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Newsletter 31

August 21, 2000

(Revised 4/24/05)

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The world of Centuria is copyright ©L.A. Malcor 1994

Welcome to the Dragonlords of Dumnonia newsletter for Ryanon's Base Camp. The following is information to keep you up-to-date on what's happening around Centuria. Good luck to you in battle or adventure.


These are upcoming online events. Please check the message board on the main site and the events schedule on the Members Only site frequently. Dates do change occasionally, and other information you need to enjoy the RPs is linked to each event.

Note:  This month's RP will be held on Delphi. You should have received your invite in your e-mail, but not all of you have visited the forum yet. Please do so prior to the event if you have not done so already. If you need an invite to the forum, message me at Legend@malcor.com.

Terran Date Centurian Date Event Description
August 28, 2000 15.11.2000 Feast of the War Goddess; Battle Dance; Krin and Rainier's centuries on leave; Darrell and Ryanon's centuries in the King's Camp; Talon's century on the Front Line in Dumnonia.
September 25, 2000 19.13.2000 Feast of the Elven King; Farador in the King's Camp in Dumnonia; Horse and Camel Races; Krin's and Rainier's centuries on Front Line; Darrell's and Ryanon's centuries on leave; Talon's century in the King's Camp in Dumnonia.
October 23, 2000 6.15.2000 Feast of Plenty; Krin and Rainier's centuries on patrol; Darrell and Ryanon's centuries on on the Front Line in Dumnonia; Talon's century on leave; Additional plot TBA.

If you have suggestions for plots or for other activities that you would like to see during the online RP sessions, contact the online coordinator, Dragonlord Krin, at Legend@malcor.com.


Here are the characters who are currently available for adoption. Message Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com if you'd like to give any of these folks a home!



We've had several new members join the club since the last time I discussed how we RP for Dragonlords, so I thought I'd go over it again. (If you are a Dragonlords member and have not yet picked up your Orientation Pak, please contact me!)

A formal invitation will be issued prior to events, which are held in our private forum on Delphi. Dragonlord Krin will send you an invitation to the forum when you join the club. You need to go to Delphi and accept the invitation to be added to the forum.

On the night of an event, Dragonlord Krin will show up early and open a chatroom called "Centuria". If you need help accessing Delphi, message Krin at Legend@malcor.com.

Actual play starts at 7 p.m. Pacific Time (8 p.m. Mountain, 9 p.m. Central, and 10 p.m. Eastern). Most sessions run about three candlescars (hours). You can show up for as much or as little of that as you wish. You don't have to show up at all. This is simply one of the fun activities that the clubs offer (and, hey, it makes for good story fodder).

There will be a plot line for each RP session. This doesn't mean that it will be followed to a "T". It's up to you guys to provide something more interesting for us to diverge into. Anyone who has ever role-played (such as AD&D, Vampire, Werewolf, Star Wars, and their ilk) will understand completely how these sessions can be: just like the RP-Gaming without the many-sided dice. For those of you unlucky people who have never RP-Gamed, Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com) will gladly try to answer any questions that you have.

If you cannot attend for some reason, feel free to send Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com) two or three bits of action and/or dialog in advance that can be scripted into the session.

Our RP sessions are not run like the RP sessions at most other fan clubs. Our chatroom represents the entire world of Centuria. There may be scene changes, drastic ones, that will leave some characters separated from the others. Scene changes should be noted and followed. Major scene changes will be announced by one of the BODs and be in all CAPS. Example:


Thus, unless you have your own Dragon--one that can fly--you're stuck. So, if you are a noble, guilder, thief, wizard, warrior, or other type of persona, either hitch a ride with one of the Riders or wait till you have a chance to get back to the action. No scene changes will be permanent, if they leave certain types of personae stuck.


If a BOD writes


it will be followed shortly by something like


If you fail to heed the scene change, the others won't be able to speak to you, because you'll still be at the old location and everyone else will be at the new one. People at the old location will be able to talk to other people who are still at the old location--just make sure you note that you are not at the site of the main action. For instance, if most of the players have RETURNED TO THE KING'S CAMP, but Crown Prince Treigo and Lady Jalla were in Krillion, Jalla would type:

Jalla: Jalla——> [AT KRILLION] Treigo! What a pleasure to meet you!

Scene changes will (generally) not take place too often and usually will be much smaller, such as moving from the Festival Tent to the Dunes Outside Camp.

