The Dragonlords of Dumnonia

Jockey Application

(Revised 1/15/02)

If you want your character to be eligible to ride in races, you need to fill out this kit. You may either take this as a hobby or be a Beast Guilder who takes this as a specialty. You must specify whether you are a jockey for horses or for camels. You need to fill out this application along with your persona or NPC sheet if you want your character to begin riding in races immediately. If you wait to apply until after your character is approved, you may only ride after your character has had sufficient time to learn the skill.

If your character is a jockey, you may also want to look into the Injured Jockey Fund, which has been set up by Lord Janix of Tramson Castle to aid victims of this dangerous sport.

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

Who are you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>?


Where can we reach you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>? Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would you like to become a jockey?


Do you have a specific string that you ride for? The Tramson Racers? The Dragons' Pride Racers? Your own? Or are you a free-lancer? (If you want to ride for a specific string, make sure you ask the string's owner for permission to do so before submitting the application!) Current approved strings are:
String Owner Contact
Dragon Dreams (Camels and Horses) Exercise Master Brett of the Krin's Base Camp
The Dragons' Pride Racers (Camels and Horses) Dragonlord Krin of Krin's Base Camp
Geyron's Delight (Camels and Horses) Lord Geyron of Sandy Plains Castle
The Joint Venture Racers (Horses only) Lady Jalla of Joint Venture Cottage
Kasie's Racers (Camels and Horses) Kasie of Krin's Base Camp
Lord Ross's Racers (Horses only) Lord Ross of Slip Crescent Castle
Reisel's Racers (Camels only) Sahib Reisel of Reisel's Caravan
Southern's Finest (Horses only) Lord Gellaim of Southern Castle
Starfire's Delight (Horses only) Lord Sheehan of Starfire Castle
The Tramson Racers (Horses only) Lord Janix of Tramson Castle

*TYPE OF JOCKEY (Mandatory)

Do you ride horses or camels? The skills are completely different for racers; you must pick one. Are you a Beast Guilder who is applying to take "jockey" as a specialty OR are you someone else who is applying to take being a jockey as a hobby?

*EXPERIENCE (Mandatory)

How much do you know about being a jockey? Has your character ever ridden racers before? Did your father raise racers, and did you exercise them all the time? Do you race on your own with your friends? Have you been riding as a professional jockey for your mother's string since you were twelve?

Please keep your answers short!


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