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February 20, 1998

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Welcome and thank you for joining our family. The following is the necessary information you will need. For those that have been here a while, there are some tasks that will demand our attention. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


(These are upcoming online events.)

Monday, February 23, 1998


Feast of Laughter at Brett's Base Camp
on the Dumnonian Front Line; Battle; Aftermath.

(Special Note: To be held on AOL in Private room Centuria, 6 PM PST)

This image is originally from Midnight's Attic, which no longer seems to be on the Net.

Monday, March 23, 1998


Feast of Pain at the King's Camp
in Dumnonia; Need two additional plots.

Monday, April 27, 1998


Feast of Shadows at Sandy Plains Castle
in Dumnonia; Camel and Horse Races;
Need additional plot.


Greetings! Since we are about to go into an online battle and since I'm fairly sure most of you have not read all the Centurian novels yet, I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain exactly what your Dragons and Riders can do in aerial combat.

To participate in aerial combat you have to have a Dragon and Rider. For the upcoming combat, you need to have Bond Partners who are assigned to Brett's base camp, Darrell's base camp or Gavain's base camp. If you do not have such characters, there are some available for adoption. I can put through adoptions very quickly, in plenty of time for this event, so let me know if you want one of these characters.

You probably want to check out the Dragon Size Chart as well. How big your Dragon is can play an important role in aerial combat. A Young Adult has high maneuverability, while an Honored Ancient has the cornering ability of, if you will excuse the mundane reference, the Titanic. Make sure you note whether your Dragon is small, medium or large for his or her age category, and take that into account.

Prior to battle, the Exercise Master drills the Pairs on the dunes outside their base camp by sending them through the Ban-kai stretches. This has the double purpose of limbering up the Riders while bringing the Dragons into close mental links with their Partners and with their commanders. The Dragons kneel in humanform beside their Riders, facing the Exercise Master. The Exercise Master relays commands through his Dragon to the Dragons of the century, who pass the instructions onto their Riders. The goal is to have the entire century dancing in unison prior to taking to the air.

The most obvious draconic weapons are the two breathweapons. The Dumnonian Bronzes can breathe either a bolt of magical light or a cloud of scent. With the bolt of magic, one target may be struck per use. You can score a direct hit, a partial yet major hit, a partial but minor hit, or a complete miss. Nonmagical creatures are usually reduced to ash by a direct blast. Magical creatures generally suffer significantly less damage. With the cloud of scent, think of a predator's reaction to a skunk. This is a range weapon and can affect multiple targets. An Honored Ancient produces a much bigger and stronger cloud than a Young Adult, so be reasonable in your descriptions of size. A Young Adult might affect three or four targets while an Honored Ancient could affect thirty or forty, all depending on the size and distance of the target from the attacker. Cinnamarian forces tend to take one whiff of the Bronze Dragon's stench and flee. The scent is most effective against lesser demons and devils, minor magical characters. Nonmagical characters may retreat for a short distance, then return to the battle. For extremely powerful magical characters, there is a chance that your target will actually shake off the effect of the stench and keep coming. (Remember, however, that the target's mount may be more susceptible than the target. A major demon may be able to recover from the scent, but that will do him preciously little good if his mount is heading south with him still planted on its back.)

Dumnonian Bronzes come equipped with several natural weapons as well. Consider the jaws with all those, to borrow a phrase from Monty Python, "nasty sharp pointy teeth." A Young Adult has jaws that look something like those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex--only the teeth are metal (magically reinforced bronze). The Honored Ancient could swallow a T-Rex in one bite. Then there is the razor-sharp metal claws. The Dragon can use all four--the front pair as well as the back pair--while in full flight. Think about all the things that can be done with such weapons. In addition to simple slashing, your Dragon could perform raking attacks, grab-and-pierce, snatch (to drop or drag the opponent), or even kick. Wings can be used for buffeting as well as for flying. And, last but not least, all Dumnonian Bronzes are precision trained to lash with their whip-like tails.

Your Rider can carry weapons, too. You may require a scimitar for hand-to-hand combat or a jambiya to cut yourself free from a net. Distance weapons (such as bows or lassos) may be used, but you might have to drop them if you need your hands for something else (such as Speedflying). (You might have to get creative about where you are going to tie off something like a lasso. The spikes are too smooth and tapered for a tie to hold. There is no saddle so you don't have a saddle horn. And using yourself as an anchor when you aren't attached to anything would be a very bad plan.)

Armor-wise, your Dragon has that marvelous metal hide for protection. Your Rider, however, as Katrell likes to note, is "pretty squishy" in comparison. The odds are that your Dragon will come through the combat with scarcely a scratch while your Rider could very easily wind up as a dark smear on the sand. Your Dragon is trained to keep that in mind and to fight accordingly, shield your Rider with his or her hide whenever possible.

