Permission Letter

(Revised 8/21/00)

Anyone who is under 18 must get a parent or legal guardian to fill out two copies of this permission letter and snail mail one to

L.A. Malcor
P.O. Box 749
Laguna Beach, CA 92652

and the other two the appropriate person for the Base Camp that you want to join. Currently only one club is open, Ryanon's Base Camp. The person in charge of receiving the second copy of permission letters for Ryanon's Base Camp is:

Katie Knafelc
211 Wilson Ave.
Ambridge, PA 15003

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your child has applied for membership to our online club. This club is based on unpublished fantasy novels by L.A. Malcor and is called Dragonlords of Dumnonia. Club activities include online roleplaying, e-mail correspondence and the writing of stories for fanzines. The main setting is an Arabic-like culture, complete with the harsh laws that have traditionally governed the Middle East ("eye for an eye" and so forth). The main scenario is a War between Good and Evil. And the main religion is the worship of a fertility goddess, although many other religions are also represented. The universe is populated by creatures out of folklore and mythology, who interact on a world with a medieval level of technology.

Given the adult nature of the situations that can arise in this setting and with this scenario, anyone younger than 18 must have the permission of a parent or legal guardian to participate in our group. We have a strict R-rating rule: absolutely no pornography or graphic violence is allowed. Most of the sexual situations involve the portrayal of the religious rites of the fertility goddess and the loving relationships between the characters that players create. Although these situations may not be explicit, they are referred to frequently and are a part of the fandom. The violence is usually in the form of injuries to various characters, either as a result of the Middle Eastern-style and medieval-style legal systems of the fantasy world or as a direct consequence of the war against Evil. Violence can also take on other forms such as the killing of animals for food and the killing of people such as in raids on caravans.

We (the Board of Directors of this club) are asking that your child has you read and sign this letter of permission. Your child will also need you to cosign a release form for every story he/she writes for the fanzines. Two copies of the permission letter must be sent to:

L.A. Malcor
P.O. Box 749
Laguna Beach, CA 92652

One copy will be kept on file for the verification of the signature on the release forms. The second copy will be forwarded to the Dragonlord of the particular club to which your child will belong. All permission letters will become part of a permanent file kept by L.A. Malcor and the Dragonlords of the various clubs; copies will be available to the Board of Directors of your child's club and to the sender, if requested. The general membership of the club will not have access to these letters.

Following is the permission statement:

I __________________________________________________ (print your name), give my child/dependent _________________________________________________ (print child's name) permission to participate in the activities of the online based fantasy fandom group Dragonlords of Dumnonia. I understand that such roleplay may involve adult subject matter of a sexual or violent nature, and that the leaders or this group strive to keep such situations to an R rating. No swearing, pornography or graphic violence is allowed, nor anything else that is in violation of the Basic Rules under which all of the Dragonlord clubs opperate. I understand that I may revoke this permission at any time, with a letter or an E-Mail to the address listed below.

X___________________________________________(Signature of Parent)


Phone number for verification ____________________________________

Please print out and fill in the above form and mail it to:

L.A. Malcor
P.O. Box 749
Laguna Beach, CA 92652

E-mail address

Thank you,

L.A. Malcor, Ph.D.