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The Guilder Kit

(Revised 8/31/04)




L.A. Malcor

So you want to be a Guilder! Here's everything you need to know. Fill out the form at the end of this kit, and submit it with your character sheet to Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com).

*PLAYER'S NAME (Mandatory)

Who are you, in case this form accidentally gets separated from your persona sheet .


Where can we reach you, in case this form gets accidentally separated from your persona sheet <g>? Any form submitted without a valid e-mail address will be deleted without being read.


Which character would like to become a Guilder?

*Guild (Mandatory)

The choices of Guilds for Centuria are:

If you think a Guild is missing that should be included, message L.A. Malcor at Legend@malcor.com. She may have simply left it off the list by accident. You may not add a Guild without consulting her.

Each Guild has its own symbol, which is used to identify the Guilders who belong to it. Local Guilds may have their own symbols in addition to the universally accepted ones. The symbols are:

Symbol Guild Description
Bard Musical Notes
Beast Guilder Horse
Carpenter Hammer
Caravaneer Camel
Cook Guilder
(Baker and Cook)
Knife and Fork
Farmer Sheaf of Wheat
Fisher Fish
Glass-Smith Bottle
Healer Wand of Healing
Jeweler Goblet
Miner Shovel
Moneychanger Coins
Scribe Quill and Inkwell
Smith Anvil
(aka Leather Guilder)
Vintner Grapes
(includes Tailors)
Flying Carpet


Do you have an area of expertise? (You don't have to. This field is optional. Specialists are rare.) The specialties that are available are:

Visit Me'ira's Clip Art For Dancers, the source for this image.

*Types of Instruments:

If you have a particular profession you would like to follow and you don't know what Guild it would fall under, contact L.A. Malcor at Legend@malcor.com. It's possible she simply forgot to list it <g>.


Who were your teachers? Where were you trained?

If you want to use some already-created characters, check out the appropriate page of the Centuria Gazetteer or ask Dragonlord Krin (Legend@malcor.com) for the appropriate roster (specify your character's location during training).

*RANK (Mandatory)

How far have you progressed in your Guild? The options are Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master Guilder.

If several journeymen are at one location, the most senior would be designated as "Senior Journeyman."

Remember, the higher the rank, the older your persona has to be.

Apprentices are usually 10 to 12 Turns of age when they join a Guild. The typical apprenticeship runs for 10 Turns.

Journeymen are usually in their twenties (20s) and thirties (30s). An apprentice usually becomes a journeyman at 20-22 Turns of age, depending on how old the Guilder was when he/she apprenticed. The typical stint as a journeyman runs 10 Turns.

Masters should be at least thirty (30), but are more likely forty (40) and up. Journeymen can become masters by about 30 to 32 Turns of age, but it usually takes longer.

There is no advancement from one rank to the next due to age. A really crummy smith could remain an apprentice until she dies. Mastership is granted only to the deserving--mediocre Guildsmen who were good enough to become journeymen, but not good enough to become masters, remain journeymen. On Centuria, rank is based on merit within the Guilds.

Artisans are nominal members of their Guild. They may be Guilders whose area of expertise is loosely associated with the Guild that has accepted them. Or they may be experts in only one field, having little or no knowledge about any other aspects of their Guild (in contrast to specialists, who have a general working knowledge of their Guild and an in-depth knowledge of a specific area). Examples of artisans can be painters or sculptors. Because artisans are not specialists, they do not follow the standard path of training and they are not qualified to handle the various aspects of their Guild. For instance, an artisan Bard who is a painter will not be qualified to teach children their lessons, and an artisan miner who is a sculptor would not be qualified to mine gemstones or to judge their raw worth. Artisans do have rank within their Guild, working with "the" master of the Guild to which they belong. If you have any additional questions about Artisans, contact Dragonlord Krin at Legend@malcor.com for details. Artisans can be apprentices, journeymen or masters.


Scribe at Work


Cait Macanliss

(Pen and ink, colored on Adobe Photoshop)

Scribes and members of other Guild-less professions can also be apprentices, journeymen or masters.

*ORIGINAL GUILD(S) (Mandatory)

What Guild did you train in? The Tor Weaver Guild? The Elven Cook Guild? The Galantite Miner Guild? The Krillion Blacksmith Guild?

