*Coldwater Manor*

Coldwater is named for its location on the far north border of Tramson, along an ice-fed stream. The northernmost of Tramson's manors, it is very prosperous, not only dealing in racers but also serving as a base for fur-trappers and traders. There is a real ruggedness to this area and a restful beauty. The current noble is [AVAILABLE FOR CREATION].

The main entrance is atop the outcropping of rock at the end of a ramp that leads up the cliff face from the valley floor. To the left we see a massive double doored building. These doors lead into the manor's extensive stable complex. Given the severity of the winters in this region, the racers have full exercise facilities inside, along with an intricate heating system that also keeps the manor itself nice and cosy even on the bitterest nights. Covered passageways run from the stables to the manor so that, no matter what, the racers can be taken care of.

The market area is in front of the manor. The dance floor and eating tables are near the food stalls so no one should have to go too far for a pasty or a glass of wine.

Next we find the market booths themselves. The easternmost row contains the artisans, the healers and the scribes. The next row houses the smiths, carpenters, and glass-smiths. The third row holds the miners, the bards and the weavers. And the last row is home to the tanners, the farmers and the fishers.

Paddocks are provided for racers on racing days. Also, this is where any special livestock that has been brought for sale will be found.

Locations attached to Coldwater

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