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Deadlines for newsletter submissions are the 15th of every month.

The Dragonlords newsletters are a place to put ads, personals, and other items that don't really belong in the 'zine--also, items that are more time-conscious and need to be addressed in the near future. Please refer to the 'zine submission guidelines for spelling and grammar usage. Please follow the Dragonking's rules (Basic Rules and Club Rules) for all notices. Specifically, the newsletter is a place for items like:

Items should be sent ASCII, preferrably in the body of a message, and should include the name and major character of the person submitting the article (that's you). Maximum article length should be 1000 words in most cases. The BOD reserves the right to reject any material.

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Published Newsletters

These newsletters have been sent out to the members of the named clubs.

Brett's Base Camp



(Following the March 1998 issue, Brett's Base Camp became Ryanon's Base Camp.)

Ryanon's Base Camp








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