Each major castle may also have satellite Guilds, if appropriate. It is possible to train to journeyman-level at such a location. To become a master you have to go to a Guild in a city or kingdom.

Special Case Guilds

Fisher Guild:
Almost no one on Centuria knows anything about using a boat. There are no ocean-going vessels; the seas are filled with nasty monsters that make such travel impossible. There are no lakes large enough to require a boat. There are few swampy areas in the Great Woods where a small craft might be useful. But the only place you are going to catch any fish or use a boat is on one of Daethia's four major rivers: the Sterrefyr, the Zyryk, the Dorata and the Ripon. Most caravaneers ford the Sterrefyr and continue their journey on land. There is some small trade, overseen by the Fisher Guild, among the villages, castles and other settlements on the Sterrefyr, but most trade is handled by land. There is also some trade via boat out of Mount Paradin along the Ripon. The boatmen on this river are members of the Fisher Guild as well. Boat trade along the Zyryk and Dorata is negligible because those waterways are so rough.
Vintners establish their wineries in conjunction with castles or cities. No one else has the military power to protect the Guilders and their crops.

Guild-less Professions

There are several professions on Centuria where the pracitioners are identified as "Guilders" even though they are independent workers who do not have Guildmaster over them. Usually Guild matters that require major decisions are handled by calling a council of the available masters. These professions are:

Artisans are attached to a particular Guild and look to the local Guildmaster.

Caravaneers have a base camp to which they are attached and in whose name they trade. This is usually the King's Camp, but Dragonlord base camps have supply caravans as well. While caravaneers trade heavily outside of Dumnonia, there are no caravaneers who are based permanently outside of Dumnonia. The barbarians of Rashtar are not organiized enough to have such trade. Everyone else is pretty much busy serving as ground troops in the war or in some capacity that supports the military effort. Dumnonians alone do not have ground troops, so people who wish to serve as "dragonless warriors" or caravaneers are free to do so in that country.

Cooks and the vintners have no master Guild. The Guilders at a given location, say at a castle or in a base camp, look to the highest ranking person present who is a professional in their field.

A scribe trains anywhere there is another scribe of higher rank to teach him or her. The scribe can advance to journeyman-level this way but must go to somewhere like the Elven Kingdom, the palace at Tor, the King's Camp, or a major temple to advance to master rank.

*CURRENT GUILD (Mandatory)

Which Guild do you look to at the current time? The King's Camp Healer Guild? The Krillion Monychanger Guild? The Ripon Fisher Guild?

*STATION (Mandatory)

Where is your character currently located? Are you still at your Guild's headquarters? Are you stationed at a castle? Are you stationed with a military unit, such as a base camp? Are you part of a caravan? For the Map of Centuria and the Centuria Gazetteer, check the website.


Persona Master Guilders must file a Guild report to be included with every even issue of the fanzine.

Instead of the reports detailed in the Guide, requirements for master Guilders of Guild-less Guilds are as follows:

If you are a status persona who needs to write a report, message Lady Zara at amberfocus@hotmail.com for the Guilder Report Kit.


Gold, silver and other valuables are worth whatever a Guilder or other person is willing to trade you for them. There is no set value, but prices are usually below what you expect in Krillion (because the previous owner of the item is likely to come looking for you) and about ten times the fair value in Tor (because, hey, it's the capitol <g>).

Dumnonians place their tangible goods into the Tribal Hoard. Dumnonian accountants keep track (offering fair value) of everything that goes into the Hoard and credit the individual's account. The character may then draw on the account for goods and services (including water!) throughout Dumnonia. How the Dumnonian accountants make their lists available to all the Guilders and supply personnel who need them remains a carefully guarded Guild secret <g>.

You must have L.A. Malcor's permission for inventions. It's her world. She gets to decide what is and isn't on it. If you don't know, ask by messaging her at Legend@malcor.com.

Artificial insemination exists and is controlled by the Healers. So does sterilization (both surgical and magical).


Rosters for known characters at each location are available on the website on the relevant page of the gazetteer. If you cannot find the page that you need, contact Dragonrider Ronilei at cheysmomma78@yahoo.com.


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