and returned to me, so I re-sent. Sorry for the delay.) If you have not received your pencils and would like them, contact Dragonlord Krin with a snail mail address to which they can be sent.

You have completed your assignment thus far;
continue to strive onwards.

Until next forum,
keep safe!

Brass Dragon Majidah

(This issue of the Forum compiled by Dragonlord Krin for Brass Dragon Majidah.)

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