You may run more than one character (PC or NPC) so that you as a player are not left out of the action when a scene change occurs.


Linda might play her cottager, Lady Jalla, in Daethia and Dragonlord Krin at the King's Camp in Dumnonia.

Please type the name of whichever character you are currently using so everyone knows who is talking!


Krin: Krin——> Anyone need a lift?

When you want to have your character say something during an RP session, type the character's name followed by two hyphens and a "greater than" sign to form an arrow.


Krin——> Greetings, Healer Jaaziah!

To have you character perform an action, flank the description with double colons.


Jilian——> ::laughing:: A Stripling stole your writing stick?!

Krin——> ::trying not to blush:: Well, I can't imagine what else happened to it.

Jillian——> I'll go see if I can find you another one. ::He walks away.:: Hey, Jaaziah, do you have a writing stick Krin could borrow?

To have a Dragonrider talk to his/her Dragon or to have a Dragon talk to his/her Rider or to a fellow Dragon, flank the dialog in French quotes (<<dialog>>).


Krin——> <<Quirot, are you about ready to leave?>>

Quirot——> <<No. It's too cold in Daethia. I want to stay in on a dune.>>

Krin——> Argh! Dragons!

(In the above example, Krin is the Rider and Quirot is the Dragon.)

If you have an idea for an online session, let the Online Event Coordinator (Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com) know! Also, if you want to volunteer your castle or suggest a site for an event, message him about that as well.

Reminder: There is ABSOLUTELY NO RPing allowed on the club message page. What constitutes RPing is any actions--words flanked by ::double colons::--or bespeaking a Dragon or Rider--words inside {{curly brackets}} or <> or [[square brackets]] or (parentheses)--or even talking between two characters because that is storytelling, and we are not allowed (under the rules of our benefactress) to tell stories in public. Message containing these symbols will not be posted to the message page.

[Copyright Notice: The above dramatizations are copyright L.A. Malcor 1997 and may not be reproduced in any form without permission.]

Eternal Death to the Dark One!

Dragonlord Krin

If you have a suggestion for an essay that you would like to see in this column, send it to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com.


For Members:

August: None.

September:  21--David Rhodus

  1--Nancy Hubbs-Chang
  10-Mizuho Yoshida

For Characters:

Month 11: Feast of the War Goddess

  1.11.1951--Servant Mer
  2.11.1135--Fairy Lord Leylan
  2.11.1135 --Fairy Lady Leylana
  2.11.1968--Lady Zara
  5.11.1958--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Reva
  5.11.7MR (19.18.1996)--Dragonrider Kilian
  6.11.1978--Mutant Dragonrider Yarrow
  8.11.1958--Dragonrider Clon
  8.11.1996--Shiri (child)
  9.11.1976-Mage Star
  12.11.1977--Fighter Skimmer the Sprite
  12.11.1992-Messanger Miniature Dragon Trask
  17.11.1963--Dragonrider Shirill
  20.11.1958--Lady Hana

Month 12: Fast of Peace

  1.12.1958--Dragonrider Jorex
  1.12.1941--Lady Lania
  4.12.1888--Pixie Bard Rowan
  5.12.1973-Dragonrider Arion
  6.12.1953--Dragonrider Tazaran
  7.12.1951-Mage Morholt
  7.12.1934--Dragonlord Gavain
  12.12.1947--Lordling Caleb
  17.12.1040--Arion (Unicorn)
  19.12.1952--Warrior Tristan

Month 13: Feast of the Elven King

  1.13.1936--Dragonlord Darrell
  1.13.1941--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Rayzel
  2.13.1966--Journeyman Beast Guilder Ruta
  3.13.1979--Apprentice Caravaneer Jana
  4.13.1992--Noam (child)
  5.13.1885--Dragonrider Maclane
  5.13.1940--Lord Geyron
  6.13.1976--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Uri
  8.13.1950--Dragonrider Faryed
  9.13.1944--Servant Bel

Month 14: Fast of the Lost

  1.14.1957-Bronze Young Adult Quirot
  7.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Razi
  7.14.1944--Dragonrider Annas
  8.14.1997--Noble Keli
  8.14.1954--Master Beast Guilder (Jockey) Zalman
  8.14.1940--Mistress Lihana
  11.14.1964--Lord Janix
  11.14.1969--Journeyman Beast Guilder (Jockey) Paine
  11.14.1989--Fighter Kasie
  13.14.1848--Bronze Ceridwyn

