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Newsletter 8

August 20, 1998

(Revised 6/15/01)

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Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


(These are upcoming online events.)

These are upcoming online events. Please check the message board on the main site and the events schedule on the Members Only site frequently. Dates do change occasionally, and other information you need to enjoy the RPs is linked to each event. We don't want to clutter your mailboxes with all of this data, so please make use of the website as much as you can.

Special Note:  The next RP will be held on IRC on channel #Centuria, 6 PM PST. Make sure you have your software installed before then and that it's working. Message Online Coordinator Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you have any problems.


Terran Date Centurian Date Event Description
August 24, 1998 15.13.1998 Feast of the Elven King at Stormheights Castle in Daethia; marriage of Sahib Kellen and Dragonrider Yarrow; Horse Races.
September 28, 1998 15.13.1998 Fast of the Lost at the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Need two additional plots.
October 26, 1998 9.15.1998 Feast of Plenty at Ryanon's Base Camp on the Dumnonian Front Line; Battle; Aftermath.

Remember, characters are able to bet on the races at the various events. If your character would like to do so and you don't know how, contact me at Legend@malcor.com.

Note that we still need two plots for the upcoming event in September. If you have suggestions for additional plots or for other activities that you would like to see during the online RP sessions, contact the online coordinator, Exercise Master Krin, at Legend@malcor.com.


Here are the characters who are currently available for adoption. Message Exercise Master Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you'd like to give any of these folks a home!


This month's RP will feature a wedding! The couple is not exactly sure that it's legal for them to get married, but they've decided to do so anyway and worry about the consequences later . The groom, Kellen, is a worshiper of Tobar, the Lord of Travel, who also happens to be the god of humor. The idea of being married according to Tobar's rites gave both the bride and groom a bit of pause. The bride has not specified her religion, but her elven heritage, combined with the fact that the wedding will take place during the Feast of the Elven King, has led the couple to ask the groom's uncle, who is a Priest of the Elven King, to perform the ceremony.

The choice is a good one, especially since the couple is not certain as to the legality of their union. Kellen is a Dumnonian. Under normal circumstances he would not be allowed to marry. But he is a caravaneer, and his home base is on the Other Continent, not in Dumnonia. Technically that makes him an exile and not subject to Dumnonia's laws. Yarrow is an elf and would normally be allowed to marry. But she accidentally Bonded with the mutant dragon Sylvi. Riders of Dumnonian Bronzes are not allowed to marry, but the policies that will govern marriages formed by the riders of the mutants have not established yet. Given all that, the couple has decided to take a chance and have the service performed. Since the Elven King is considered both a fertility god and an advocate of the rights of the individual over the rights of the group, it makes good sense for his cleric to be asked to create this unusual union.

Generally, worshipers of the Elven King do not honor him with any specific type of service. It's a "do your own thing" type of religion. Farador is a leader who is dearly beloved by the people he rules--and by just about everyone else who meets him. There's a reason the Elven Queen, Tira, fell in love with him, even though he is a Mirari and not an elf. He's loving, kind, gentle, and a positively brilliant leader. He hates to see anyone or anything die, and, in spite of the White Wolf's reputation, the Elven King is the deity who is most likely to raise someone from the dead. A great number of healers also worship the Elven King. Because of this, one form of worship of Farador is simply for free-form prayers (either silent or aloud) to be uttered while healing or preparing to heal someone. There is no set pattern to these prayers and no official versions. Farador much prefers for the individual to do what ever feels right in the given instance.

The Elven King is extremely personable with everyone. He is completely approachable. He has no body guards, and he shuns formality. He is just as likely to be seen dining with a servant as with a fellow monarch. This makes many of the elves nervous, and quite a few take it upon themselves to guard their beloved king, whether by guarding the Elven Kingdom or by fighting in battle. Although the Elven King's magic is what keeps the more powerful Cinnamarians trapped inside their mountain during daylight candlescars, Farador himself never actively fights in battle. Like the Dumnonian monarch, the Elven King is considered to be too valuable to risk in the nightly wars. Farador will not order others to fight for him, though. He feels that taking such risks are the individual's decision and not his to make. Strangely, this has led to combat being one of the ways that his worshipers choose to honor him. They know that he needs them to fight in the war, so they do it as a way to show their love for him. These worshipers will kill anyone who is actively seeking to harm other individuals, yet they will not slay people simply because of their race or nature. They do not advocate the destruction of the Dark One, since Serak is Farador's nephew. Instead, they wish to see him banished permanently to his own dimension where he can do no further harm to Centurians or to the Mirari. Again, there are no set prayers for warriors who worship the Elven King, though they often pray before battle and invoke their god when helping with the injured and the dead following any conflict. A surprising number of these prayers are granted, temporarily enabling the warrior to heal or even, on very rare occasions, raise someone from the dead. Farador is an extremely busy deity, though, so his worshipers never count on their prayers being answered and they understand when their god cannot help them.