Flying in general is up to the Dragon, although the Rider can offer suggestions as to direction. Your Dragon can theoretically stay aloft all night, but most battles only last a candlescar or two. As the battle goes on, your Dragon will become increasingly tired, especially if he or she has to engage in many physical attacks or has been flying patrol duty prior to the start of the battle. Your Dragon is trained to fly acrobatic patterns to prevent your Rider from falling off (plus the Dragons use a natural magic spell to help keep the Rider in his or her seat), but Dumnonians do not tie themselves to their mounts. (The restraints would prevent the use of maneuvers such as Speedflying.) Riders can be knocked off by a magic bolt or physical blow from an opponent (one of the leading causes of death among Dragonriders).

Speedflying is a special maneuver used to take up a position or, more frequently, to get out of the way of an attack, without teleporting. In Speedflying, the Dragon must start from a great height (That's why most Dragonlords like to engage their enemies at a considerable altitude.). The Dragon dives. As the Dragon approaches the ground, the Rider grabs the flying straps and kicks her legs out behind her. As the Dragon levels off, the Rider "flies" rather like a kite over the Dragon's deadly spikes. To land, the Rider waits for the Dragon to slow, then tucks and catches herself on her knees before resuming her seat. This requires precise timing or grave injury to the Rider results. Flying too fast will kill the Rider. This is another major cause of deaths in battle.

Teleportation is another special maneuver, but it is seldom used--except to get out of the way--once the enemy is engaged by the full century. Teleportation is usually practiced in formation and demands the full concentration of both Dragon and Rider. Dragon and Rider each supply an image of what their world would look like from their new location. The images blur together to form a new image. When the new picture is formed, the teleportation occurs. Two Pairs transporting to the same location at the same time may wind up inside each other, so individual use of the maneuver is discouraged in actual combat. A Dragonlord may order certain Pairs to teleport into specific positions (usually off the wings of the Dragonlord's Dragon), but this generally takes time since the Dragons tend to check with each other to make sure everyone is clear about who is going where. A Dragon can teleport by himself, but a Rider greatly increases his accuracy. This is one of the main benefits of having a Rider. (The other main duty of the Rider during combat is to act as a "spotter" for the Dragon.)

Battles start out fairly organized, with an attack generally set for a specific time and location. Once the fighting starts, however, things quickly dissolve into individual fights. Rarely does anyone have any idea how well or poorly the combat is going on the whole until the order is given to disengage and the bodies and injuries are counted.

All spoils are collected from a battlefield following the engagement, and the Exercise Master divides them equally among the survivors at dawn--unless the Dragonlord issues other instructions.

So, there, in a dragonshell, you have the basics you need for the upcoming online combat. If you have any questions, ask (prior to the event if possible)! You can e-mail me privately or post to the message board (I prefer messages on the board since several people might be interested in the answer; it'll save me repeating myself.).

Until next time,

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin


For Members:

  3--Linda A. Malcor AND Allison M. Mitchell

For Characters:

Month 1: Feast of Light
  7.01.1986--Lord Rellix
  8.01.1984--Fighter Jakel
  8.01.1960--Sahib (Journeyman Caravaneer) Kellen
  9.01.1936--Dragonrider Mannann
  10.01.1980--Dragonrider Dominic
  13.01.1959--Dragonrider Sandy
  14.01.1969--Dragonrider Nila

Month 2: Fast of Darkness
  4.02.1980--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Sarice
  7.02.1929--Servant Nonna
  19.02.1951--Exercise Master Krin
  20.02.1935--Dragonrider Morgain (deceased)

Month 3: Feast of Laughter
  1.03.1996--Lady Lesana
  1.03.1982--Pretty Boy the Sprite
  6.03.1951--Lord Gavin
  6.03.1929--Fosterer Yahto
  7.03.1973--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Sebra
  8.03.1988--Shaina (child)
  8.03.1978--Lord Kristopher
  10.03.1935--Journeyman Caravaneer Koalan
  10.03.1990--Wanche (child)

Month 4: Fast of Sorrow
  2.04.1957--Dragonrider Frida
  2.04.1984--Dragonrider Vilera
  7.04.1934--Fosterer Wyome
  10.04.1982--Lord Garret


(You might consider this as an option prior to Monday’s event)

Positions Vacant

These positions need to be filled as soon as possible:

  1. BOD Member:
    • Battle Coordinator
    • Quest Coordinator
    • Timeline Coordinator (both general and master)
  2. Banker

Contact Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com for more details.

You have completed your assignment thus far; continue to strive onwards.

Until next forum, keep safe!

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