*Golden Chestnut Manor*

Golden Chestnut's Coat of Arms

Originally a cottage, Golden Chestnut earned its name because of the color of the horses that are raised there. The manor has a current herd of fifty: three stallions, thirty mares, and seventeen yearlings. The prior cottager, Alexi, died without leaving an heir. Lord Janix offered the cottage as part of a raffle for to support the Jockey Fund. The cottage was won by Exercise Master Krin (now Dragonlord Krin) of Dumnonia! After some deliberation, Krin gave the property to Dragonrider Jilian's family so the younger man's parents could have somewhere to settle near their eldest daugher, Lord Janix's wife, Hana. A family has been hired to help out with the racers, increasing the cottage's status to "manor." The manor serves as the homebase for Kellen's Caravan. The current noble and his wife are Jules and Lihana.

Manor Roster

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