The League of the Nations


Book of the Great Wizards


Raedon Strongbow

The League of the Nations is a loose federation of the allies in the War against the Dark One. Shane, the Great Wizard, founded the organization to help mediate disputes between various races after elves, Galantites and Krills crowded into the south of Daethia. The members include the Dumnonian ruler, the King of the Galantites, the Crown Prince of the Krills, and the Elven King. The Rashtarians, in the absence of a clear political leader, are represented by the Great Druid. Sintar, King of the Forest, has been selected to serve as the voice of all non-humans on the council. Since the death of Shane of Corin, Lord Criton has spoken for the Daethians; however, the Elven King has taken over as head of the League.

The members meet in the Elven Kingdom at a summons from any fellow representative. The symbol of the League is a golden flame, which the members wear in the form of a magical brooch that can be used to issue the summons with a single thought. Sintar's brooch has been set into an elaborate necklace by Galantite jewel smiths, which he wears around his neck.

While the League occasionally uses its meetings to discuss military tactics and coordinate the War effort, the council functions mainly as a judiciary body. Shane once called it "a living treaty." The League is empowered to settle all disputes between the races, most of which arise over questions of territory, trade, disparate laws, and cultural conflicts. All decisions are made by a simple majority of the representatives, and such decisions are always final.

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