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Newsletter 23

December 27, 1999

(Revised 4/24/05)

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The world of Centuria is copyright ©L.A. Malcor 1994

Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


These are upcoming online events. Please check the message board on the main site and the events schedule on the Members Only site frequently. Dates do change occasionally, and other information you need to enjoy the RPs is linked to each event. We don't want to clutter your mailboxes with all of this data, so please make use of the website as much as you can.

Note:  This month's RP will be held on Delphi. Note the change! If people like this new system, we will abandon IRC and go with Delphi permanently. You should have received your invite in your e-mail, but not all of you have visited the forum yet. Please do so prior to the event if you have not done so already. If you need an invite to the forum, message me at Legend@malcor.com.

Terran Date Centurian Date Event Description
September 27, 1999 (In Progress as E-Mail RP) 6.13.1999 Feast of the Elven King; Battle (Ryanon's, Darrell's and Talon's Base Camps on the Dumnonian Front Line; Krin's and Gavain's Base Camps patrol the Other Continent; Rainier's Camp patrols Rashtar); Aftermath.
October 25, 1999 (In Progress as E-Mail RP) 4.15.1999 Feast of Plenty; Horse Races at Starfire Castle; Mage Histukel's Natal Day.
December 27, 1999 2.17.1999 Feast of the Mother; drawing for rotations in King's Camp in Dumnonia, Horse Races at Tramson Castle on the Other Continent.

We will soon be figuring out the RP schedule for next year. If you have suggestions for additional plots or for other activities that you would like to see during the online RP sessions, contact the online coordinator, Dragonlord Krin, at Legend@malcor.com.


Here are the characters who are currently available for adoption. Message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you'd like to give any of these folks a home!



Dragonlords is heading into the new millennium financially healthy and growing number-wise. Some familiar names have been drifting back of late. New names have joined us. We have a strong BOD. We do need to update some of our materials, but that's an ongoing chore.

Speaking of updating, as we head into the new year, please look over your character sheet. If you want to add anything to it, now is the best time to do so. Want a pet? Going up in rank? Learn new spells? Whatever it is, tell us! (We love to use changes like these for upcoming RPs.)

I also have the pleasure of announcing four (yes, four) contests that Dragonlords will be running this next year. The prize for each contest will be a $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com. (I'm not eligible for any of these prizes.) Here are the ways you can win one:

  1. Attend the most online RPs. Whoever shows up the most, gets the prize. This is for individual player showing up, not for bringing the most characters <g>.

  2. Write the best story for the 'zine, Awaken the Dragons. Group stories don't count; the story can only have one author. I'm the judge. This will be the story that I think best reflects the world I created in the Centuria series.

  3. Create the best piece of artwork for the 'zine, Awaken the Dragons. I am the judge. Images in the art must be consistent with the world I created in the Centuria series. Other than that, style and content are up to you.

  4. Recruit the most new members for Dragonlords. When someone joins, have them tell me that you recruited them. I'll keep track of who gets the most newbies. New members must remain on the Dragonlords member list through Dec. 15, 2000 to qualify.

All of these contests will take place from Jan. 1, 2000-Dec. 15, 2000. Winners will be announced in the December 2000 newsletter and at the December 2000 online RP. You must be a member of Dragonlords in order to win. If you have any questions about these contests or the rules, contact me at Legend@malcor.com.

Have a great New Year!

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Dragonlord Krin

If you have a suggestion for an essay that you would like to see in this column, send it to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com.


For Members:

December: 23--Anna Kuznia

January: None


3--Linda A. Malcor
3--Allison Mitchell

For Characters:

Month 18: Fast of the Free

  3.18.1962--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Reuven
  5.18.1974 --Dragonrider Marianee
  6.18.1977--Apprentice Caravaneer Sulan

Month 19: Feast of the Mother

  1.19.1997(?)--Caylee (baby)
  2.19.1984--Fighter Renix
  3.19.1949--Dragonrider Wyland
  6.19.1943--Dragonrider Orlena
  10.19.1963--Dragonrider Jilian
  13.19.1981--Bronze Stripling Desi
  19.19.1939-Lord Kaxander
  19.19.1972--Dragonrider Yannia
  20.19.1823--Master Headcook Tara

Month 1: Feast of Light

  7.01.1986--Lord Rellix
  7.01.1671--Warrior Luyandariel
  8.01.1984--Fighter Jakel
  8.01.1960--Sahib (Journeyman Caravaneer) Kellen
  9.01.1936--Dragonrider Mannann
  10.01.1980--Dragonrider Dominic
  10.01.1958--Dragonrider Thamah
  13.01.1959--Dragonrider Sandy
  14.01.1969--Dragonrider Nila
  17.01.1956-Priest Liam

