The Great Wizard

"A ring of deep blue Sargonite
Contains the Path from Day to Night.
To keep the Night away from Day
A Great Wizard must seal the Way.

Prophecy of the Ring and Image


L.A. Malcor

Also known as the Lady of Daethia, Miranda is the Great Wizard who rules over the Daethians. She is the daughter of Criton and Adrial. Her birth caused her mother's death, and her father had the commander of the Kyondoca, Quatar, slay him shortly thereafter to free him from the effects of the punishment spell he had cast on the Dark One with the help of Shashtah and the Elven King. On the game timeline, Miranda's parents have been resurrected by the White Wolf, but she never sees them. In fact, she's pretty annoyed about everything. She's very young, only about eighteen, and she's only been physically present on Centuria for a fraction of that time (The rest of her life has been spent in a magic room the White Wolf built in the Elven Kingdom.). She wears a ring that controls the paths between Centuria's reality and the Land of Light. She's supposed to use her incredible magic powers to seal those paths so that the Dark One--and, unfortunately, the other Mirari in this dimension--can never return home. But the spell would trap her in the Land of Light (at least she believes it will), and she has strong ties to people on Centuria, like her lover, Quatar.

Miranda has very few worshipers at the moment, since she's so young. But her religion is growing. Grey is the color favored by her clerics, although she is also represented by a half rainbow.

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