More than anything else, the Elven King loves magic. The Elven Kingdom is built with magic, and magical things happen there as a matter of course. Many wizards worship Farador, though only elven and half-elven wizards (and Dumnonians who get special permission) are allowed to study in the Elven Kingdom itself. Oral components of spells can take the form of a prayer to Farador, and a display of magical wonders may constitute a worship service of the Elven King.

Farador extends his magic powers throughout the Great Woods, permitting a stunning variety of plants to exist simultaneously without regard to climate. This magical protection includes the climate, so it never snows in the Great Woods, nor are there any forest fires, floods, or other natural disasters. As a result there are many herbalists, hermits, beast guilders, and other nature-loving type folk as well as actual wizards who worship the Elven King. Prayers for the welfare of plants or animals are perfectly suited for worshipers of the Elven King. This is not druidic magic, which comes from the White Wolf. The Elven King's magic can cause plants and animals to grow or behave against their nature, while druidic magic can only affect what is within a plant or animals given nature.

The notion within the religion of the Elven King that one should do no harm to others unless the others are actively doing harm makes it very difficult for thieves to worship Farador. Military spies, however, sometimes convert to his religion, especially if their activities are directed solely against the Cinnamarians.

Wedding ceremonies performed by clerics of the Elven King usually take place outdoors. If a site is considered particularly sacred to Farador, that's wonderful, but any grove, clearing, oasis or other pleasant location will do. An abundance of vegetation is preferred, though not mandatory. The couple joins the cleric alone at the designated location. (Wedding guests are invited to a feast following the service but not to the actual ceremony.) During the private service, the couple exchanges vows under the direction of the cleric. These vows are considered to be exclusive and for as long as both partners are alive. Strict believers hold that the vows are for all time, since there is no guarantee that a loved one will remain dead and since Farador himself remained celibate for several centuries following the death of the Elven Queen, Tira. (While it is possible to obtain a divorce by direct petition to the Elven King, such things are discouraged, so the couple should be very, very sure of their commitment to each other before taking such vows.) The cleric serves as a witness to the vows. The couple may either ask the cleric to write vows for them or compose their own vows. Following the verbal exchange, the cleric issues a blessing upon the couple and leaves them alone. The couple is expected to consummate their union before joining their wedding guests, though what actually happens is up to them, in keeping with the freedom within the religion of the Elven King.

That, then, will give you an idea about what is happening Monday night at the RP. Further details will be made available on the Members Only Site prior to the event.

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Exercise Master Krin


For Members:

17--Barbara Grant

8--Denise Kennedy
13--Ryan Wolf
21--David Rhodus
26--Chad Barnard

October: None.

For Characters:

Month 13: Feast of the Elven King

  1.13.1936--Dragonlord Darrell
  1.13.1941--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Rayzel
  2.13.1966--Journeyman Beast Guilder Ruta
  3.13.1979--Apprentice Caravaneer Jana
  4.13.1992--Noam (child)
  5.13.1885--Dragonrider Maclane
  5.13.1940--Lord Geyron
  6.13.1976--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Uri
  8.13.1950--Dragonrider Faryed
  9.13.1944--Servant Bel

Month 14: Fast of the Lost

  7.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Razi
  7.14.1944--Kings Camp Rider Annas
  8.14.1997--Keli (baby)
  8.14.1954--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Zalman
  8.14.1940--Lady Lihana
  11.14.1964--Lord Janix
  11.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Paine

Month 15: Feast of Plenty

  1.15.1902--Dragonrider Qiti
  3.15.1984--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Oren
  4.15.1976--Mage Histukel
  8.15.1974--Journeyman Smith Drax
  10.15.1977--Lord Diren
  10.15.1937--Dragonrider Panier

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