Month 15: Feast of Plenty

  1.15.1902--Dragonrider Qiti
  3.15.1984--Apprentice Beast Guilder (Jockey) Oren
  4.15.1976--Mage Histukel
  8.15.1974--Journeyman Smith Drax
  10.15.1977--Lord Diren
  10.15.1937--Dragonrider Panier
  6.15.1946-Lady Rislyn
  18.15.1441-Bronze Honored Ancient Koliah

Month 16: Fast of Want

  1.16.1974--Mutant Dragonrider Aulsa
  1.16.1421-Bronze Honored Ancient Nikitah
  3.16.1712--White Dragon Icestone
  5.16.1992--Noble Lije (child)
  6.16.1345-Bronze Honored Ancient Thayeh
  12.16.1986--Lord Rallix
  15.16.1951--Dragonrider Jehiel

Positions Vacant

We are currently looking for a temporary Banker who can help fill in for our regular Banker while he takes some time off. If you have some free time and want to help, contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com!

Awaken the Dragons!

We need stories and art for Awaken the Dragons!, the fanzine for Ryanon's Base Camp. The current issue will combined with the upcoming one into a double issue. (Real world writing deadlines and a lack of contributions interfered with the production of the last issue.) The next deadline is September 30th.

Send stories or poems to Lady Zara at amberfocus@hotmail.com. Artwork should be sent directly to Dragonlord Timber at healermoon@gmail.com. Remember, you need to file a release form with L.A. Malcor prior to the publication of the 'zine if you contribute text. (No release is necessary for artwork.) Release forms are available online at


Full submission guidelines are at


Please remember to send all submissions in ASCII or .TXT format.


Members of Dragonlords are entitled to read the completed, yet unpublished, Centuria stories. This is a great way to get to know the world that very few members have taken advantage of. Contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for your copies.

If you don't have enough to do with Dragonlords <g>, Dragonlord Timber (Kendra Renaud) and I have become co-presidents of Queen's Own, the official Mercedes Lackey fan club. Dragonlords is hosting the Queen's Own site at http://www.dragonlordsnet.com/qo.htm. Check it out!

Publication News.

From Scythia to Camelot, the nonfiction book about King Arthur that I coauthored with C. Scott Littleton, is now available in paperback! The cover price is $25.95. This edition will be revised from the original, with corrections of errata, new material and a new appendix. Garland has also promised that the index will be corrected in this copy. Order information is available at:


Just click on the title. You can find an online review at


I'm willing to autograph copies, if you want to pop for the postage (and return postage/envelope) to send them to me. I can try to get Scott's autograph for you as well, if you'd like. Just let me know!

Dragonlords Webring.

Members of Dragonlords may join our webring. You can find details at


OMembers may add as many sites (business, personal, or to another group whose sites are maintained by a Dragonlords member) as they please.

Dragonlords' Chat List.

Dragonlords has started a chat list where you can discuss the Centuria books (or anything else ; Mercedes Lackey's works are always a fun topic . . . ) with L.A. Malcor. The URL to join the list is


People do not have to be members of Dragonlords to join the chat list, so this is a good place to refer prospective members.

Dragonlords' Bookstore.

If you want to buy a book online, remember that Dragonlords has a store in association with Amazon.com. I'll be updating the Tanya Huff page soon (At least I'd like to. Anyone feeling ambitious and want to tell me which ones I'm missing?). The Mercedes Lackey page is now up to date.

When you buy through our store, Dragonlords earns a fee. All money goes to help defray the cost of running Dragonlords so our memberships can stay free. The URL of our bookstore is


This bookstore is an affiliate of Amazon.com, so you can purchase Toys, Electronics, Music, and much, much more here as well. A percentage of every purchase goes to Dragonlords. Thanks to all our patrons for your support.

Dragonlords' T-shirt

Since no designs have been submitted for a club T-shirt, we have put this project on hold until at least two designs are submitted.

If you would like to submit a design for the club T-shirt, send your suggestion in .gif or .jpg format to Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com. Try to keep your design suggestions to four colors or less, since that will significantly cut our costs.

As soon as two submissions are received, Krin will put the suggestions up on a webpage so we can vote on what we like best. Once the design is chosen, Krin will put up a sign-up sheet so we can see how many people actually want the shirts. Pricing will vary, depending on how many shirts are ordered.

You have completed your assignment thus far;
continue to strive onwards.

Until next forum,
keep safe!

Dragonlord Krin

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