The White Wolf

Graphic ©Kitty Roach

The White Wolf is actually a Wizard of Corin who is worshiped by the barbarians of Rashtar in the place of the Mother. His true name is Ailan, but it is extremely inadvisable to summon him by that name (or to summon him at all, for that matter). Thanks to a curse laid on him by Shane of Corin, the White Wolf must draw the power for his spells from the most powerful magic item in his vicinity. This tends to render extremely valuable things as very useless and is a major reason that he rarely participates personally in the war against the Dark One.

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The White Wolf's chief priest is the Great Druid, and all of the druids of Centuria ultimately look to him. These religious figures jealously guard the White Wolf's true identity. Two temples to the White Wolf are well known: one in southern Daethia near Mount Paradin and one at the edge of the forests of Rashtar.

The major tenet of his religion is symmetry in all things, with nature as a model for the proper balance. He is usually accompanied by a large black panther, Pyr, who is universally believed to be his familiar.


Ailan's wedding to the half-elf Karnelia was attended by most of the allies of the Light. Ailan's color is silver-grey.

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