Month 2: Fast of Darkness

  3.02.1972--Raider Judith
  4.02.1980--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Sarice
  7.02.1929--Servant Nonna
  19.02.1951--Exercise Master Krin
  20.02.1935--Dragonrider Morgain (deceased)

Month 3: Feast of Laughter

  1.03.1996--Lady Lesana
  1.03.1982--Pretty Boy the Sprite
  6.03.1929--Fosterer Yahto
  6.03.1951--Lord Gavin
  6.03.1959--Dragonlord Talon
  7.03.1952--Master Bard Neil
  7.03.1973--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Sebra
  8.03.1988--Shaina (child)
  8.03.1978--Lord Kristopher
  10.03.1935--Journeyman Caravaneer Koalan
  10.03.1990--Wanche (child)

Positions Vacant

These positions still need to be filled. We'd really appreciate the help!

  1. Timeline Keeper: We need some help reconciling the timeline from the Centuria series with the club timeline. The job involves going through the books and short stories to detail what happened when. Anyone want to lend a hand?

Contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for more details.

Awaken the Dragons!

We need stories and art for Awaken the Dragons!, the fanzine for Ryanon's Base Camp. . The current issue will be sent out shortly. The next deadline is December 30th .

Remember, those of you who are running characters who have "requirements" need to get stories and/or art in by the end of the year. The requirement for a story used to be only 1000 words (That's only four pages, double-spaced.). The BOD has currently lifted the word requirement in an attempt to get more submissions. Please take advantage of this opportunity to "qualify" your characters! Put something from a log into prose. Have your character watch a sunset. Send him or her to the corner for a loaf of bread. (People who have role-played with me for a significant number of years know that this last prospect is an extremely dangerous activity on Centuria <G>.) Just have them do something! You'll never get to know your characters if you don't write about them. I go over all submissions and edit them for consistency with the world, so don't worry about making a mistake. The only way you can fail is not to try.

Send stories or poems to Lady Zara at amberfocus@hotmail.com. Artwork should be sent directly to Dragonlord Timber at healermoon@gmail.com. Remember, you need to file a release form with L.A. Malcor prior to the publication of the 'zine if you contribute text. (No release is necessary for artwork.) Release forms are available online at


Full submission guidelines are at


Please remember to send all submissions in ASCII or .TXT format.



The first of the Centuria stories, "Dragonprophet" was nominated for Best Story of the Year for Eternity Magazine. It will also appear in a trade paperback anthology of The Best of Eternity, scheduled for release in Fall/Winter 1999. Cover price will be $19.95. You can preorder copies at $14.95 by using this form: [Plans for anthology canceled June 2000.]

Also, remember that members of Dragonlords are entitled to read the completed, yet unpublished, Centuria stories. Contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for your copies.

Other Publication News.

From Scythia to Camelot, the nonfiction book about King Arthur that I coauthored with C. Scott Littleton, will be going into paperback. Estimated release date is January 2000 (It might be available by mid-December 1999), and the cover price will probably be somewhere around $25.95. This edition will be revised from the original, with corrections of errata, new material and a new appendix. Garland has also promised that the index will be corrected in this copy. You can find an online review at


My second article on Lucius Artorius Castus, the Roman soldier who I think was the historical figure behind the legends of King Arthur, is online at


Dragonlords Webring.

Dragonlords has started its own webring. You can find out how to join the ring at


Only members of Dragonlords may join the ring, but they may add as many sites (business, personal, or to another group whose sites are maintained by a Dragonlords member) as they please.

Dragonlords' Chat List.

Dragonlords has started a new chat list where you can discuss the Centuria books (or anything else <g>) with L.A. Malcor. The URL to join the list is


Dragonlords' Bookstore.

If you want to buy a book online, remember that Dragonlords has a store in association with Amazon.com. When you buy through our store, Dragonlords earns a fee. All money goes to help defray the cost of running Dragonlords so our memberships can stay free. The URL of our bookstore is


Dragonlords' Video Store.

Dragonlords also has an online video store in association with Reel.com. You can look up filmographies of actors and directors as well as buy videos. Proceeds go to help defray the cost of running Dragonlords. [Discontinued March 15, 2000]

There is a new special section for the Academy Awards. Check it out!

Dragonlords' T-shirt

Since no designs have been submitted for a club T-shirt, we have put this project on hold until at least two designs are submitted.

If you would like to submit a design for the club T-shirt, send your suggestion in .gif or .jpg format to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com. Try to keep your design suggestions to four colors or less, since that will significantly cut our costs.

As soon as two submissions are received, Krin will put the suggestions up on a webpage so we can vote on what we like best. Once the design is chosen, Krin will put up a sign-up sheet so we can see how many people actually want the shirts. Pricing will vary, depending on how many shirts are ordered.

You have completed your assignment thus far;
continue to strive onwards.

Until next forum,
keep safe!

Dragonlord Krin

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